Donald Trump’s Donation Statistics

As we all know, Donald Trump has (supposedly) made a lot of donations to several charities, including his public charities.

The statistics of what he donates and how much will shine a light on the truth of the situation.

But before we can get to that, how exactly does he raise his funds? 

Prepare to get technical because we’re entering into some pretty big numbers. To really understand how Donald Trump raises his funds, we don’t need to look at the whole situation.

Raising Funds

We only really need to look at some of the few places where he can raise funds, only the important ones.

The most funds that Donald Trump has raised are through a campaign called Donald Trump for president.

He has raised $773.95 Million through the campaign. That is for sure an obnoxiously large amount.

To look at numbers that large can really put into perspective how terrible the human brain is at comprehending them. “$773.95 million” might look small on your phone or laptop screen, but in reality, it’s not.

At one point, numbers just become weird intangible concepts that our brains can’t comprehend take. For example, 1 million seconds adds up to about a week.

Now guess how much 1 billion seconds would add up to, seriously take a guess, Three weeks? Six months? A fortnight? No, all wrong.

The correct answer, 31.7 years. So by now, I think you understand that Trump raised a ton of money from even only one of his campaigns. However, he spent a lot more.

Campaign funding expenditure

Whilst only raising 773 million dollars, he spent about 778 million dollars from this campaign, leaving him in debt.

Of course, all of the money he raised didn’t go to charitable donations nor make all of the money he spent.

If you wonder how he spent more than he was raised in the world, there are many different possibilities. For example, he could have used existing circulating funds throughout the campaign.

Or he could have used undisclosed funds that came from elsewhere or within the campaign itself. Either way, he would have gone into debt. As of November 23, 2020, Donald Trump had $11 million in debt. Here is the breakdown of the funds that he raised in this campaign.

Large Contributions: $396,152,428/ 51.17%

Small Individual Contributions (< $200): $378,084,012/ 48.83%

Candidate self-financing: $8,021/ 0.001%

Trump’s second-most money-raising organization was “America First Action,” It raised 150 million dollars. The third most was “Preserve America PAC” because it raised 105 million dollars.

The lowest money-raising organization was “Future in America” as it raised (or should I say, lost) a whopping and abysmal -$25000.

Trump’s Donations: Fraudulent?

But how much weight is Donald Trump donating? The New Yorker found that “Trump says that he donates millions with his foundations, but an analysis reveals that he hasn’t put up his own money since 2008.”

Jason Miller, Trump’s campaign spokesperson, said, “Mr. Trump is generous both with his money and with his time,” in a statement reacting to the latest Washington Post reporting on Trump’s charitable foundation. “He has provided millions of dollars to fund his Foundation and a multitude of other charitable causes.”

But as you’ve seen from the breakdown mentioned above, he has provided almost nothing to his foundations, only $8000 or 0.001% of the total.

Trump’s charitable giving has now become a campaign issue, primarily due to a series of Post articles written by David Fahrenthold and his colleagues.

Fahrenthold and Rosalind S. Helderman reported that they couldn’t find a single cash donation to the charity that Trump personally had made over the previous five years.

The Trump foundation tried to fight back but lost the footing of the argument pretty quickly. It was and is clear that Trump hasn’t made any charitable donations for a long time.

Trump’s company is valued extremely high.

There was an announcement regarding the merger between TMTG and DWAC. Before the announcement of the merger with TMTG, DWAC’s share was valued at $10. Later, after the announcement, Trump fans traded DWAC’s share $175, which is tremendously high.

When settled at $50, it values TMTG at a whopping sum of more than $10 Billion.

Despite having no launch, no business, and no users, this value is extremely high. This makes TMTG value more than anything Trump has acquired throughout his lifetime.

To date, Trump has not “completed its merger with DWAC or made associated securities filings.” But if it happens, Tump and Dwac investors are likely to gain huge profits.

But, DWAC earlier in its SEC filing represented having “not selected any specific business combination target, and we have not, nor has anyone on our behalf, initiated any substantive discussions, directly or indirectly, with any business combination target.”

Media houses reported the discussions of DWAC CEO with Trump even before the former started trading.

If this is true that the deal was agreed to in advance, then DWAC’s SEC filing will be considered as a breach.

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