Darrell Issa Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Darrell Issa Net Worth

Darrell’s earnings may make people curious about his accumulated wealth. Hence, we have a post revealing Darrell Issa Net worth in 2023. How His long-term, prosperous business career and political journey have gained him wealth.
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Darrell Issa is a famous American businessman and politician, presently serving as the US representative for California’s 48th congressional district.

He is a member of the Republican Party and had earlier represented California’s 50th congressional district from 2021-23 and served in the US House of Representatives from 2001-19. From January 2011-15, he was a chairperson of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Darrell Issa Net Worth 2023

Darrell Issa net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $500 million. In the current year, he is the richest serving member of Congress.

Darrell Issa Net Worth 2023

He earned a monthly income above $3.5 million, and his yearly earning is above $45 million.

Darrell is the CEO of Directed Electronics, which he established in 1982. The company is one of the largest makers of automobile aftermarket security products in the US.

Darrell Issa Biography

Darrell was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, on November 1, 1953. He is 69 years old. His father, William Issa, used to sell trucks and ground valves. His mother was Martha. Darrell father was the child of Lebanese Christian immigrants and a member of the Maronite Catholic faith. His mother is of Bohemian and German descent.

Issa dropped out of high school and entered the army. He became an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician assigned to the 145th Ordnance Detachment.

Darrell Issa Career

Darrell began his career as a businessman after he left the army. His smart business strategies, hard work, and dedication rendered him a prosperous business, making him the owner of one of the largest profit-making ventures in the United States.

Darrell Issa

Due to his involvement in consumer-electronics trade groups, Darrell became politically active. Soon he became one of California’s most active campaign contributors to Republican candidates.

In 1996, he acted as chairperson for a successful campaign to pass California Proposition 209. After two years, Darrell ran his campaign for elected office when he sought the Republican candidacy for the US Senate against incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer. He lost the nomination to California State Treasurer Matt Fong.

In 2000, Darrell ran for California’s 48th congressional district and won the primary. He ran for the general election against Peter Kouvelis. He got elected in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. In 2018, Darrell decided not to run for election. He declared his run for California’s 50th congressional district the following year. He subsequently won the general election.

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Darrell Issa Business

Darrell and his wife, Kathy Stanton, sold their cars and other assets after they returned to the Cleveland area to invest in an electronics manufacturer, Quantum Enterprises, run by a friend from Cleveland Heights. He purchased Car Alarm Manufacturer Steel Stopper for $60,000 and soon made it to supply Ford with thousands of car alarms and negotiate similar deals with Toyota.

Unfortunately, in 1982, Steel Stopper caught severe fire and was destroyed. Darrell appeared to prepare for the loss as he increased the fire insurance policy by 462% three weeks before the incident occurred.

Rep. Darrell Issa
UNITED STATES – MARCH 7: Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., walks up the House steps for final votes of the week in the Capitol on March 8, 2018. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Steal Stopper soon became profitable and became active again. A major hike in car theft resulted in a rise in demand for security devices.

Many famous automobile companies such as Rolls-Royce, BMW, and General Motors joined Toyota and Ford as customers of Steal Stopper. Darrell sold the company to a California-based home alarm manufacturer and moved to the San Diego suburb of Vista to work for the company.

Later, he established Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEL). He developed several effective theft deterrents by using his knowledge of the faults in automobile security. The company’s sales grew tremendously from $1 million in the first year to $14 million by 1989.

Darrell owns 17 limited partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs) with commercial properties across North San Diego County. He serves as the CEO of Greene Properties, Inc., a San Diego, North County real estate corporation. The company is headquartered in Vista and manages three commercial office buildings in Carlsbad. His wife and son, William Issa, also work for the company as an assistant property managers.

Darrell Issa Education

Darrell attended Siena Heights University in Adrian to major in business administration. He later enrolled in Kent State University and went through Reserve Officer Training Corps.

During graduation, he was a second lieutenant. From 1986-1980, Darrell served in the Army Reserve.

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Who is Darrell Issa’s Wife?

Darrell Issa married in the 1970s with his high-school beloved, Marcia Enyary. However, the couple separated soon. After he left the military, Darrell married Kathy Stanton in 1980 and couple separated in 2021. The couple is blessed with one son, William Issa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Darrell Issa is a known richest politician in California. People want to know his wealth along with his early and personal life. Some of the Most people Asked Question are listed below:

What is Darrell Issa’s net worth in 2023?

Darrell Issa Net worth in 2023 is around $500 million.

Does Darrell Issa net worth include real estate properties?

Yes. Though the maximum of Darrell’s worth results from his prosperous business, he also earns from investing in real estate properties.

How tall is Darrell Issa?

Darrell is 5 feet 5 inches tall ( 1.65 m).

How much does Darrell Issa earn annually?

Darrell Issa earns an estimated salary of $45 Million annually.

How old is Darrell Issa?

Darrell is 69 years old.

How much Darrell Issa weighs?

Darrell weighs 70 Kg.

What nationality is Darrell Issa?

Darrell holds American nationality.

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