Dark Season 3 Review (NO SPOILERS) You Can’t Miss This One; Check Why?

Dark Season 3 Review: Netflix’s original German series “Dark” Season 3 made its way in the screens on the 27th of June. But if you pay close attention to the date, the season dropped it is the same date on which we saw the apocalypse in the last episode of season 2. Dark Season 3 Story

Ever since the series made its debut, the words that we hear are “Everything is connected,” and this unfolds in season 3. We’re not giving any spoilers today to witness how much in Dark we’ve been all along the two seasons. All the theories and calculations of the complicated family trees and how the end is the beginning will come together.

Dark Season 3 Review

One thing that you will realize is that whatever happened in Winden did occur because of a reason.

What we saw in the finale of season 2 was that Martha 2.0 from another world saved Jonas from the apocalypse, and what is revealed from the trailers is that Martha 2.0 belongs to another Winden in which she is living the life of Jonas. Their lives are connected, and how they solve and untangle the knots are shown in season 3.

Both the realities of the worlds are tied together, and the narrative of the show becomes trickier for us to process. However, as both tie to untangle the knots, they have to face others called “the pawns of the chessboard,” which are led by Adam and mysterious Eva, who will be a new face in season 3. As the story progresses, a new romantic angle will reveal, and hidden family secrets will open.

To fully understand the Dark experience, you will have to dig in to find your owns answers, and the series will keep you thinking and wondering about what is happening around the characters. The most important question, however, will always remain “Where and when is Winden and Who is who”? You will also have to decode the dialogues that the characters use to signify and make sense of what they said, so, while watching the series, your brain has to be fully involved in the process.

Dark Season 3

For the past two seasons, Dark has gained popularity, even being considered as the most confusing series by Netflix. The series keeps us chasing for answers but still kept us wondering even by the end of both the seasons. We were denied continuously of all the answers.

Dark Season 3 Review

Also, in the finale season, you don’t find the answers you were looking for, you will have a sense of satisfaction in knowing how everything falls into place. The men and women of Winden keep asking the same questions as we do, and the older versions keeping giving us half-truths, which is frustrating.

But a few dangling pieces from both the seasons will fall into place, giving us a sigh of relief in understanding the complicated lives of the characters. However, if you think that the series only relies on time travel and the theories of the black hole, you’re strongly mistaken; the series is also based on the concepts of Love, Hate, Desire, and Power lead to the events in Winden. If you’re looking for closure on all your questions, watch season 3 on Netflix.


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