How To Get A Free Dental Makeover – Easy Steps

How To Get A Free Dental Makeover - Easy Steps

Are you looking for a Free Dental Makeover? How do you feel about your smile? Do you feel confident with your non-uniform teeth alignment? or do you want to get a free Dental makeover?

Studies show that people are now more aware of the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. It is believed that more than your clothing, posture, or other things, the condition of your teeth and smile speaks a lot about your personality.

Your smile also says a lot about your teeth. When you have misaligned, missing, chipped, or unattractive teeth, you feel self-conscious and nervous about your smile. Even some of you may fear speaking in public because of your bad teeth placement. Some people undergo dental makeovers to correct their teeth alignment. However, not everyone can afford dental makeovers.

Can you receive free dental makeovers? If yes, how to get a free dental makeover? If you wish to get answers to these questions, you have stumbled upon the right webpage. This article covers detailed information about the same.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How To Get A Free Dental Makeover

A dental makeover combines one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments to enhance the smile’s appearance. The procedure can include bonding, teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, Lumineers, dental crowns, implants, or bridges.

Many organizations and institutions offer free dental makeovers. Below, we have provided several ways to receive free dental makeovers –

Ways To Get A Free Dental Makeover

As stated, several programs, organizations, foundations, and institutions are involved in providing the same.

Smiles For Everyone

“Smiles For Everyone” is a non-profit organization that conducts various dental care projects nationwide to assist those who need dental care but cannot afford it. They run local and international projects.

“Dental Makeovers” and “Days of Giving” are the local services of the organization. To enroll in any of these, you must first be referred from the foundation’s partnerships with the non-profit community.

You can go for “Days of Giving” for simple dental care services, and for more intensive dental services, you should go for their Dental Makeover service.

They run an international dental care project called “International Smile Projects,” which works in association with the local dental projects in the areas where this project is operational.

The foundation has its schedule for its programs on its website. You can learn when the program is available in your region. However, you should be eligible to receive free dental care from their programs.

Eligibility Criteria
You must qualify for their poverty standards, which they determine with the help of local communities.
Dental treatments they offer
Once you qualify, you can get basic to advanced dental restoration, including dental implants.

Dentistry from the Heart

Dentistry from the Heart provides dental health services to low-income individuals. They work with local dentist offices through donations. They work nationwide and offer their services in the United States, Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico.

You can check their official site to look for the nearest dental offices in your area working with this organization to offer free dental services to the people. Moreover, it would be best if you refer your eligibility to receive free treatment from them.

Eligibility Criteria
You must be above 18. Here, you don’t need to prove to them your income.
Dental treatments they offer
You will only get cleaning, filling, and tooth extraction. Furthermore, you only have to choose one of these treatments.

Missions of Mercy

Missions of Mercy is a nationwide dental care project held in various places in the United States. They mostly conduct their projects in areas with fewer or no dental care providers. They provide a variety of treatments to patients, including post-treatment care and emergency care.

The mission of Mercy is one of the best dental care projects. Once enrolled and treated, they will give you a phone number and refer you to the nearest clinic that has agreed to work with Missions of Mercy. With the new clinic, you get post-treatment care. You can check on their website to see any nearby clinics.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility of their projects is different for various states. So you can check for your region. However, they don’t demand to prove anything.
Dental treatments they offer
You get cleaning, restorative complications, and tooth extraction. They also offer post-treatment care if you have been through an operation requiring post-care.

The Dental Lifeline Network

The Dental Lifeline Network runs many national and international programs in association with local dental volunteers with a single goal to make people have happy smiles. They provide free dental health services to economically weaker sections that need assistance to pay for their treatment. Some of its most popular programs are ”Donated Dental Services” and ”Will You See One Veteran.”

Eligibility Criteria
  • The programs are available only for those above 61 years, not including 61 permanently disabled.
  • Low-income people who can prove their income and need emergency dental care can also get free treatment in these programs.
Dental treatments they offer
They provide comprehensive treatment covering almost all the needs of their dental patients.

Free dental makeover with dentistry students

You can get a free dental makeover from the dentistry school where students search for dental patients. You can apply for dental treatment in any dentistry school in your area. If the school runs any free makeover program, they will reach you.

If you worry about the treatment being carried out by the learning students, you should not. These dental treatments are carried out under the guidance and supervision of skilled dental experts by following government rules and regulations. Hence, these free dental treatments from the dentistry school are entirely safe.

Eligibility Criteria
You need nothing to get free treatment from the dentistry school. However, somewhere, you may be required to pay a small amount for your treatment.
Dental treatments they offer
You can get every dental treatment, from basic cleaning to extensive dental makeovers.

Give Back A Smile

Give Back A Smile is a dental program for the victims of domestic violence. The program has provided services to domestic abuse sufferers since 1999 across the United States. If you need, you can apply for their program by contacting them. They offer you several options for treatment.

You can pay $20 and work in community service if you wish. You can get a charity certification by helping a charity foundation within a year. Please look for more information on their website.

Eligibility Criteria
You can apply for the program if you are above 18 and get a dental injury because of domestic abuse.
Dental treatments they offer
They provide an extensive range of treatments. The dental experts decide on your treatment.
However, the program does not provide the treatment of dental cavities or treatment for previous incomplete tooth restorations.

AAPD Foundation

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation works mainly for children’s dental health. The foundation invests in small or big charitable organizations to help those in need.

For more information, you can visit their official website. You will also get information on your nearby clinics that work with this foundation.

Eligibility Criteria
They refer to the eligibility requirements of Medicaid and CHIP.
Dental treatments they offer
You will receive basic to advanced dental treatment as all you need.

