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Cyber Symposium Live 2021

Michael had said in addition to stating the voting system to be fraudulent, he also state that he will reveal the voting data that will prove the claims about fraudulent voting in his future event of the cyber symposium. Everyone is now skeptic about Lindell’s assertion of whether it is a genuine or a fake. Therefore, in this article, we will be exploring the question, Is Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Legitimate Or Fake? It is important to point out his assertions about the cyber symposium, as well as points against them. In order to save time we will discuss both sides’ points and attributes for a moment.

In a statement, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said that his website, Frank Speech, was hacked Tuesday morning and that this caused a delay in the start of a three-day event he was planning on discussing how Chinese hackers defrauded the 2020 presidential election. In an interview with The Washington Post, Lindell said he has 37 terabytes of “irrefutable” evidence that Chinese hackers had been involved in hacking and switching votes in favor of President Biden in the elections. He plans to present the evidence at the event.

In this symposium, we will be presenting real-life data from the upcoming 2020 elections. In my opinion, it is not about whether we like Donald Trump or whether we want to make America great again. A lot of strong data and evidence will be publicly released by Mike. Mike will host it like the Franakathon he hosted earlier that consisted of various hosts. As part of this event, Mike will be joined by guest speakers for the full 72-hour talk show.

About Mike Lindell

Many of you will already be familiar with Mike Lindell, the My pillow guy, who can also be called a personal guru. Mike Lindell has seen a lot in his life to get to where he is in his life today. Mike Lindell has long been described as one of Trump’s staunchest allies and a firm believer in the idea that the US’s 2020 presidential elections will be rigged to favor Joe Biden. It has been reported recently that Mike Lindell is now all over the news due to his latest cyber symposium that he is conducting in August. Lindell is offering $5 million to anyone who can prove his claim that the US presidential election has been rigged is false in order to receive that sum. A Cyber Symposium event is going to take place between the 10th and 12th of August in South Dakota.

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  • you need to push that reporters need to be licensed. fines and removal when proven wrong. doctors, plumbers, realtors, etc

    • Those supposed ‘journalists’ at those mainstream networks are propagandists, not research journalists. They need to send apology letters to their Schools of Journalism for not being research journalists. I agree with what needs to happen when they don’t report the truth. More interested in signing non-disclosure agreements to say what their employer wants to earn their high salaries rather than reporting the truth; pathetic people!

      • Are you saying the journalists at Fox Entertainment and Oan are credidible? They are nothing but Nazi pushing actors.

        • He he he . . . . He said Nazis! Read a book about Nazis, and then look in the mirror!
          Ignorant Socialist!
          Millions were executed because of Idealogs like socialist/communist, and you want to compare Independant thinking people to hitler!

  • The routers are not going to contain anything. they’re just CPUs and a little RAM, not a storage device. I mean you could get the MAC Address of the router and compare it to the packet captures, but that’s about it.

    • You accest the internet with a router that the info can be hacked by china there is memory that tells where the connection was and what website that was accested. A router has all the info you need to use it because of the ram memory and it can tract what you do on the web.

    • Routers have logs genius.

      Go visit your router: or 1.1 or similar.

      Go to your admin tools, and select logs.

      Even commercial routers as shitty as yours has logs, I’m sure the election counties logs are there if they haven’t been reset.

    • Depends on the router. When I taught Cisco classes, we used routers with archival and deep storage for main pipe connections, (i.e. – NAP of the Americas in Miami, FL). This is also true with connectivity that is required of appliances on critical networks that carry financial and military traffic. Many appliances have as many as several TB (Terrabytes) of storage for traffic logs. Even low or mid-sized appliances, (SonicWall for example) can contain every traffic event for up to two weeks, and these are located in small businesses, schools, retail operations, etc.. The election system has router logs that could conceivably retain traffic logs for periods exceeding several months at several GB/sec bandwidth rates.

  • they also had to stuff and double triple run ballots because Donald Trump got so many votes that it broke their algorithm. That’s why republican watchers were not permitted to see the ballots being processed, which technically made them illegal because they weren’t certified by both sides. That was Giuliani’s argument here in PA and the paid for judges threw out his case.

    • Deleted file that aren’t in recycle bin can’t be recovered from an image of the disk unless the image included copy of the “empty” clusters/sectors, which typically are not copied. If not , the NTFS master file table (MFT) can only be recovered from the original disk and not an image.

  • RSBN could we ask for a list of email contacts for presenters from Mr. Lindell or his team so we could make contact………with those we need to ask for help at local County and Town forensic audits Thanks

  • To the question you were wanting to verify if they could be connected and you said not without checking the BIOS, there was log files from Nov 3 and others that show connectivity.

  • To help Mike with his voice, there is a tea called
    “Throat Coat”. It contains Slippery Elm. I am a singer and this really helps. Add honey which is a soothing element. Love what you all are doing!!!

    Thank you Mike for your love of America

  • To this point we have not seen any concrete evidence of anything nefarious. Or anything really that cyber. Talks from special guests and steering on to the virus, the media and other topics distract from the purpose – which was to show actual PACKET CAPTURE data showing votes being flipped in all 50 states. To continue the narrative about audits and other theories seems odd – if you can show the most powerful evidence. For the pro theorists – it must be a little disappointing. For the skeptic – it must be great news. For the neutral – it must look like a circus.