When will Truth Social android be available?

Update 12 October 2022: Waiting for the android users is now over, Truth Social app was Relishead but in August 2022 the App was banned by google Playstore for downloading Further on Android devices. But Now the waiting period over the Play Store has been approved to Download on Android Devices.

Update August 6, 2022: The Truth Social App for Android has been released, and here we have shared a guide on how to join Truth Social waitlist on Android (Pre-Order).

Update August 3, 2022 – Truth Social Android app is available for pre-order. You can sign up in the Play Store to have it auto-download or be notified when it’s available.

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Update 4 May 2022 – Truth social’s Ceo says that Truth social’s web version will be live and ready to use for everyone by the end of this month ( May 2022 ). The android app is ready and it’s not yet approved by the Google play store.

Previous Update 25 April 2022 – Donald Trump in his recent Save America Rally, which was held in Delaware, Ohio announced on 23 April 2022 that the Truth Social Android app is still in testing and would be announced soon. All users would be approved soon on the Truth Social Platform. They have recently migrated to Rumble Cloud Infrastructure.

Given the app’s failures on the iPhone, Trump’s staff is likely to try to fix some of the problems prior to when the Android version of Truth Social will be made available to the broader public.

When will Truth Social android be available?

The official launch of the Truth Social Android app is not confirmed yet. In a recent interview the CEO of Truth social said that the app is ready but it’s yet to be reviewed and published by the Google play store, according to Trump’s team and the Google Playstore. A number of Twitter followers have questioned when will Android version of Truth Social be available. The iPhone app for Truth Social is now accessible on App Store. The Android version of Trump’s Truth Social will be launched at the end of March, but not the iOS version, which was supposed to be released on President’s Day.

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Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election for inciting violence and promoting falsehoods. The former president’s suspension has been extended indefinitely, and Twitter has deactivated another account he attempted to create.

Trump was barred from using Facebook for two years and YouTube for an undetermined amount of time. After being banned from most major social media networks in the United States, former President Donald Trump announced the establishment of his own social media platform, Truth Social, in October 2021.

President Trump Responding To Lindsey Graham

President Trump Responding To Lindsey Graham Calling Pardoning Jan 6 Political Prisoners “Inappropriate” (Footage from Truth Social). Over the weekend, Donald Trump’s Twitter clone—and the ex-Congressman he hired to run it—had a spectacular crash out of the gate.

Many people feel Truth Social is a rip-off of Twitter because it is modelled after the popular social networking site. Despite Trump’s and his team’s claims that the app is “politically prejudice-free” on the app store, it is being described to as an alt-right platform, similar to Parler or Gab, due to its creator and founding ideals. A 150,000-strong line has formed to sign up for a Truth Social account following the app’s rocky launch.

For encouraging violence and disseminating false information, the alt-right forerunners of Truth Social, notably Parler, have been removed from the app market.

It’s unknown how long Truth Social will remain available to the general public, given the failure of its predecessors. Truth Social appears to be in for a smooth ride, based on its App Store ranking of #1 after only 12 hours of debut.

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  • Seems pretty obvious this is written by leftists since any posts on Parler inciting violence were removed just like any platform…as for “misinformation” it was the truth that got them the boot, had they been spreading made up nonsense, as long as the DNC or Biden Administration claimed it true it would have been fine.
    Really it was about controlling free speech. The establishment was mad Trump wouldn’t let the shadow govt do its thing so they used their assets & friends to exploit the media , both mainstream & social to spread propaganda, any attempt to get the truth out was squashed. Look at all the stuff the CDC finally admits yet even publishing the proof got you banned from Twitter & Facebook.
    This is just another rag like the US Sun or Enquirer. Maybe get folks who aren’t biased & ignorant to write your articles.

    • I was laughing out loud at how many negative adjectives this writer was using to describe the fastest growing social network/ social media platform ever. There is literally a waiting list to get on.. talk about fake news . If the writer is looking for something negative to write about maybe he/she/they should check out CNN+ oh wait they can’t, after only 21 days they shut it down ..talk about an awful launch . After stupidly spending millions and millions of dollars and arrogantly predicting about 10 million subscribers only a few thousand were tuning in and I’m pretty sure most of them were CNN employees and their grandmother’s. Brady Bunch reruns get more viewers than CNN+

  • He wasn’t banned from Twitter for inciting violence or spreading falsehoods. He was banned because big tech and some big money globalists worked with some Democrats to steal the election and censor anything that could expose their illegal acts. Same goes for the false Covid narrative that big tech actively engaged in the lies we were told. They also censored any information that would expose their lies. I don’t care if you like Trump or hate him but fact is, Trump put the people of this country first and he put America first as a good president should. The powers that be couldn’t control him and us while he was in office.


  • Google is likely going to hold this up indefinitely. Doesn’t fit their ideology. (You know, censoring the other guy.)

  • Hilarious, ranked #1 on apple store but it’s a failure. This type of misinformation garbage is the reason so many are leaving YouTube and Twitter. One good thing about android is it’s so easy to install apps that are not from the app store so they just need to post link on their page to download it.