Best Consumer Cellular Phones for Seniors in 2024

Best Consumer Cellular Phones for Seniors in 2023 - Expert Reviews

Looking for the best Consumer Cellular phones for seniors? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

Older adults are not fond of tech, nor do they want features in mobile phones that make them stand out. Understanding this, the Consumer Cellular phone company introduced a whole new line of cell phones dedicated to seniors.

This article covers detailed information about the same, their features, the best options, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Consumer Cellular Phones For Seniors

Consumer Cellular Phones For Seniors

Consumer Cellular is a start-up that cares about the problem of seniors and their phones. Being not tech-savvy, seniors find it difficult to use their smartphones and seek assistance from juveniles to help them out. Because of that, Cellular Cellphone initiated a mission to bring old cellular phones into the market for seniors.

These phones from Consumer Cellular are the best for any subtle use, benefiting older people and young teens to stay away from distractions.

Reasons You May Need Consumer Cellular Phones For Seniors

Here, we have covered the reasons you should consider Consumer Cellular phones –

  • To Eliminate Advance Tech Part – Seniors do not need advanced technology with High-definition cameras and lofty software. For most of them, a simple phone with basic features is enough to keep them entertained.
  • Assist Well In Rural Areas – In rural areas, network coverage is often not stable. Thankfully, Consumer Cellular phones boast strong bands and chipsets that assist you well in rural areas.
  • Offers long-lasting battery – Consumer Cellular phones offer long battery life. This eliminates the need to charge your phone again and again.

Features Of Consumer Cellular Phones For Seniors

Consumer Cellular phones boast these features that make them the right choice for aged people –

  • Emergency Dials/touch buttons – These emergency buttons are helpful for seniors to have connections in a rush and rough situation. Emergency touch buttons are helpful to get connected with medicinal support, police support, or any other essential services for seniors.
  • Volume Button At Facilitating Location – Volume Buttons are essential for senior citizens; without them, it would be difficult for seniors. Volume buttons must be placed at a reachable location without any sub-option to enable them.
  • Backup Calls, Texts, and Read-back-text services – For seniors, features like captioning the call text and reading it aloud are necessary.

Apart from these features, some essential elements that should be present in phones are a camera with a fine lens, AI Phone Assistant, Zoom-in and out, large screen size and fonts, ease in receiving the call, simple home screen layout, and other basic but essential features.

Pros and Cons of Consumer Cellular Phones For Seniors

Below, we have covered the best pros and cons of Consumer Cellular phones for seniors –


  • Zero Cancellation Fees – Consumer Cellular phones come with zero cancellation fees while making a contract with a Consumer Cellular phone or rescinding the agreement with a Consumer Cellular. You don’t need to pay any charges to the company.
  • All New Phones Not Required – To use and utilize the benefits of Consumer Cellular phones, you don’t need to have particular devices but a compatible mobile that supports the Consumer Cellular network in the phone.
  • AARP Discount Benefits – The American Association Of Retired Persons (AARP) is a scheme for aged American citizens who are aged 60 or above. Although network plans by Consumer Cellular are already quite affordable, you get a complimentary discount by enrolling in the AARP scheme.


  • Age Restriction – To avail of the unique benefit plans for aged people, like AARP, your age should be 60 years or above.

How We Chose The Best Phones For Seniors

Here, we have covered a few things that we consider while choosing the best phones for seniors –

  • Internet Access is Must – For seniors, internet access is as essential as for Gen-Z. You should always look out for a phone that supports high-speed internet services.
  • Large Screen With Enlarged Fonts – After hitting the 60s, people suffer from a problem of farsightedness and nearsightedness. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a smartphone with a big screen with customizable fonts.
  • Voice Command – Voice Command is a great help for seniors. Almost every next smartphone is equipped with voice assistance. With this, commands can be given quickly rather than manually typing text.
  • High-Definition Camera – Senior Citizens are fond of capturing the moments. Low-quality cameras should not hinder this fondness, and therefore, look for a smartphone with excellent camera quality and video recording features.
  • Health Monitoring And Tracking Feature – Health-tracking applications are helpful to a great extent, especially for seniors. It also lets you can track the stolen device with the help of a tracking system.

All the above features should be considered when choosing a phone for seniors.

Best Consumer Cellular Phones For Seniors in 2023

Below, we have covered the best Consumer Cellular phones that you can buy for Seniors –

Jitterbug Flip Phones

Jitterbug Flip Phones

Jitterbug Flip Phones are easy-to-use phones with a 4.8 customer rating. These phones have significant traits that suit the usage of senior citizens.

Some of the best features of Jitterbug Flip phones are –

  • 8-megapixel camera
  • Top-notch flashlight
  • Medical alert feature
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa
  • Advanced Voice Command

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE
Image Credit – Digital Trends

iPhone SE is an amazing phone for seniors. Some of the best features of the iPhone SE are –

  • Water and debris proof
  • Amazing voice-catching power
  • Outstanding camera quality
  • So many features for indoor entertainment
  • AI Assistant – SIRI

Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung Galaxy A14 - Best Consumer Cellular Phones For Seniors in 2023

Samsung phones have become trademarks for professional use.

Some of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy A14 are –

  • Excellent battery power up to 5000 mAH battery
  • 6.6-inch long screen size with customizable font size
  • 720×1600 pixel camera front and rear
  • No so supportive voice assistant other than Google
  • Backed by an exceptional warranty

Consumer Cellular Plans For Seniors

Consumer Cellular Networks offers six plans that are perfect for senior citizens, and with the AARP scheme, you can have an additional 5 percent discount on the prices.

Below, we have covered the best plans offered by Consumer Cellular –

  • Unlimited Minutes – This plan costs $20 monthly and offers unlimited talk with 1MB of data for months and unlimited texts.
  • Unlimited Talks and Texts – This plan costs $50 monthly and offers unlimited calls and texts, and data.

These two are the best plans offered by Consumer Cellular. The below plans come with the same policy but with a gradual increase in prices and data limits which are as follows –

  • 5GB data – $26 per month
  • 10GB data – $35 per month
  • 15GB data – $40 per month
  • 20GB data – $45 per month
  • 25GB data – $50 per month

Consumer Cellular AARP Discount

Consumer Cellular AARP discount is a special discount for senior citizens residing in the United States.

The benefits of the AARP scheme to seniors are –

  • 5% additional discount on service charges
  • Save 30% on accessories charges
  • Calls, texts, and data plans started at just $20
  • Free activation and 45-day risk-free guarantee


Why should I go for Consumer Cellular phones for seniors rather than any other phone?

Consumer Cellular phones are available at the best prices concerning the service provided. You can have unlimited texts, calls, and data starting at $20, which is the cheapest, with zero activation fees for members.

Can I activate Consumer Cellular on every phone?

Consumer Cellular plans are not available on every phone. You can activate Consumer Cellular Plans on GSM-supported telephones only.

Can I share my Consumer Cellular account with others?

Yes, Consumer Cellular accounts are sharable with three lines or devices.

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