Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers: Episode 2 of Fire Force Season 2 was here almost a week ago and Episode 3 is just around the corner and with every episode, the fanbase of this anime is increasing wildly. Everyone is just enjoying the overall vibe of the show. The balance between comedy and action and those serious moments are almost perfect.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode Episode 3

Just as Episode 1, Episode 2 of season 2 was also heavily praised by the fans indicating that the series is going in the right direction and fans are just happy when new episodes come around. The second episode titled “Flames of Madness” was one of the best arcs of the show in its manga counterpart and well this episode took all that impact and tone and made it even better with great fitting visuals and sound. It is not too much to say that this might be one of the top anime of this year. So let just look into what happened in episode 2 and what can happen in upcoming episodes.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

This episode was titled “Flames Of Madness” and well we got to see just that in the episode. Both Shinra and 4th’s captain lost their mind to the darkness and were ready to kill and then they recovered from that this was really a fun episode to watch.

The Fire Training Camp was underway and as usual, Shinra had to beat Karim to shut him up. Ogun stops them and then Pan whistles to invite everyone’s attention towards her. After the debacle, both Shinra and Lietuenanat Asako went to meet Captain Hague. Pan shows them the way towards the office.

Captain meets Shinra and told Shinra that he must burn him and do not let that demon hide anymore. Shinra told him that the Demon was Mom and he realized that the Demon have been inside him for 12 years and it won’t be satisfied this easily. Then captain told Shinra a really tragic story from 2 years ago that changed his life completely.

After their talk when they were leaving Shinra is again possessed by the darkness and he wants to kill everyone as the voice inside his head is saying him too. But at last, Arthur was able to defeat Shinra and he controls his Adola Link and became normal again. One thing to focus at this time was the backstory of Arthur which was also really good. Now for more details watch the episode because this episode deserved to be watched not read.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date

Fire FOrce Season 2 Episode 3 will release on 17 July, 2020, means it will be available in India on 18 July, 2020. A new episode is released every Friday(Saturday in India) if there is no last-minute change in schedule.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3 Preview

A 40-second preview of the third episode was aired right after the second episode that showed us what will happen in the net episode. We can just say that the show is going to be more interesting from now on and it might get a little bit dark too, so be ready for some really fun time.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3 Where To Watch

The new season of Fire Force will be available on Crunchyroll to watch. And if you want to watch the English dub episodes you can head to Funimation, It will Air the episodes as soon as they are released, and you can also watch the episodes on Amazon Prime.

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