America’s Dentists Care Foundation

America’s Dentists Care Foundation also helps organizations dedicated to providing dental services to low-income people who need help to pay for their treatment. They provide organizations such as Mission of Mercy to offer free dental makeovers to people.

You can check their schedule and the number of clinics in your region to get a free dental makeover nearby. Apart from the above-listed ways, you can also look for the following options

Dental grants

Some clinics offer free or discounted dental makeovers to promote their clinic. You can search for such clinics in your area. Also, some may only give the one-time opportunity to apply for their grants.

With dental grants, you can save up to 30% on your local dental procedure. If you have dental insurance, dental grants are applied first, and then your insurance is applied over your discounted price.

This way, with the combination of dental grants and insurance, you get low-priced bills for your dental treatment. Dental grants are also available for free in some special cases.

Clinics with sliding scales

Clinics with sliding scales mean that dental clinics charge you according to income. These clinics enable people to pay the minimum price. Some of them also offer free dental treatment, while some use poverty guidelines of the United States and Human Services to determine their sliding scales.

You can find the nearest clinic with sliding scales on these two websites.

  • Free Dental Care
  • Needy Meds

Clinical trials

Many organizations and institutions conduct clinical trials in your state and offer free dental makeovers to low-income people. These clinical trials involve an extensive range of basic to advanced dental treatments. You can search for such clinical study programs in your area and apply for free dental makeovers.

Benefits of Free Dental Makeover

Free Dental Makeover allows low-income people to improve their teeth condition. Many people need assistance to afford this expensive procedure. With the free dental makeover, you can cure your teeth problem or improper teeth alignment.

The free dental makeover offers several benefits, like tools and materials to maintain dental health. Dental makeovers such as whitening, braces, tooth implants, recontouring, and tooth veneers boost your self-esteem by making you appear younger.

Moreover, a good dental condition generates a beautiful smile. A healthy smile makes you more attractive, confident, and approachable. A smile causes your state of mind to be positive.

The information on how to get a free dental makeover is more useful if you look at the price of the treatments involved in the dental makeover.

Dental Makeover Cost

As stated, dental makeover consists of many procedures. The actual cost for the complete dental makeover will depend on your dental treatment.

However, we have shared the approximate prices for various dental treatments that form part of the dental makeovers –

Procedure Price
Root Canal $925 per tooth
$250 – $2,500 per tooth
$500 – $2,000 per crown
$800 – $1,500 per arch
$1,500 – $6,000 per tooth
Teeth whitening $300 – $1,800

How To Get A Free Smile Makeover Near Me

As mentioned, there are many places where you can find a free smile makeover in your area. Apart from the places listed above, you can find a few places near you to receive free dental treatment.

You can look for any of these programs near your area to have your dental treatment at no charge –

State-funded Medicaid

Medicaid is a government support program initiated to help low-income people without medical insurance or who cannot pay medical expenses. The program helps people by providing a wide range of healthcare assistance, including dental care.


The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a program for children. You can search for this program if your kids need dental treatment. The program follows a precise plan to serve your kids’ medical needs. The program mainly provides dental treatment to the kids for the following –

  • Restorative dentistry
  • Infection and pain relief
  • Upkeep of dental health

The Dental Lifeline Network

The Dental Lifeline Network is a non-profit organization that offers many programs to give people a reason to smile.

These programs offer dental care to low-income people who cannot afford treatment. Some of the organization’s top program includes the following –

  • Donated dental services
  • Will You See One Veteran

Give Kids A Smile

“Give Kids A Smile” is the American Dental Association (ADA) annual project. The project aims to promote oral health for kids.

You can search if this program is available in your locality or state. If not, when would it be available? If you have kids, you can participate in this program. You must only prove that there is a kid you are taking care of.

Through this project, you will get free access to screenings, restoration treatments, and preventive treatment with oral health education.

How to get a free dental makeover seems more annoying when finding a place or program to receive one. Many programs or institutions place advertisements outside their clinics with the necessary information like program name, dental treatments they offer, program date, contact details, and where the program would be conducted.

You can look for such advertisements in your region. The best way is to check the programs or organizations’ websites to learn about their schedules and when to have them in your area.

FAQs About free dental makeover

How to get a free dental makeover?

You can receive a free dental makeover from several institutions and non-profit organizations offering free dental makeovers. In addition, you can get a free dental makeover through clinical trials offered for free to low-income people. Please search for free dental makeover programs in your area.

How long do dental makeovers last?

Dental makeovers consist of many things like veneers, fillings, teeth whitening, etc. As such, the life of the treatment differs for various treatments and how you care about it. It can last 10-30 years or longer without replacement if taken care of. At the same time, white fillings suffer a lot of wear and tear over the years, so they don’t last long. Therefore, it would be best to ask a dental expert about your dental makeover life.

Does medical cover dental implants?

If you have a dental insurance plan, it might cover dental implants. But you must consult your plan coverage details. Health insurance does not cover dental implants. However, if your dentist convinces your insurance company about your need for dental implants for your overall health, your medical insurance may cover your implants.

Is a dental makeover permanent?

For the most part, a dental makeover is permanent. But dental restorations like crowns and fillings may damage over time. On the other hand, dental implants are a permanent replacement since they are fixed within the jaw.

What are the risks of a dental makeover?

Patients undergoing dental makeovers may face problems such as jaw discomfort, jaw clicking, uneven bite, or tiredness. Tooth chipping and cracking are other probable issues. Some people even experience tooth discoloration after dental makeover procedures due to poor diet and smoking.

How can I fix my teeth with no money?

You can search for some institutions and organizations that offer free dental benefits, including dental makeovers or implants, through their clinical trials. You can also search for dental clinics near you offering basic dental services if you don’t need more extensive dental services.

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