Endgame Covid-19: How India will get remedies

Endgame Covid-19

Endgame Covid-19: The US has expressed confidence in the remedies for the treatment of COVID-19 disease, saying that there has been ‘clear’ Evidence that this drug can cure COVID-19 patients.

After the news of this news, in the press conference of the Indian Ministry of Health, on Thursday, mention of Remedesivier medicine. 

The report of Ramdasivier has raised expectations, but Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal says that he should stop for a while before saying anything further.

He said, “Remediation is one of the many medical protocols being performed worldwide. No specific treatment protocol is yet to be followed for the treatment of COVID-19. 

Remediation is also one of those studies Which has been published recently. It has not been proved in the study that this drug is 100% helpful. 

However, before taking any step in this matter, we and the Evidence have just got Tjhar. “

Endgame Covid-19: How India will get remedies

How will you get this medicine in India

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

Endgame Covid-19: If the remediation drug proves to be successful in testing, what will be the further process, and how will this medicine reach India?

ICMR experts said that the effect of this drug on Indians would be seen first if there is any negative effect. Studies are done on this.

The Drugs Controller General of India approves any new drug in the country.  For this, they take technical advice from ICMR. All this is done under fixed law.

According to ICMR, more than 300 studies are underway to find the treatment of COVID-19 worldwide. Many clinical trials are going on in India too.

Drug testing company

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

Remedisvier is an antiviral drug, which was designed to treat Ebola. In the United States, a company named Gilead is trialing this drug for COVID-19

Dr. Shekhar Mande, director-general of India’s large research institute CSIR, told BBC Hindi, “How this medicine will come to India depends on the business strategy of this company. 

They have two-three options. Although taking approval first Will be, it is completely a mutual case of the Gilead company how they would like to bring this drug to India. “

Endgame Covid-19: But in the case of hydroxychloroquine, President Donald Trump of the US directly contacted the Indian government and got the medicine. So can India not ask for medicine directly from America?

To this, Dr. Shekhar says that these two are separate cases, “Hydrochloroquine is a very old medicine. 

It has no patent. But Remedisvier is a new drug, which has a patent. So hydroxychloroquine can make a generic company and sell it to anyone. 

But Gilead has its own property. That is why it will decide who can make it and who can sell it. “

Indian companies can make remediswear

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

Endgame Covid-19: If the remedies prove successful in the investigation, then it is clear that countries around the world would like to take this medicine.

In such a situation, the company also has the option that it can make medicine, thereby giving its patent to local companies. Dr. Shekhar says that this strategy of the company will definitely contact Indian companies because the capacity of Indian companies is very good.

Endgame Covid-19: “If the American company wants to grant patents to some Indian companies, then the big companies here will make the medicine easily. So, what is their strategy depends on the Gilead company.”

According to the Securities General of the Indian Drug Manufacturers Association, Dhara Patel, the patent for the remedies drug is up to 2035.

He said that the three pharmaceutical companies of India are keeping an eye on this, and if the remedies drug gets confirmation, then these companies can enter into an agreement with the Gilead company.

Dhara Patel says, the government will see if these companies are able to make medicines at an affordable price, after which they will be given a compulsory license.

They say that if a product is necessary, then the decision could be taken at the country level, and the country has the right to grant a compulsory license.

According to a report by BBC Health and Science correspondent James Gallagher, clinical trials of this drug have revealed that with the use of the drug, symptoms start appearing in patients within 11 days instead of 15 days.

However, so far, no complete information has been revealed about the investigation conducted on this drug.

But experts say that if the claims related to this drug are confirmed, then there will be great news in the current era.

But he has also said that this medicine is not like the magic bud for this disease.

This drug will develop the ability to save lives, reduce the burden on hospitals, and remove lockdowns in some places.

Where did this medicine come from?

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

Endgame Covid-19: This drug was originally developed to treat Ebola. It is an antiviral drug. When any virus enters the human body, it replicates itself to make itself stronger, to make itself stronger. 

And it happens in the cells of the human body. But in this process, the virus needs an enzyme. By attacking this enzyme, this drug forms a barrier in the path of the virus.

In the United States, this drug has been tried at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of America.  One thousand sixty-three people participated in this trial. Some of these patients were given this drug.  At the same time, some patients were given Pelecibo.

In the world of medicines, a placebo means something that does not have any medical properties. These may include things like water and sugar tablets.

How successful is this medicine?

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

Dr. Anthony Fauchi, head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said that the trial data shows that this drug is proving effective in curing patients suffering from COVID-19.

They have said that the drug can block the virus, and it was saying that we will now have a way that we can treat the patients.

However, this drug has no apparent effect on deaths from COVID-19.

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

Among those who were given this medicine, the mortality rate was 8 percent. At the same time, for those who were given a placebo, it was 11.6 percent. But these results are not important from a statistical basis.

This means that scientists are not able to tell whether the difference in mortality is accurate or not.

It is also not clear who is benefiting.

Is it helping those who recover more quickly, who would have been cured even without medication?

In which age groups does the medicine work better or less?

Is this disease protecting people from going to ICU?

Does this medicine work better with the young and old?

Or which of these drugs affects sick or healthy people?

Do patients need to be cared for at the initial stage when the virus is at its peak?

When detailed information related to this medicine will be released, then the answers to such special questions will be revealed.

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

Because this drug can have benefits such as the removal of lockdown along with saving people’s lives.

Professor Mahesh Parmar, director of the MRC Clinical Trial Unit at UCL College, London, says, “Many things need to be clarified before this drug becomes widely available. 

The data and results related to it need to be reviewed by regulators so that The drug can be licensed. Along with this, the assessment from the health departments of different countries will also be necessary. “

“When all this is happening, then we will get more and long-term data from this trial and other trials, to determine whether this drug also prevents COVID-19 or not.

If medicine can prevent people from going to the ICU, then the risk of us being overworked at hospitals is reduced.

What will be the benefit?

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

With this, the need for social distancing can be reduced. Professor Peter Horby of Oxford University is currently campaigning to find the drug of Covid 19 on a much wider scale.

“We need to see the full results. But if the claims made about this drug are confirmed, then it will be very good, and it will be a piece of very good news in the ongoing war against COVID-19,” Horby has said.

“After this, the next few steps include sharing the information related to it and making this medicine available to all.”

When this information about this medicine has come out from the US, then the report of the trial conducted on this medicine in China has been published in Lancet Medical Journal, according to which this drug has proved to be ineffective.

Endgame Covid-19
Endgame Covid-19

However, this trial in China was incomplete, as the number of patients in China was reduced due to the success of the lockdown. Professor Babak Javid, an expert on infectious diseases at Cambridge University, says, “These figures are much better. 

But with no drugs available for COVID-19, this drug can be approved soon. But these results also suggest that Remedies are not a magic wand. In such a situation, the total benefit of recovering people is 30 percent.

Along with this, other drugs that are undergoing testing for COVID-19 include medicines used for malaria and HIV. Along with attacking the virus in these drugs, they are compounds that relax immunity.

However, antiviral drugs are used in the early stages and in the later stages of the disease.

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