Emma Gojkovic Age – How Old is She?

Emma Gojkovic age- how old is she

In this article, we have covered everything about Emma Gojkovic age, birthplace, physical stats, career, and more.

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Emma Gojkovic Age
Emma Gojkovic Age

Emma Gojkovic is a British actress who has recently earned a highlight from her role as Grace Anderson in the movie My Son Hunter.”

Emma Gojkovic Age – How Old is She?

Emma Gojkovic is believed to be aged around 30 years. However, exact information about her date of birth isn’t mentioned anywhere.

Emma Gojkovic Birth Place

Currently, there is no information available regarding Emma Gojkovic’s birthplace. 

Emma Gojkovic Height

Emma Gojkoic stands at around 1.68 meters, making him five feet six inches tall.

Emma Gojkovic Weight

Emma Gojkovic weighs around 58 KGs.

Emma Gojkovic Career

  • Emma acted in the role of Judge Blanc in the 2020 movie With the Badger on Trial,” directed by Marc Windon under the Proletariat Production.
  • In 2018, she performed the role of Justine in the movie “Right To Be Forgotten, directed by Peta Milan, Transcendent Media Capital production house.
  • She also played the role of Emma in the movie released in 2016, The Mad Whale,” directed by Jenna Cavelle and Sonia A. Guggenheim; Elysium Bandini Studios Production.
  • In the 2016 movie The Days We Lost, Emma played the role of Alley, directed by Daniel Ambor under DA Production.

Emma Gojkovic Facts

Emma Gojkovic Instagram
Emma Gojkovic Instagram

Emma has a good number of 2,357 followers on her Instagram handle. She describes herself as an actor in the bio on her Instagram.

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