Donald Trump endorses Anthony Kern for Arizona elections

Anthony Kern is a member of the Republican Party. Also, he represents District 20 in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Kern holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is not a certified peace officer despite graduating from Glendale Community College’s Law Enforcement Training Academy. 

Anthony Kern Career

In 2014, Kern defeated Amy Schwabenlender, receiving 23,799 votes. In 2016, Anthony Kern defeated Chris Gilfillan in the republican primary. 

He was fired from his post in EI Mirage Police Department for lying about a lost tablet. Kern was named as a dishonest officer after that. He even tried to remove his name from the Brady List as a legislator by a law. This went in vain as his intentions were disclosed. 

In 2020, Kern was a part of the Lawsuit filed against Mike Pence, former Vice President. 

Kern was present at Stop the steal rally of Washington DC. He posted his video from the rally and also stated, “I will put politics aside if I never win another election. Trump, every time I heard him on TV, it was like he was my friend. Why? Because here’s the President of the United States who was sticking up for little old me.”

Donald Trump’s Support

The former US President lent his support to all those who favored his lie that the 2020 elections were stolen. 

Trump supported Wendy Rogers and also endorsed Anthony Kern for the elections. 

Donald Trump recently stated Paul Boyer was celebrating his taking back from reelection. 

In this statement, he also endorsed Anthony Kern, “Former Arizona State Representative Anthony Kern has already forced RINO Senator Paul Boyer out of the race for Arizona State Senate. Anthony is an incredible fighter for Election Integrity and will bring back honesty to our voting system. He will advocate for America First policies, protect our Second Amendment, fight for strong Borders, Jobs, Great Education, and support decertifying the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election results. Anthony Kern has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

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