Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler (Where to Read)

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Release Date: After so long the fight is reaching its end. After one of the darkest chapters in Dragon Ball history, this chapter was a kind of breathing space for the fan. We lost another major character, but the next chapter is going to be exciting. Fans are really disappointed with this chapter because it didn’t build-up to the hype the last chapter had, but that is always the case with Dragon Ball.  Now let’s look at what happened in the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Release Date

After singlehandedly defeating Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and others, Moro sets his eyes on Jaco, who is the last hero standing. But the arrival of Merus changes the speed of the battle. As the entry of angel in training Merus on the battlefield, Jaco asks him where he has been all this time. Merus apologizes to Jaco and turns towards to moro to fight him. Being unaware of merus’s true nature, Jaco tells Merus that after arriving so late, they are totally doomed saying that the Moro is too strong of a foe to handle for the galactic patrol.

Merus smiles and says that he’s aware of it and is only here to finish up some training. Jaco gets confused and asks whose training. Merus replies,”Son Goku’s”. Jaco and then takes a look around him and notices that everyone is gone. Moro removes the barrier that he had put up in the last chapter to stop any Z fighter from escaping. Merus starts his attack on Moro, by pulling out his staff and hitting Moro with it. Moro notices that Merus has no life energy. he asks,” are you some sort of deity?” Merus smiles and continues his attack. Merus hits Moro with an uppercut with his staff.

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Merus uses his barrier to stop himself from crashing. Jaco is surprised by witnessing Merus’s strength. On the next page of the manga, we see the Z fighters far away from the battle lying on the ground. Dende is shocked to see how he and the fighters got here. He then hears a familiar voice, the voice of the god of destruction Beerus along with Whis. Beerus says that he is tired of doing favors for the fighters and asks Dende that the god of the earth should be able to save them. Dende then begins to heal the fighters. Gohan worrying about his dad asks Dende if he will be alright, Dende replies that he should be but it will take some time to heal Goku since his ki has reached the level of gods.

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Gohan replies that he has no problem and Dende should focus on healing Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo first. Dende heals the hole made by Moro in Goku’s chest and Goku gains his consciousness. Goku surprised, asks Dende about Moro. Dende replies that he is battling the angel. Goku in shock, says ” the angel, you mean Merus?” Dende says that he does not know his name. Goku then tells Dende that any angel who interferes in the matters of mortals will be erased. Goku thanks Dende and rushes to the battlefield. Now we are back to the fight and see Merus blocking Moro’s attacks.

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Moro notices and says that Merus is concealing his true strength. Goku arrives back on the battlefield and screams Merus’s name. He says he needs to stop fighting him or he’s going to vanish. Merus replies that he is still intact. saying that, Goku activates his ultra instinct-sign- and starts his assault on Moro but it is of no use. Goku then says to Merus that even after all the training Merus gave him, he has failed him. Merus says that he is wrong and the training did work and all Goku needs is one last push.

Merus starts fighting Moro again. Moro tries to copy Merus’s abilities but Merus cuts his arm off with his staff. Merus says that Moro’s copying abilities are a hassle and seals his copying abilities. Merus then begins to say a speech, about how he was born as an angel, he had to maintain a neutral position in the universe even if it on the verge of getting destroyed.

But when he joined the galactic patrol, he saw that even if the galactic patrol is weaker then the enemy, they always stick to doing the right thing and that seeing those agents, he realized that maintaining peace in the universe, is something worth fighting for and when he met Goku and the others, his resolve strengthened. Merus says that his next attack is likely to be his last one and then proceed to attack Moro and destroys the crystal in his head resulting in sealing his copying abilities.

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Merus begins to disappear, and with his final words, he says,” should you achieve ultra instinct at your current strength, it will be far more stable and no one will be a match for you. I’ve come to love this galaxy, please protect it all”. with this Merus is erased. Jaco screams that Merus is gone…..but something strange is happening to Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Release Date

Chapter 63 is all set to release on September 18, 2020. Dragon Ball Super releases a chapter every month.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super on the official site of VIZ and Shueisha. We request you to use only legal sites as it will promote the creators.

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