Fiserv Forum Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, Deals

Fiserv Forum Parking Guide

Are you planning to visit Fiserv Forum for a basketball ball match or another event? If yes, this Fiserv Forum parking guide will be very useful for you as here we have covered all the official and non-official parking options, tailgating rules, etc.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Fiserv Forum Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, Deals

Fiserv Forum Parking Guide

Fiserv Forum is a multi-purpose arena that holds indoor football, concerts, ice hockey, and basketball matches. It was opened on the 26th of August 2018 and is owned by the Milwaukee Bucks. Fiserv Forum has a seating capacity of around 18000 people at a time.

Let’s take a brief look at this Fiserv Forum parking guide –

Fiserv Forum Official Parking Options and Prices

Fiserv Forum provides a handful of parking facilities at their reserved lots, which you can book along with your ticket to Fiserv Forum. However, each parking spot has a different rate as per the walking distance.

Below, we have covered all the official Fiserv Forum parking lot details –

  • 1128 North World 3 rd street Valet at a rate of $25 within walking distance of 4 minutes.
  • 1146 North 7 the street at a parking rate of $15 at a walking distance of 8 minutes from the Arena gate.
  • 1230 North old world 3 rd street valet at a rate of $12 with a walking distance of 8 minutes.
  • Springhill Suites valet at $12 6 minutes walks from the gate of Fiserv Forum Arena.
  • 1301 North Edison street at a $10 parking rate and walking distance of 10 minutes.
  • 1233 North Water street is also at a $ 10 rate and within walking distance of 11 minutes.
  • 650 North 8 the street and Convention Centre Garage at a parking rate of $5 with the same walking distance of 10 minutes from Fiserv Forum.

Other Parking Options Near Fiserv Forum and Parking Price

There are many options for public parking and street parking at Fiserv Forum. Opting for these public parking options will not only help you save some bucks but also make it very easy for you to take your vehicle off from the stadium as the official parking lot gets too crowded.

These parking lots are available at a rate of as low as $8 and are available at walking distance from Fiserv Forum.

Some of the parking lots are –

  • Fourth and state parking at 1020 North in 4 the street.
  • Ambrosia lot 1128 North on the sixth street.
  • Lloyds Parking LLC, which is at 316 North in Highland Avenue 6th State street.
  • Turner hall lot on the fourth street.

Another one is 5th Street Parking at 1215 North, but the rates change daily and cost $25. We recommend you book your parking spot before visiting the Fiserv Forum to ensure you have a reserved parking spot.

Fiserv Forum Handicap Parking

Fiserv Forum Handicap Parking

Yes, Fiserv Forum has a handicap parking option. Unlike Toyota Center parking, these parking lots are not directly connected to the Arena through skywalks, making it difficult to move disabled people during rush hours.

We would suggest People with a disability, heart disease, or some certain medical conditions book their parking spots in advance, so it doesn’t get difficult to find a spot instead of running here and there.

Parking lots such as the 5th street parking structure, which is located on 5th street, McKinley Avenue, Fiserv Forum parking structure at the sixth street, and Highland Avenue, have accessible parking spaces.

Here handicap parking is available on every floor with elevator access on every floor, which makes it easier for handicaps. If you want to book an accessible parking spot, you can visit the official website of Fiserv Forum can also call on ( 414 ) 227-0511 for more information and further queries related to handicap parking at Fiserv Forum.

Public Transit to Fiserv Forum

If you are trying to get to Fiserv Forum by public transit, you can get benefits from Milwaukee County Transit System. You can use bus routes- 19, 33, and 80 as buses from these routes will drop you at a distance that is a few minutes walkable from the gate of the Arena.

You can also plan your trip online and get the bus schedules, everything about when it arrives and when it reaches.

Tailgating at the Fiserv Forum

No, tailgating is strictly restricted in the Fiserv forum. If you plan to tailgate at the Fiserv Forum Arena, you are not allowed to do that, so we suggest you get you and your friends full before or only after the game. There are lots of pubs, bars, and restaurants near Milwaukee. Here we have given a list of some of the best to have fun, food, and drinks with your friends.

  • Old German Beer Hall.
  • Carson’s Ribs.
  • The Mecca Sports Bar.
  • Drink Wisconsinbly Pub.
  • Buck Bradleys Eatery.

Getting to Fiserv Forum

There are three routes to reach Fiserv Forum – West, North, and South.

If you are arriving from the West, taking the I-94 East to I-43 North and getting down, then taking a right from McKinley Avenue to 5 the street. Then turn right and move ahead. You will be at Juneau Avenue, then take a left after one block, then right onto the fourth street.

If you are A visitor from the North, after taking I-43 South and exiting McKinley Avenue, turn left, move ahead East to 3 rd street, and turn right and move ahead to Juneau. Then turn right and move ahead to West at the entrance of Fiserv Forum.

And if you are arriving from the South after taking I-43 North and then exiting at 73A McKinley Avenue, move right to the fifth street, turn right and move ahead to Juneau Avenue, then take a left after one block and then turn right on the fourth street. You’ll be at the Fiserv Forum.

If you are confused, follow the map that we have shared below.

Fiserv Forum Map
Fiserv Forum Map

Closing Comments

I hope so this guide was useful for you. If you want to know more and have information about parking related to Fiserv Forum, you can ask us in the comments section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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