FedEx Field Parking Guide: Rates, Maps, Deals, and Tips

FedEx Field Parking

Are you going to FedEx Field and want to know about the parking information? If yes, then this guide is going to help a lot.

FedEx Field Parking Guide:

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about FedEx Field. From FedEx Field parking to the best spots, prices, and information about the neighborhood, this guide will walk you through every inch of the information needed.

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Description of the stadium:

Home to the NFL’s Washington Commanders, originally known as the Jack Kent Cooke stadium deriving its name from the Canadian-American businessman, a big name in professional sports is now famous by the name FedExField. It is located just five miles away from the main capital Washington DC in Greater Landover, Maryland. The exact address for the stadium is 1600 FedEx Way, Landover, MD 20785. It is the home stadium for Washington’s football team, NFL, which we all know as the Washington Redskins.

It is a large stadium that could accommodate up to 82,000 people at the same time. Now, after renovations, the stadium’s capacity has increased to 91,000, making it the biggest stadium with the largest capacity in the NFL. FedExField is in the Summerfield census-designated place, and its postal address is Landover. It was initially constructed to replace Washington’s prior stadium  Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. In 1994, Jack Kent Cooke sought the responsibility to build this stadium. The stadium was later built in 1997, and to honor the owner of the stadium and team, the earliest name of the FedEx Field was Jack Kent Cooke stadium.

It is a large stadium built with five levels- the lower level, the club level, the upper and lower suite levels and the upper level. These levels are given names to honor the significant people in the franchise’s history and also the Washington DC area. The lower level is named after Bobby Mitchell, the first African-American star in the NFL. The club is known as the Joe Gibbs Club level to respect the coach of the NFL. The upper level is called Pete Rozelle Upper level, named after the famous businessman and commissioner of the NFL. The Suite Levels have 243 suites, a lounge, Owner’s Club luxury boxes and 15,044 club seats. Five rows of the stadium are named “Dream Seats” at the level, which is almost at the level of the field, giving the best possible view. They were constructed when Daniel Synder bought the NFL team.

The stadium is a significant part of American black history as it hosts the annual Prince George’s classic college football game between two historically black universities.

About the parking options at FedEx Field:

The location of the FedEx field is quite suburban, which implies that you will be getting a lot of space to park your vehicle. There are numerous official parking places surrounding the area around the stadium. The official parking places are fewer in number and are often reserved on days when there is a game event. The spaces are allotted based on early arrivals. People who come early usually get better parking spaces.

The FedEx field is surrounded by a large number of official parking lots. The parking spots are designed panoramic so that even if you are coming from the wrong or any direction, you will still get a good place to park your car.

These lots are usually for the people with the season ticket, and it is tough to get a place on game day. There are various reserve parking in the off-site lot, which can be accessed easily by foot, and you can reach the stadium in no time.

Area Overview

There are various zones around the field, and the parking area is categorized in various sections. Each zone is denoted by color. There are at least 6 zones; the platinum zone, purple, orange, green, red and Gray zone. There is another area assigned for large vehicles like lorries and trucks.

You have to book a spot, and after that, you will get a FedEx Field parking Permit for a specific parking spot. Each entrance holds out a sign and there will be people who work for the stadium who will instruct you towards your parking lot. Each zone has an allotted roadway to avoid unnecessary traffic delays. The map shown above will guide you through how the parking area has been created. It clearly shows how there are various short-term parking structures, the ride-share lot, a distinct area of taxi stand, and a ride-share lot.

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The official website of the FedEx Field recommends you to use Ticketmaster for booking your ticket and parking spot. The standard prices for Washington Football Team Home games are fixed. The general admission parking is 60 USD, and the bus/RV parking is 100 USD.

FedEx Field Parking for the Disabled:

FedExField has the policy to provide parking for guests who have physical or any other kind of disability. The FedEx authorities will check your valid state-issued disability card or if it is mentioned in your driver’s license. Two accessible areas are created near the stadium to ease off things for disabled people. In addition, there is a parking lot for the disabled in the Gray lot.

Parking places for handicapped people are created especially in the vicinity of the gates of the stadium, and are open for people who apply. To use an ADA Spot, you need to purchase a FedEx Field Purple, Orange, or Green parking pass, and the stadium authorities will make sure that you get a person to attend you to the allotted spot.  You can visit to check out for more information on this link or you can call 301-276-6100.

Washington Football Team Parking Near FedExField

If you don’t reserve parking at the earliest, the cost for an official FedExField lot can go above 60 dollars and you have to pay a lot more than people who book early. To decrease these costs, you can go to an off-site parking place if only you are willing to walk some distance to the stadium. Although these parking places generally need a longer walking time, the process of getting out of it after a game is usually much faster than in the official areas around the stadium. The most sought choice among Washington Football Team fans is the Jericho Church lot—the walk takes just 15 to 20 minutes, and the rates start at just $30, which is way lesser than the official prices. Another alternative around the stadium is 1019 Brightseat Road Lot, which is a 20-minute walk away and has a $35 event rate. It is still way lesser than official parking rates. FedExField guests who are planning to stay in a  nearby hotel should search for a property that offers shuttle bus services for the NFL events, as this is also a viable option.

The activities such as tailgating are not restricted in the stadium premises, but it is suggested that you stop this prior to the game; these activities should end before the event starts. The most efficient zone is the red zone as it has a proper entry/exit roadway, and it is easier to get your vehicle in and out of this zone.

How to reach the stadium?

To reduce your costs and manage your time, use public transport. Metro is recommended, and the Morgan Boulevard Metro Station is less than a mile away from the stadium. The station is served by Blue and Silver Lines. Rail fares vary from $2 to $6, depending on the time of the day, while the regular bus fare is $2. You can grab a cab or request Uber or Lyft, both of which pick up and drop off guests in the nearby Ride-Share lot.

Things to keep in mind:
  • You have to make sure your car does not block any aisle, roadway, or parking stall
  • Please use proper containers to throw waste or leftover food
  • Use an empty parking lot in allotted areas only
  • Do not smoke inside the parking area and if you want to smoke, do that before heading to the stadium

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