Entertainment - Arjun Rampal’s Daddy World Television Premiere: Time, Date, & Where to Watch Online?

Arjun Rampal’s Daddy World Television Premiere: Time, Date, & Where to Watch Online?


Daddy World Television Premiere: Mumbai ka Don ya Gareebon ka Neta, Kaun Hain Arun Gawli? If you are also eager to know who actually was Arun Gawli then you don’t have to wait for long as &pictures is all set to unveil the story of Arun Gawli and take you to an unforgettable journey into the Mumbai underworld with the World Television Premiere of Daddy. If you also want to explore the journey of Arun Gawli along with the backdrop of the rough streets of Mumbai back in the 1970s then you can do that on 18th July i.e. today at 9:30 pm only on &pictures

Arjun Rampal’s Daddy

The movie is a political-drama which has been directed by Ashim Ahluwalia and is inspired by the true-life events of the gangster turned politician ‘Gawli’. Arjun Rampal has played the lead role of the enigmatic don, Arun Gawli in his biopic. Apart from Arjun, the movie also features Aishwarya Rajessh, Nishikant Kamat, Farhan Akhtar, and Rajesh Shringarpurei in key roles.

Excited about the role and movie, Arjun has said that it’s quite thrilling to portray Arun Gawli in his biopic as he is an uncustomary character who had a phenomenal journey. He also informed that as not too much information was available about Arun, it was quite challenging to collect the information regarding him.

For this, the team got in contact with his family, friends, rivals, and even the police to understand his life and know why he has been called ‘daddy’. He also clarified that the story isn’t glorifying Arun but presents a real story with various points of view which will help the audience to explore the crime world of Mumbai in the 80s. It was itself a journey to get in his shoe like mirroring his gestures to get his correct point of view.

Daddy World Television Premiere

The movie has been set in the backdrop of the 70s and takes the audience through Dagdi Chawl alleys where many youths including Arun Gawli, were unemployed due to the shutdown of mills and thus they opted to gamble to earn money as quickly as possible. With due course of time, Gawli was trapped in various crimes when he came under the wings of Maqsood Bhai after committing a murder. However, due to the clash in their ideologies and power, the two became rivals.

Later on the request of his wife Zubeidaa, Arun decided to leave the criminal profession and come out clean. However, things changed when his partner Rama gets killed in an encounter and Gawli took charge of their gang. His excursion into the Mumbai underworld unfolds a series of twists and turns which eventually led him to step in politics and become ‘Daddy’ (a messiah) for his followers.

To explore the journey of Arun Gawli, tune in to &pictures to watch the World Television Premiere of Daddy today i.e. July 18th at 9:30 pm.

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