Toyota Center Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, Deals

Toyota Center Parking Guide

Are you heading to the Toyota Center and searching for a parking directory at the arena? Then you have lent at the perfect page as in this Toyota Center parking guide; we will cover all the essential information related to Toyota Center parking, such as parking options, pricing, tailgating rules, etc.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Toyota Center Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, Deals

Toyota Center Parking

Toyota Center is an indoor stadium in Houston. It is home to the Houston Rockets of the NBA( National Basketball Association) and hosts major basketball games and events.

Apart from basketball games, the stadium also hosts fascinating concerts, touring shows, and various other events, attracting guests across the world. However, finding suitable parking can be daunting, especially for visitors from far away.

The good thing is that Toyota Center offers extensive parking options. Besides that, you can also park your vehicles in the parking lots near Toyota Center to save some bucks. 

In this article, we have covered everything such as Toyota Center official parking, nearby parking venue, transportation options, and some money-saving advice. 

Toyota Center Official Parking Options

The Toyota Center offers 2,500-space parking garages open and available to the public on game or event days. 

Parking in the Toyota Tundra Garage will cost you $2 during non-events days, and it can be as high as $15 during events/games days. The good thing is that even on the events or games day, parking cost at Toyota Center is much cheaper than parking at Turner Field and Petco Park.

Also, the Tundra Garage at the Center offers a private sky bridge entrance for premium visitors. Besides, above 10,000 parking spaces are just a few blocks from the Toyota Center.

Here is a list showing the parking spaces at the Toyota Center, event parking rates, and location.

Lot name – 1601 Caroline St

  • Price – $8
  • Distance to the gate – 0.2
  • Walking time – 5 mins 

Lot name – 1861 Austin St

  • Price – $4
  • Distance to the gate – 0.4
  • Walking time – 7 mins

Lot name – 900 Leeland St

  • Price – $5
  • Distance to the gate – 0.5
  • Walking time – 10 mins 

Lot name – 1300 Lamar St

  • Price – $23
  • Distance to the gate – 0.7
  • Walking time – 13 mins 

Lot name – 916 Dallas St. – Valet

  • Price – $25
  • Distance to the gate – 0.6
  • Walking time – 11 mins

Though ample parking spaces are available around the Center, we suggest you reach a little early at the Toyota Stadium on the event days as the spaces tend to fill up shortly.

You can also find some street parking options near the Toyota Center which are available for free and therefore the most cost-effective parking options for you.

Other Parking Options Near Toyota Center

Toyota Center Parking Map

To get pocket-friendly parking deals, we highly suggest you buy Toyota Center parking tickets online for one of the nearby garages. You can pre-book your parking space in one of the downtown parking lots through the SpotHero app, which offers lower prices.

Below are the parking services near the Toyota Center, their event rates, and the location.

Parking Facility – Medical Place One Garage

  • Event price – $4
  • Address – 1861 Austin Street 
  • Walking distance – 6 mins 

Parking Facility – Sondock Lot

  • Event price – $5
  • Address – 1601 Caroline Street 
  • Walking distance – 5 mins 

Parking Facility – Block 345 Lot

  • Event price – $6
  • Address – 1600 Crawford Street 
  • Walking distance – 4 mins 

Parking Facility – Bobby Lot

  • Event price – $7
  • Address – 1519 Travis Street 
  • Walking distance – 8 mins 

Parking Facility – Green Street Garage

  • Event price – $8
  • Address – 1320 Fannin Street 
  • Walking distance – 4 mins 

Parking Facility – Jefferson Parking Lot

  • Event price – $10
  • Address – 1411 Jefferson Street 
  • Walking distance – 5 mins 

Parking Facility – 1218 Leland Lot

  • Event price – $10
  • Address – 1604 Caroline Street 
  • Walking distance – 5 mins

Parking Facility – AirGarage Lot

  • Event price – $15
  • Address – 1501 Caroline Street, 
  • Walking distance – 3 mins

These are the parking facilities near the Center if you wish to save extra event parking rates at the stadium.

Toyota Center Handicap Parking

Visitors can find accessible parking areas on the first and third levels of the Toyota Tundra parking garage. Also, there are many on-street parking lots available for differently abled people near the stadium and on Clay Street. You must note that the accessible parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you must arrive early to secure a spot in these parking areas.

You can further get additional details regarding accessible parking and various other subjects for those with special needs in the Toyota Center Accessibility Guide on the Toyota Center website.

You can travel to Toyota Center by public transportation if you wish to save extra charges on your event day. Just look at the availability of public transit to the Toyota Center.

Public Transit to Toyota Center

Metro Rail Toyota Center

You can select the metro. It operates on various routes near the stadium. Also, the local bus and MetroRail cost as much as $1.25 per ride. You can visit the Metro website or call 713-635 -4000 for additional transportation information. 

 You can also use Uber or Lyft, which is the pick-up and drop-off zone on Bell Street. For visitors with disabilities, METRO offers 100% accessibility on its buses. It gives paratransit service, via METROLift, for those who are unable to ride one of its fixed routes physically. 

If you are a person who loves tailgating before any game or event, you must consider the below information about tailgating at the Toyota Center.

Tailgating at Toyota Centre

Similar to the Target Field, all types of tailgating activities are strictly prohibited at the Toyota Center parking lot.  

However, if you wish, you can tailgate at a few public lots available within a short distance of the venue.

Before you head for the Toyota Center, we advise you to visit the below-mentioned resources to get additional information about the stadium on the event day. So, don’t forget to check out these resources. 

Toyota Centre parking resources

  • Check the Toyota Center Website. Here you will get authentic information about all the events at the Toyota Stadium.
  • You can refer to the SpotHero app to reserve a guaranteed parking space near the stadium on the event day. This app compares parking alternatives near the Toyota Center and then reserves an area for your vehicle. So this is another resource you can check out before moving out to the venue.

Getting to Toyota Center

The address of the Toyota Center is 1510 Polk Street, Houston, TX – 77002.

The Toyota Center is well connected with the metro and rail.

You can use google maps which will assist you in locating the exact address while driving to this place.

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