Exclusive: Watch Lindsey Graham Full Interview with Foxnews

Exclusive Watch Lindsey Graham Full Interview with Foxnews

Exclusive: Watch Lindsey Graham Full Interview with Foxnews. Hello readers, in this article, we cover astonishing facts in a full interview about Lindsey Graham with Foxnews. So let us dive in.

Lindsey Graham was interviewed with Fox News to discuss serious issues such as the current probe of Former President Donald Trump and the FBI’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate. 

As we know, a clip got viral, “Sunday Night in America” since then, the Republican Senator from South Carolina warned of violence. If Trump’s prosecution comes through for Mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle, there will be riots in the street.

Watch Lindsey Graham Viral Interview “riots in the street”

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In the interview, Graham slammed the right-leaning network’s dumb rules, limiting the participants to 10 candidates polling and the best in an average of the five most recent national polls. Graham said this is a dumb way to weed out the field. 

On August 6, a debate’s rules harm the candidates campaigning in the early voting states and elevate those who have been getting the most national TV exposure or have run for president. 

With around 17 Republican candidates running, several furious White House hopefuls will be left out of the crucial opportunity to be discovered before a significant television audience. Graham agreed that he was lagging in national polls and argued that July 2015 is too early even to pay attention to polls. 

Watch Lindsey Graham Viral Interview "riots in the street"
Watch Lindsey Graham Viral Interview “riots in the street”

Graham mentioned that, even if Brad Pitt would be in the debate, or anybody with any celebrity would be in the discussion, he won’t mind weeding out the field over time. 

Graham said he would like to name some names like Fox News and the Republican National Committee, which partnered with networks to schedule the primary debates. 

Lindsey expressed that the rules on his behalf stressed him. In an interview, he repeatedly said that Fox’s poll-driven process is destroying the opportunity for all of the scrappy, underfunded candidates to win over voters in the small early primary states. 

Lindsey’s Appearance on Fox News

Graham commented on Fox News “Sunday Night in America.” The South Carolina senator said that he thinks there will be a double standard regarding Federal law enforcement, citing recent comments by Mark Zuckerberg about Meta handling a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop after an FBI warning. 

Lindsey Graham

Graham mentioned that, including him, he believes that there is no law regarding Trump. It is all about getting him. 

He also mentioned that there would be riots in the streets if Donald Trump were prosecuted for managing classified information after the Clinton debacle. 

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 If Trump is Indicted, there will be riots in the street

In an interview with Fox News, Graham noted that most Republicans, including him, believe that there is no law regarding Trump. It is all about getting him. 

Lindsey Graham

Graham compared the treatment of Trump in managing classified documents after leaving the White House to the FBI’s response to political scandals from his opposing party. It might be a matter of fact like Hillary Clinton’s email server or the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

Graham said, “There is a double standard regarding Trump.” 

We all know that Trump’s circumstances differ from Clinton’s and Biden’s, but the latter is a private citizen who has never taken hold of government office. The FBI’s raid of the former president’s Mar- – Lago estate cropped up to 300 classified documents taken from the White House. 

Such kind of Mishandling, per a law that Trump instated in 2018, is a felony offense and even threatens to put him in the crosshairs of prosecution. 

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