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Eric Leroy Adams is the current Mayor of New York City who recently assumed office on 1st January 2022. He is a famous politician of the Democratic Party in America.  He was elected as the 18th Brooklyn Borough President in 2013. 

Adams was elected as the Mayor of New York City in 2021 in a landslide victory against Curtis Silwa. He is a former police officer who has served for over two decades in the New York City Transit Police and the New York City Police Department. He has also authored several books including Healthy at Last – a plant-based approach to preventing and reversing diabetes and other chronic illnesses, Plot Twist, and Birdland.

NYC’S de facto First Lady is unlike the typical “outgoing” stereotype

Eric Adams has never been married but has a son with his former girlfriend, Christina Coleman. His son, Jordan Coleman, is a graduate from the University of America and is currently working as a filmmaker and a television actor. 

Mayor Adams with his son Jordan Coleman, who is a budding film-maker and actor

Tracey Collins is the current partner of Eric Adams and has been in a relationship with Adams for a long time. She is the head of the Department of Education in New York City. She was born in 1962, in New Orleans, Louisiana where she grew up in a large family with four sisters and several nephews and nieces.

Unlike the typical stereotype of New York City’s “outgoing” First Lady, Tracey likes to have a low profile and apparently was absent from Adams’ Mayoral campaigns as well as the victory parties organized in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

“Gets up at dawn to run the largest school system in the US”…

Eric Adams Wife
Eric Adams Wife

Tracey Collins (center)

Collins is extremely dedicated to her work. “She gets up at dawn to run the largest school system of the United States” , writes Eric Adams in his vegan lifestyle book, Healthy at Last. According to public documents, Collins has held office as head of the Education Department since 2008. The documents also show that she went home with 173,710 dollars last year. Adams also noted, “She typically works 12 hours a day. She never gets a break.”

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Stop the Sag” movement

Tracey has long been in support of youth empowerment alongside Eric Adams. She had partnered up with Adams in 2010 to organize a billboard campaign called “Stop the Sag” to tackle the unpalatable trend of wearing low-slung pants among youngsters, throughout Brooklyn. “Children will be children. But as adults we need to be on record and tell them they’re doing something wrong”, says Adams to the Daily News

 Gracie mansion: Mayor Adams’ residence.

Tracey currently resides in a two-bedroom apartment at Fort Lee in New Jersey where Adams spends most of his weekends. It is still uncertain if she will move into Gracie’s mansion with Adams. 

In addition to heading the Education Department, Collins has authored a number of books. She has 14 books on Goodreads with a total of 1007 ratings. Stumbling into Sobriety and Sweet Promptings in 2007, whose introduction was written by Adams, are among her most popular works. She has also formerly worked as a teacher and a principal in schools in New Orleans and New York City.

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