Glenn Youngkin is winning virginia elections – Track results Live

Glenn Youngkin of the Republican Party was born on 9th December 1966. He is not only a politician, but also a great businessman of America. He also worked for a private firm for about 25 years, entering as an employee and later becoming its CEO.

Virginia Elections live results – Glenn Youngkin Claims victory by 51%

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Donald Trump Supports Glenn Youngkin

Donald Trump plans to hold a tele-rally for youngkin in the Virginia race on Monday.

Trump hinted Wednesday that he might campaign in Virginia before the election. Youngkin has always been in the middle, embracing the former president while keeping a distance from him and his ideologies. Dems have been trying to tie Donald Trump to the Virginia elections and in particular Glenn Youngkin. Drums has received multiple endorsements from Youngkin, who speaks highly of him in conservative areas.

Youngkin is running his own campaigns in other, more liberal parts of Virginia and avoiding comparisons to the former President.

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