Latest News - USA - Dominion Sues OANN and Newsmax over Voting Machine Coverage

Dominion Sues OANN and Newsmax over Voting Machine Coverage

Dominion Sues OANN and Newsmax over Voting Machine Coverage

Dominion continues its run for suing people who go against its established propaganda of being the most honest corporate and having zero involvement in the rigging of US elections. The conservative supporters and politicians favoring Donald Trump already have alleged the Electronic voting machine manufacturer for being a big name in the US presidential election rigging. 

Donald Trump had widespread support across the United States and there were greater chances of Trump winning this election too, the election results shocked the world, but most importantly, they shocked the millions of Trump supporters. After the results, negative reactions started coming from all across the United States.

Dominion Sues OANN and Newsmax

Dominion Sues OANN and Newsmax over Voting Machine Coverage

Right-wing institutions and media outlets since then have been tailing the democrats and corporates like Dominion for involvement in the manipulation of results. To battle these efforts, Dominion has chosen the harsh way and started filing billions of dollars in claims against all such people and institutions. The most recent installment of Dominion’s anti efforts came when the company filed $1.6 billion in lawsuits against the conservative news outlets, OANN and Newsmax.

Newsmax took a step back and apologized to Dominion regarding all this saying that it was just displaying the claims made by various politicians and people and was not actually feeding propaganda against Dominion.

Dominion has been quite indulged in shutting down countless voices with its heavy and baseless lawsuits against individuals and politicians who are just not rich and powerful enough to battle this tyranny. A similar lawsuit was filed against Mike Lindell who is one of the greatest Trump supporters. Mike Lindell has been popular across the United States for his homegrown mattresses and pillow company, My Pillow. Mike Lindell was smashed with a claim of $1.6 billion by Dominion due to his allegations of Dominion’s machines being rigged and manipulated by the manufacturer itself to favor Joe Biden.

Mike Lindell V/s Dominion

Dominion Sues OANN and Newsmax over Voting Machine Coverage

Mike Lindell has been actively advertising the Cyber Symposium campaign even after being dragged to the courts by various authorities and Corporates like Dominion. Lindell is a fighter for democracy in a true sense and his sheer dedication to the cause of saving America is exceptional.

Mike Lindell was all the way banned from all the social media networks just like Donald Trump was when they were related to the US Capitol attacks in 2020. Mike Lindell and Trump were banned for making controversial and slightly agitating statements on the attacks.

Mike Lindell claims that hackers from Bejing were involved in the manipulation of election results. The election machines and their algorithms reportedly broke when the election results went way past their design and Trump seemed to be securing a huge win. This was the moment where a data package was uploaded and tables turned.

The Cyber Symposium event happening near Sioux Falls in South Dakota from 10th to 12th of August is going to be one of the biggest events in the history of the United States where more than 1500 cybersecurity experts, politicians, news reporters, and celebs will be joining the event. 

In the Cuber Symposium event, Mike Lindell will be displaying more than 37 Terabytes of Data that he has on US elections which will further solidify his claims. The Bigger catch of the event however is the massive $5 million prize to anyone who will join the event physically and disprove his claims. 

Mike Lindell states that event is open for every important person in the United States regardless of his political beliefs, he wants to save the United States rather than fighting for his own political beliefs, which is a brave step.

The Bottom Line

While everyone has the right to take legal action, legal action should not be in any form be able to suppress the actual truth. Dominion is registering claims too big that people who actually have some proofs to present are not even trying to come out fearing the costs of fighting such a big corporate.

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  • What dominion is doing is trying to shut down free speech in the USA. I have the right to think what I think and say what I think. As an American we have the right to question our government and our elections and anything we view as not being proper. We have the right to say we have what we think is evidence that the dominion machines have wireless access, can he hacked and in fact believe we have prof that it was. As proven by the simple fact that the forensic copy of the hard drive from dominion machines show updates starting at 9:35am on the 3rd of Nov 2020, and that wasn’t the only up date on that date. By law the Machines are not allowed to have any software updates after they have been certified for that election. The simple fact that the update happened and at the time it happened make the machines uncertified for the count they did and such decertifies the election done with them. The digger question that still needs to be uncovered is who did the up date to the machines during the election. It was done remotely as the machines were watched during the time the update happened so could have only have happened if the machines had remote access. Which Dominion claims isn’t possible and did not happen. To me and most it seems Dominion either dosen’t know their own machines or they have lied to the American people. Also it has been proven with video evidence that the machines have cell phone embedded in their machines further proving that they can be connected to the internet through the cell phone even if not hard wired to the internet.

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