Minute Maid Park Parking Guide: Tips, Maps, Deals

Minute Maid Park Parking Guide Tips, Maps, Deals

In the year 2000, the grand old game of baseball had not been encountered since 1964. Clear skies and real grass were welcomed additions for fans. The Bayou City hardball faithful enjoyed another first in Minute Maid Park’s 242-foot high, retractable roof. Fans were overwhelming, resulting in a record of more than 3,000,000 fans through the Minute Maid Park turnstiles in the 2000 season.

Minute-maid-park-outside-panoMinute Maid Park welcomed home the Houston Astros and showed in a new era of Major League sports in the city. The Minute Maid Park’s retractable roof technology brought open-air baseball to Houston for the first time in 35 years; classic architecture and the natural grass surface provided Minute Maid Park with the great ballparks of baseball’s Golden age.

Minute Maid Park location


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Minute Maid Park Parking Lots

  • Minute Maid Parking Lot A

The building address is 501 Crawford St Houston. TX 77002, USA parking facility is provided during events. Total space 1300 and the handicap spaces 30. Operators are LAZ parking. The cost for parking is $10-$15.

  • Minute Maid Park Lot B

The surface Lot is 466 spaces, 503 Chartres St, Houston, TX 77003, US. Hours of operation are only on events. The cost for parking is $15-$30. The payment can be made through Amex, Debit Card, and MC/Visa.

  • Minute Maid Park  Lot C

The surface Lot C is of 500 spaces. It is located at 982 Hamilton St, Houston, TX 77002, US. Hours of operation are only on events. The cost of parking is $15-$30. The payment can be made through Amex, Coins, Bills, Debit cards, credit cards, and MC/Visa.

  • Minute Maid Park Lot D

The Minute Maid Park parking Lot d located in MLB Advanced Media, LP. 501 Crawford St. Houston, TX 77002. The cost for parking is $10-$15. And the prepaid rate is $9. Features of Minute Maid park Parking Lot d is no height restrictions.

Minute Maid Park Parking Lot Map

It is easy to find a parking space in Downtown Houston and also inexpensive when you plan prior. By using a map to find parking options located near the downtown destinations. Always have a second location in mind in case your first option fails. Minute Maid Park is a very short distance from most of Houston’s downtown garages and surface parking lots.

mapIt is approximately 25,000 parking spaces available a nearby distance for ballpark events.  A hassle-free parking experience for Astros games will be to park in the area in which you have to enter Downtown and exit in the same direction.

Tailgating at Minute Maid Park

No, Tailgating is not allowed at Minute Maid Park. You can only park at parking lots. There is no derth of parking space at the location.

Disabled Parking at Minute Maid Park

Yes, Disabled parking is allowed at Minute Maid Park. Service is based on a first-come, first-serve basis in Lot A and the Diamond Lot. If you want drop-off and pickup facility then no need to worry it is available at the park on any street adjacent to the park.

Minute Maid Park Reviews

  • “After seeing 28 of the baseball parks, this isn’t bad. Its just not unique,, in the big picture. It is user friendly, nicely located and fun to visit. Food is not very creative, and of course very expensive.”

minute maid

  • “We are visiting every baseball park. This one is a great one. Very intimate feeling. Reasonable priced seats had great views. Food and beverages like all parks are expensive, nothing unique here. Beautiful views.”
  • “One of my favorite places on earth. I’ve brought my kids once before and that was miserable. But when it’s just me and my husband, I am happy to stay the whole 9 innings. The last game I went to we were sandwiched between 8 people on either side of us, just one row below the nosebleed seats (although, I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the park), we spent $35 on mediocre food and $10 on a large fountain drink with free refills (we got 5 refills/our money’s worth). The game was slow and the Astros lost, but we had such a great time. I love the ambience/energy.


  • “My husband is a huge Astros fan and thought this would be a fun thing to do before Father’s Day weekend. I would recommend doing the All star tour which gives you access to the dugout, media press boxes, team Clubhouse and suite VIP boxes section. The tour guides aren’t great but do provide some neat information about ballpark. They are very pushy though about moving along and didn’t provide sufficient time for photos or offer to take photos for group. With everything being very expensive, we thought this was reasonably priced ($25) per person considering the amount of things we got to see.”














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