Deca-Dence Episode 3 Release Date, Recap, Preview And Spoilers (Check Details)

Deca-Dence Episode 3

Deca-Dence Episode 3 Release Date Preview And Spoilers: The second episode of Deca Dence was out on July 15, 2020, and this episode just raise the stakes of the show to whole new levels. The first episode caught the attention of fans because of the animation and the second episode is getting all the attention because of the mystery of the world that was shown, basically storytelling with amazing animation.

Deca-Dence Episode 3

It might not be a baseless survival series but we can really see some intense storytelling too. This anime is giving Attack On Titan vibe, but a lighter version of it. But it can change as the show proceeds. I really like the soundtrack as it raises the stakes of the episode tenfolds. Now, let’s look at what actually happened and what can happen in the future.

Deca-Dence Episode 2 Recap

First thing First Deca Dence revealed that the whole world is in a simulation Run by the Solid Quake corporation. Yes, the whole dynamic of the show is changed because of this revelation. Deca-dence is a “colossal entertainment facility” on an island called Eurasia. The human players are called “Gears” and they have to hunt Gaddoll.

Kaburagi was a top Hunter 7 years ago. Players can ran up by killing Gaddoll and gaining experience. Kaburagi hates war because he helped his friend in the past to bend some rules and cheat to increase their strength. It happened because Kaburagi’s party decided to remove the natural limits placed on players in-game which can result in an increase in strength and reduce the damage which will affect the players in the real world, but if found out they will be banned from the simulation.

New characters like Hugin and Mugin are introduced and they expose Kaburagi as a cheater and that results in his arrest. Now, something really interesting happens here, It is revealed that Natsume is considered dead by the simulation and he should be removed from the game but Kaburagi decides to teach her how to fight to see if she can survive in this system.  Now anything more will be a major spoiler, so I want you to go and watch the episode as this might be one of the best shows we have gotten in a while.

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Deca-Dence Episode 3 Release Date 

Episode 3 of Deca Dence will release on July 22, 2020. Anew episode will release every Wednesday if there is no delay in schedule.

Deca-Dence Episode 3 Preview 

A new trailer was released titled “The Secret of the Deca-dence”.This means that the next episode will reveal more secrets about the show and the world. But the development we had in the second episode was so random and so quick. Kaburagi is an alien monster that is rebelling against the system in secret and Natsume is considered dead by the system making her a “bug”.

A theory is also surfacing saying that the aliens/robots created the Gadolls in the process of creating their playground on Earth. I mean that would turn the show upside down. We just have to wait for the next episode to see what will happen as this show is one of the most unpredictable one I have seen in a while.

Deca-Dence Episode 3 Where To Watch

You can stream the show on Funimation and Hulu as soon as they are released. We request you to use only legal sources to watch the show as it will help the creators.

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