Freedom Convoy counter protests ensue at Manitoba legislature

Counter Protest

Overview: This article explores the details of the counter-protest taking place against the Freedom Convoy protest.

Hundreds of protestors gathered on Saturday on the north side of the Manitoba legislature, opposing the ongoing anti-mandate protests on Broadway and Memorial Avenue, which are in sympathy with the so-called Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa.

The new event was organised by Defend Winnipeg as a chance to “unite against a common threat that has involved our community and caused so much damage and harm,” according to the group.

Counter protesters hold Freedom Convoy at arm’s length

Freedom Convoy counter

The counter-protesters claim in a Facebook post that they did not wish to connect with those involved in the other protest. On Saturday, it looked like there would be no clash because the two protests were divided by the legislature’s grounds.

While cheering and waving signs, demonstrators were heard yelling “go home” and “whose streets? our streets.”

Police officers were seen wandering around the neighbourhood, keeping an eye on the situation. In addition, the police Air1 helicopter was seen circling over.

Demonstrators aren’t expected to stay for long, according to the Defend Winnipeg social media organisation, but people have been observed bringing cases of water and snacks.

Counter protests cause streets to close down

Freedom Convoy counter protest

Global News was informed by police. The protests forced the closure of Broadway between Osborne Street North and Kennedy Street earlier in the day, but it has since reopened.

According to police, more forces were deployed in the region to “maintain the peace in reaction to conflicting protests.”

During the events, no charges were filed, but two persons were arrested under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act, according to reports. They claim it was for their own safety, citing traffic concerns. They were taken to a residence and handed over to friends.

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