Coronavirus deaths in the US: 51,000 dead in America, what is the violent situation?

Coronavirus deaths in the US

Coronavirus deaths in the US: According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of people who died of coronavirus in America has crossed the figure of 51 thousand.

There have been more than 3000 deaths in the last 24 hours, and so far, there are eight lakh seventy thousand infection cases in the whole country.

However, according to the current statistics, the death rate in America is more moderate than in most countries in Europe. The White House Task Force also says this emphatically.

But meanwhile, the news is that after the lockdown of weeks in many parts of America, shops are now opening.

Coronavirus deaths in the US: 51,000 dead in America, what is the violent situation?

Coronavirus deaths in the US
Coronavirus deaths in the US

Some shops opened on Friday in Georgia, Alaska, and Oklahoma. Corona has the highest number of people dead in the world so far, and the number of infected people is also the highest here.

Although the population of America is 33 crores, which is much more than the second worst-affected countries Spain and Italy.

Dr. Deborah Birks, an expert on the White House COVID-19 Test Force, says that “America has the lowest death rate in the world.”

The current death rate of corona in the US is lower than Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, and Britain by per capita rate. If you look at the list of the most affected countries, then America looks at the top, but this is not a completely true picture.

In terms of population, in many countries of Europe, there have been more deaths than in the US in proportion to the community there, and if we talk about the whole of Europe, there have been more deaths.

But we should avoid comparing big countries like this.

Coronavirus deaths in the US
Coronavirus deaths in the US

Now see that the picture of New York looks different from the picture of other states and the same is with other countries.

There are two centers of an epidemic in Italy – one in the northern part of the country where health services are better and the other in the southern part of the country where health services are not in as good condition.

The death rate depends on how you are counting the number of dead. France is also counting deaths in its care home among those who die here, while Belgium is also adding the number of suspected patients among the dead. Due to this, the death toll is seen more there.

One of the reasons for the sudden increase in the number of deaths in America every day is that it has started to include the number of deaths due to viruses.

The American Center for Disease Control said on April 14 that the number of confirmed and likely patients would be included in the death toll.

Potential patients who die include those who show symptoms but who have not been confirmed by testing.

It is also important to note here that there are many mild cases of COVID-19 that are not reported, so the mortality rate that is confirmed by infection is not equal to the total deaths.

With the help of testing, the real mortality and infection will be known.

Coronavirus deaths in the US
Coronavirus deaths in the US

Mike Pence, who leads the task force, has said that America has done 49 lakh Tests so far and work is on to do more with the Governor of different states.

In the US Parliament, $ 484 billion in financial aid has been announced. A part of this will also be spent on testing.

This is the fourth relief package announced by the US. Apart from this, there has also been talking about giving loans to hospitals and small businesses.

What is the situation in America now?

Coronavirus deaths in the US
Coronavirus deaths in the US

Despite the warnings of experts and President Trump, many states in America have started relaxing their restrictions. After this, the death toll in America has also seen to increase.

Markets are opening up very fast in Georgia. Salons and other such personal care services have also been started rapidly. Restaurants and theatres are due to open in Georgia from Monday.

In his news briefing on Thursday, Trump was not happy about this with the state’s own party governor and his team.

He said, “I want to see the people of Georgia safe. I don’t want this thing to grow because what you have decided to do is not in the guidelines.”

Following Trump’s criticism, Kemp has given stricter orders regarding sanitization and social distancing in restaurants.

President Trump faced criticism when he spoke of injecting antiseptics for the treatment of a corona patient.

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