Geraldo Rivera- Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth and Career

Geraldo Rivera- Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth and Career

A republican, famous by the stage name Geraldo Rivera, his full name is Gerald Miguel Rivera. Born on July 4, 1943, Geraldo Rivera,79, is a renowned American attorney, Journalist, author, political analyst, and former television broadcaster. He gained popularity as the anchor of the tabloid talk show ‘Geraldo’ from the year 1987 to 1998.

Geraldo Rivera – Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth and Career

Geraldo Rivera rose to fame was his popular live television special ‘ The Mystery of AI Capone’s Vaults,’ an American two-hour television programme that aired live on April 21, 1986. He is still a prominent figure on television. He has appeared on various shows from time to time. He hosted a news magazine program, ‘Geraldo at large,’ also known as Geraldo River Reports which is an American television magazine program hosted by Fox News, and he is a famous face on Fox news participating in various shows on the channel. His recent appearance on Fox News was on a show called The Five.

Geraldo Rivera

He has a powerful personality as a journalist who is best known for his self-involvement in stories and sensational reporting. As a television personality, he is well known for his strong point of opinion. He speaks out his mind whether that has landed him in various controversies and conflicts. He is also a writer who has written over ten books and has criticized multiple politicians and public figures through his writings.

The significant portion of his life which gave him the fame that he enjoys today was his journalistic days when he won honours for the investigative stories on abused medical patients, the killing of John Lenon- a famous singer-songwriter and the death of famous American singer Elvis Presley.

He spent most of his life living in Middletown, New Jersey, but he shifted to Ohio and is currently residing in Shaker Heights, Ohio

Geraldo Rivera’s Personal Life

Regarding Rivera’s early life, he was born in New York at the Beth Israel Medical Center. His parents were not from very rich or eminent backgrounds. Coming from a basic worker life, his mother, Lillian, was a restaurant worker, and his father, Cruz Allen Rivera, was a cab driver in New York City.

His father had Puerto Rican ancestry and was a Catholic Christian, while his mother was a Jew by religion. As far as Rivera was concerned, his early religious influences were predominantly Jewish, and his mother also had a Bar Mitzvah Celebration in his childhood.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo has married five times in his life. His first wife was Linda Coblentz; they got married in 1965 but got divorced four years later in 1969. In 1971, Rivera tied the knot with Edith Vonnegut, but they divorced in 1975.

He then married Sherryl Raymond on December 31, 1976, and they divorced in 1984. Rivera married Cynthia Cruickshank on July 11, 1987. They stayed married for 13 years, but things fell apart in 2000. Until 1985, Rivera admits to having an affair with Marian Javits, the wife of New York Senator Jacob K. Javits.

Erica Michelle Levy

His current wife is Erica Michelle Levy, and they have been married since August 2003. Until 1985, Rivera admits to having an affair with Marian Javits, the wife of New York Senator Jacob K. Javits. Geraldo Rivera has five children;  Gabriel Miguel, Cruz Grant Rivera, Isabella Holmes, Simone Cruickshank, and Solita Liliana Rivera.

Rivera’s Early Life and Education

He grew up in Brooklyn and went to  West Babylon High School. For college, he went to State University of New York Maritime college in the Bronx, where he was a member of the rowing team. He later transferred to the University of Arizona in 1965 to pursue a bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Rivera's Early Life and Education

His financial constraints led him to do a variety of minimal wage jobs, from a clothing salesman to a short-order cook. He joined Brooklyn Law school in 1966 and while he was a student there, he enrolled in various internships at New York County district attorney under crime-fighter Frank Hogan and Harlem Assertion of rights. He earned a Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship in poverty law at the University of Pennsylvania in 1969. He was admitted to the New York state bar in 1969.

He became a frequent attorney for the East Harlem-based New York City chapter of the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican activist group, eventually precipitating his entry into private practice.

Geraldo Rivera’s Career

His first stint as a reporter was in 1970, when he started working as a reporter for Eyewitness News. He won a Peabody award when he reported the abuse and careless attitude toward patients with mental disabilities at Staten Island’s Willowbrook State school and Rockland County’s Letchworth Village. This reporting provided him with national recognition and many shows on various channels like ABC news. He was called on national programs such as 20/20 and nightline.

He was the one who taped the pilot episode of Good night America, a late-night newsmagazine. On May 19, 1983, Rivera broadcast the first U.S. network television to mention “AIDS” by this name. He also did an interview with Ken Ramsauer. But in 1985, ABC fired him due to specific company policy issues.

Geraldo Rivera's Career

His show Geraldo aired for 11 years, and he interviewed various controversial public figures on his talk show. On April 21, 1986, Rivera hosted The mystery of AI Capone’s vaults. The special broadcast was billed as the unearthing of mobster AI Capone’s secret vaults, located under the old Lexington Hotel in Chicago. Millions of people watched the 2-hour show, which ultimately did not uncover any valuables from beneath the hotel.

From 1994 to 2001, Rivera hosted Rivera Live, a CNBC evening news and interview show that aired on weeknights. In 1998, Rivera played himself in the Seinfeld finale. In 2009, Rivera played himself in the My name is Earl episodes “Inside Probe” (parts 1 and 2). The same year, Rivera lent his voice to Phinneas and Ferb, playing newscaster Morty Williams. He left CNBC in 2001 after the terror attacks in America and later went to Afghanistan to cover war news.

Geraldo Rivera’s Net worth

Geraldo Rivera’s net worth is estimated around 20 million, Geraldo River earns about 6 million dollars annually from his job at Fox News. He has been working with fox news for about 20 years now. When he started with fox news in 2001, his salary was only about $300,000. His salary has increased drastically over the 20 years. He started from a basic salary of $6,000 from WABC-TV in 1970 and has acquired a lot since then.

He is a successful writer and has sold over ten different books. He receives millions of dollars each year as per his book sales. He currently stays in a 1.4-acre landscaping mansion with six bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house, two stories tall, has a master suite and a private room. Geraldo Rivera lives in his 9,100 square-foot luxury house in New York City, U.S. Geraldo Rivera has bought this property for 8 Million dollars. Geraldo Rivera’s house is fitted with 7 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms, one big Pool and more such features.

Geraldo's net worth

Geraldo Rivera’s assets include seven real estate properties, 6 Cars, and 1 Luxury Yacht. Geraldo Rivera’s Assets Portfolio also includes over $5 Million in Cash Reserves. Geraldo Rivera also owns an investment portfolio of 8 stocks valued at $3 Million.

There are over seven real estate properties under Geraldo Rivera’s ownership, which generate revenue by rents every month. Geraldo Rivera also has over $4 Million in Bank Deposits and Government Bonds, through which he receives annual interest and dividend payments. The total rental income earned by Geraldo Rivera is over 280,000 dollars annually. The dividend and interest income of Geraldo Rivera is an additional $350,000. Geraldo Rivera has recently bought a Jaguar F-TYPE for USD 80,000. Geraldo Rivera also owns a Tesla Model X that cost him USD 95,000.

Some facts about Geraldo Rivera

Some facts about Geraldo Rivera

  • He was chosen by People magazine as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” across the globe.
  • He hosted the television segment that gave the American public the first chance to see the Zapruder film of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
  • He underwent knee replacement surgery on his left knee on September 28, 2009. He also underwent back surgery after a trip to Afghanistan.
  • Radio talk show host, WABC in New York City.
  • Best known by the public as the host of The Geraldo Rivera Show.


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