Court Issues Stunning Decision on Dominion Voting Machines

Mary Hannah Leavitt agreed to Governor Tom Wolf’s lawyer on Tuesday, a commonwealth high court judge. It was decided to expand a forensic investigation for Pennsylvania 2020 elections through a telephonic conference.

Leavitt gave time till 10th January 2022 on Wolf’s lawyer’s suggestion.

“The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has ruled in favor of The Amistad Project and Fulton County, Pennsylvania, allowing the county to send its Dominion voting machines to the State Senate for inspection on January 10,” was stated in a press release.

The director of The Amistad Project, Phill Kline, said, “The court recognized that it was improper to demand that the county – which owns the machines, and has the responsibility of running the election along with the legislature – can’t determine whether the machines worked properly.”

“As the judge noted, there’s no justification for preventing the county from looking at their machines.”

Kline’s take on the case

Kline’s non-profit group is the one that filed the lawsuit to initiate this inspection.

To be more accurate and sure, the Judge delayed the inspection. Mary Hannah Leavitt said, “it must be allowed to proceed with a short delay to allow experts from both sides to come up with a formal protocol for the inspection.” 

Earlier, the inspection was reported to be on December 22. It was reported that in Denver, a federal judge gave an ultimatum in a similar case against Dominion Voting System.

Kline’s lawyer said, “Executive branch officials were trying to stop the inspection altogether, but the judge did not grant their emergency motion to stop the inspection. They did not go to court seeking a delay; they sought to stop it, and they lost.”

Judge Philip Brimmer is overseeing another related case that alleges racketeering against Dominion Voting Systems.

The Order

In this case, the Plaintiffs were ordered to explain their residencies in order to have diversity in a federal lawsuit.

“Generally, Plaintiffs are everyday Americans. They are fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. They are the neighbor you say good morning to on your way to work. Those are Americans trying to participate in a public debate about election integrity and security. Plaintiffs have been intimidated from participating in the debate, however, because of Dominion.”- The complaint says. 

It also adds, “The lawsuit takes aim at approximately 150 letters Dominion has sent to individuals asking that they stop defaming the company and requesting that they preserve certain types of materials, including communications with the campaign of former President Donald Trump and lawyers associated with him who have promoted unfounded claims of election fraud.”

Two Republican Commissioners stood in solidarity with Republican Senators when they blocked Pennsylvania’s electoral votes from getting cast for Biden.

This decision of the Commonwealth Judge, Mary Hannah Leavitt, is being considered a great win by the republicans. 

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