Donald Trump will host a rally to support Glenn Youngkin.

About Glenn Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin of the Republican Party was born in 1966 on 9th December. He is not only a politician but a great businessman of America. He also worked in a private firm for about 25 years, which he entered first as an employee but later turned into its CEO.

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Shortly after leaving the work at the Carlyle Group’s private firm, he announced his candidacy for the Virginia Gubernatorial elections in 2021.

He received a great response from the public and won the elections as the Republican gubernatorial nominee on 10th May this year. Glenn announced his candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination for the post of Governor of Virginia in 2021.

Being a self-funding candidate because of his enormous wealth, he spent about $5.5 million for himself.

He won this election on 10th May 2021 after defeating six candidates. While during the primary, he pledged to “stand up against all of the legislation that the Democrats have passed.”

Also, during the elections, he sold all kinds of conspiracy theories about the stolen election claim. After he won, he strongly made a point that Joe Biden was the legitimate President of the US.

It was speculated that all of his campaigns were based solely on the topic of education. The Youngkin campaign condemned the protection of transgender students in Virginia.

After a sexual assault in a Loudoun County school, Youngkin called for campus police and stationed them at all the schools of Virginia.

Also, during the pandemic, Youngkin focused more on the importance of being vaccinated but opposed the vaccine mandates.

Trump Rally and Support

The former President of the USA, Donald Trump, plans to hold a Monday tele-rally for Youngkin in the Virginia race. Trump on Wednesday teased the possibility that he would campaign in Virginia before the election. Youngkin has always been in the middle of the road between embracing the former President and keeping a distance from him and his ideologies. Other Democrats have been trying to tie up Donald Trump into the Virginia elections and Glenn Youngkin more specifically. Youngkin has accepted Trump’s multiple endorsements and speaks well of him in conservative areas of the state. In other, more liberal parts of Virginia, Youngkin runs his campaigns and avoids comparison to the former President.

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