FBAs OpTIC Path Training Program Gains More Traction

FBAs OpTIC Path Training Program Gains More Traction

Recently, The FBA announced an OpTIC Path for rural eastern North Carolina in collaboration with The College of The Albemarle and regional service provider Fybe.

Here you have the details of the news.

FBAs OpTIC Path Training Program Gains More Traction

The Roanoke Connect Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of the Roanoke Cooperative, has rebranded itself as Fybe. Building a broadband network to bring high-speed internet to North Carolina.

Fybe provides voice services, broadband internet, and smart grid energy efficiency features to both residential and commercial clients.

Fibre Broadband Association FBA is the largest and only trade association representing the entire fiber ecosystem of manufacturers, service providers, industry experts, and deployment specialists.

FBA’s mission is to promote the deployment of fiber broadband while working towards a world where digital equity and limitless communication will improve the quality of life everywhere.

When deciding how, where, and why to construct improved fiber broadband networks, the Fibre Broadband Association offers informational assistance to providers, communities, and policymakers.

This new training program, Optical Telecom Installer Certification (OpTIC Path), will be offered by the College of The Albemarle and Fybe, according to a recent announcement from the Fibre Broadband Association (FBA).

FBAs OpTIC Path Training Program Gains More Traction

In collaboration, the two organizations will use the OpTIC Path course to create a pipeline of highly skilled fiber broadband technicians who will link rural and eastern North Carolina communities to fiber broadband networks of the finest quality.

In eastern North Carolina, as in many other parts of the country, there is an increasing need for fiber infrastructure. To properly install and maintain dependable, high-speed fiber networks, Fybe realized that having access to skilled fiber technicians would be essential.

After discovering that other North Carolina communities were using FBA’s OpTIC Path program and had developed an abundance of skilled fiber technicians.

Fybe teamed up with the College of The Albemarle to take up the course, develop local talent, and build a strong program that will benefit the communities they serve for a very long time.

According to a press statement from Fybe’s chief operations officer, Bo Coughlin, “There has never been a better time to begin or continue a career in fiber.”

“The OpTIC Path program will deliver robust technical training and create a healthy pipeline of highly qualified fiber technicians for a high-demand, lucrative, long-term career.”

Coughlin added, “We take pride in contributing locally to workforce development and enhancing communities that often have never had access to reliable internet.”

“We are proud to work with College and The Albemarle and the Fiber Broadband Association to make this course a resounding success for all involved.”

The news was released a few days after the FBA announced that OpTIC Path had been approved as the primary credential for fiber optic technicians for the Job Corps. The Job Corps facility in Oneonta, New York, will conduct the pilot program.

The Fibre Broadband Association has previously issued multiple notifications regarding the adoption of OpTIC Path.

The OpTIC Path program will be launched by the College of The Albemarle in February 2024. As per the Fibre Broadband Association, 70 community colleges and 44 service providers offer the training program in 40 states.

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