Lara Trump Net Worth – How Much is she worth?

Lara Trump Net Worth

Lara Trump Net Worth – Lara Trump is best recognized as the wife of Eric Trump and daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump.

She has been a producer and story coordinator for the TV news magazine Inside Edition in the past. On March 29, 2021, Lara entered Fox News as a contributor.

This article covers detailed information about Lara Trump net worth, her biography, her family and personal life, and more.

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Lara Trump Net Worth 2022

Lara Trump Net Worth 2022
Lara Trump Net Worth 2022

Lara Trump net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $10 million.

Lara earns most of her wealth from her television career. However, it is still being determined how much Lara earns through her current role at Fox News.

News contributors normally earn between $61655-$67195 annually, but contributors’ salary is mostly subject to their personality and the value they would create. So, we assume Lara makes a good income.

Her husband, Eric Trump, holds about $300 million net worth.

Lara Trump Biography

Lara Trump Biography

Lara Trump was born Lara Lea Yunaska in Wilmington, North Carolina, on October 12, 1982, to Robert Luke Yunaska and Linda Ann Sykes. Lara is of diverse ethnicity (British, Slovak, German, and Dutch).

Lara is the eldest sibling of her parents, and her younger brother, Kyle Robert Yunaska, serves in the United States Department of Energy.

Lara attended Emsley A. Laney High School and later obtained her graduation from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. She also studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York.

Lara began her career as a story coordinator and producer in the TV news magazine Inside Edition. She worked there from 2012 to 2016.

In 2019, she started working for Fox News as a contributor.

Lara Trump also acted as the producer and host of Trump Productions’ Real News Update. She was a senior advisor to Parscale for father-in-law Trump’s reelection campaign in 2020.

There is news that she might leave Fox News as she might run for Senator in North Carolina since Fox News does not work with people involved in politics.

Who is Lara Trump married to?

Lara Trump Husband, Eric Trump
Lara Trump Husband, Eric Trump

Lara Trump was married to the son of former President Donald Trump, Eric trump. He is the son of Mr. Trump and his first wife, Ivana Trump.

Eric has two siblings, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., with his mother, Ivana. His other siblings from his two stepmothers are Tiffany Trump from Marla Maples and Barron Trump from Melania Trump.

Eric Trump serves as a Vice President and trustee of Trump’s business.

Being a son of a political personality and a famous figure, Eric has been in controversies for various issues. He is supposed to be involved in many scandals like using charity funds for personal benefit, raising and investing money in foreign countries, etc. His name appeared in many scams when his father held the president’s office.

Lara Trump and Eric Trump got engaged in 2013 after dating each other for five years. The following year, the couple tied the knot in November 2014 at the Mar-A-Lago mansion in Palm Beach.

They welcomed their first child Eric Luke Trump on September 12, 2017. Lara gave birth to their second child, Carolina Dorothy Trump, on August 19, 2019.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Lara Trump

Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Lara Trump
Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Lara Trump

According to U.S. media news, the Big Dog Ranch Rescue charity that has links to Lara Trump is previously reported to have spent nearly $2 million at Trump properties in the past seven years.

When other popular companies and personalities seemed to move far from former president Donald Trump since January 6 Capitol Attack, Big Dog Ranch Rescue was suspected of spending another $225,000 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club for an event in 2021, according to a HuffPost’s report.

Trump has been living in the club full-time since January after he lost the election and left the White House.

As per the report, IRS (Internal Revenue Service) filings from 2014, the charity has spent around $1,883,160 on fundraising costs for events at Mar-a-Lago and a Trump golf course nearby. Since 2018, Lara Trump has been a chairwoman for Big Dog Rescue charity events.

The Trump Foundation was dissolved in 2019. His son’s Eric Trump Foundation is believed to have utilized money from donors for events at Trump properties. Trump confessed in court that he used charity money to purchase a painting of himself.

Lauren Simmons, the founder and president of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, is also a strong Trump supporter. She earlier posted several comments on social media to support Trump’s stop the steal campaign to overturn the election results in 2020.

In one of her Facebook posts on January 4, two days before the U.S. Capitol Attack, she wrote, “Either we bring power back, or else we will never be free again.”

Simmons defended her connection with Lara Trump and her use of Donald Trump’s properties in a statement. She defined Lara as a great advocate of dogs.

In her statement to HuffPost, Simmons spoke that the quality of service, beauty of the venue, and excellent rate provided them as a nonprofit and the charity of supporters who sell-out events there annually allows them to rescue and home thousands of dogs.

She added, “Our investment there and at the other venues has brought in more than $12 million over an eight-year period which let us continue our mission.”

However, Simmons did not answer when she was asked why she was giving money to someone who attempted to overturn the election results he was losing, and because of whom three police officers died, and more than 140 were injured.

Spokesman Chase Scott marked Simmons’ views on election or politics as out of the point.

According to him, “The only purpose of our fundraisers is to raise plenty of money to save the maximum possible lives. Politics play no role within our organization. They only harm the many who work passionately for healing and homing our beloved dogs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Lara Trump?

Lara Trump stands at 1.73 m (5 feet 8 inches).

Where does Lara Trump live now?

Lara lives with her husband in a Palm Beach, South Florida mansion.

What religion is Lara Trump?

Lara Trump is of mixed ethnicity, and her religion is not known.

How old is Lara Trump?

Lara is 40 years old now.

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