Cybercrime Threats If EU Forces Apple To Accept Other’s Software

Cybercrime Threats If EU Forces Apple To Accept Other’s Software

We all are aware of the fact that the brand Apple is known for its security and people who are fond of this brand can completely trust it when it comes to Cyber Crime. On Wednesday, Apple raised the issue against new rules of the EU which forces the brand Apple to allow installation of other applications as well beyond the App Store.

Many brands like Spotify, Epic games did not agree with the argument given by Apple. As they were very sure of their security systems and it won’t hamper the security of the people that would lead to issues like Cyber Crime. 

It is also been mentioned that groups also want the regulators of the brand Apple to loosen the rules and regulations of their App store so that they can reach a large number of users as there are many applications for which users have to pay heavy charges to download the same. 

 Cybercrime Threats If EU Forces Apple To Accept Other’s Software



Based upon CEO Tim Cook’s views on Apple’s security, a brief report was published about Side-loading and risks associated with it. 

As per the report, if Apple allows Side-loading then it will lead to a great threat to their users which in the end would lead to more Cyber-Crimes. Allowing these methods would make the job of cybercriminals easier. 

Apple also warned its users to use other applications as well which would lead to the security of the users. 

If we go by the reports cited by the service provider Kaspersky Lab there are approximately 6 million android mobile devices that are affected as they allow other applications to download and users can choose any application of their choice. 

As per the recent reports, many companies have faced a big-time loss because of their security issues which force them to allow users to download different applications using side-loading which also affected the user’s security as well. 

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