Frank speech news – The Gab and Frank Controversy

Frank speech news The Andrew Torba and Mike Lindell - Gab and Frank allegation 

Frank is a brand new social networking platform brought from the CEO, Mike lindell. The mission statement of  Frank is supposedly the voice for free speech. Currently Frank is only available for US taxpayers. The aim of frank would be to develop into a platform that the Americans that wish to protect life, freedom, and all of the liberty which have marked America since the maximum running Constitutional Republic on earth. Frank provides a stage for influencers and ordinary individuals to say and act things from the open, hence promoting free speech and liberty.

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Lindell announced plans to launch Frank in early March 2021 after having worked on it for four years. The site was originally called “Vocl” and had the domain, but after a threat from Creatd which owns a web site called “Vocal”, Lindell changed the name to “Frank”.

Mike Lindell gave a hint that his Social Media Website would be a combination of Youtube & twitter. Frank Speech would be the Social Media Platform where everyone voice would be heard over the internet.

Mike Lindell has a very good relationship with Donal Trump Former President of USA. Recently, Donald Trump was also banned on twitter, this ban can be the potential reason for this Social Media launch.

To guard against deplatforming by app stores, Frank is only available as a web application in mobile web browsers. The website is still not up and the frankspeech team has been working on it to make it up as soon as possible.

Frank, based on its error messages, is written in Drupal ( a coding language ). Several Drupal professionals have criticized the way in which Frank was developed and deployed, including one who observed that Drupal is not designed to handle a large amount of user-generated content typically found on social media sites.

The Andrew Torba and Mike Lindell – Gab and Frank allegation

The Andrew Torba and Mike Lindell - Gab and Frank allegation 

The Gab and Frank Controversy. Andrew Torba, CEO of alt-tech social media service Gab, alleged in a Gab post that “Lindell had blatantly ripped off our free speech platform vision as his own”. Responding to this , Mike lindell and team had a conversation and fixed the confusion the same day. Mike lindell’s FRANK is a copy of GAB by Andrew torba , according to Torba and thus this controversy came to light.

The Andrew Torba and Mike Lindell - Gab and Frank allegation 

Torba later amended edited his post to remove the accusation, writing that he and Lindell had spoken and were “on good terms”, but that he wished Lindell “had been more upfront that he was building his own social platform months ago when we first started chatting instead of me learning about it through the press”


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