Gibiate Episode 3 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, Recap, & Details: Where to Watch

Gibiate Episode 3 Release Date

Gibiate Episode 3 Release Date, Preview, And Spoilers: Gibiate is a strange series. Fans are complaining from the whole world about the really bad animation, plot, sound design, and dialogues and it’s only been two episodes so far. I haven’t seen an anime getting so badly bashed so early. People usually wait for at least 5-6 episodes to make an opinion about the anime.

Gibiate Episode 3

But watching Gibiate is like a satire, you know it is that bad that it is actually good. Now, in my opinion, I really think we should give this anime a chance. At least for 2-3 more episodes. Director Masahiko Komino is a first time director and it might take him some time to really get the things going but if it does, This anime might be a really good one.

Gibiate Episode 2 Recap

Kathleen is glad that two good fighters have come and she welcomes them in her house. She starts to record both of their’s story as she was intrigued by it and both of the fighters were really shocked by speechless by it as they were from the past and everything seems different here. Both of the men tell her their stories and when Kathleen was satisfied she stopped and takes both of them to a shelter.

The shelters belong to the people who have survived these times and were not infected by ‘Gibia’. She told them the scenario world is in right now and asks them to fight with her to save the world from Gibia. Kanroku denies at first and then Kathleen asks him to show his strength so that she can trust him on the battlefield.

Sensui agrees that he will show his strength and it turns out Kathleen is a black belt in kendo also. I mean she can do everything, can’s she? But when she fights with Sensui, Sensui beats her in a blink of an eye. But Kathleen is happy because she knows that Sensui can protect her and the camp. Suddenly Maeda comes running towards them with giant snake monsters chasing him. Guards tried to shoot them but was no help at all and then Sensui arrives and beat all of the monsters by himself.

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Gibiate Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 2 of Gibiate will release on July 29, 2020. A new episode will release every Wednesday if there is no change in the schedule.

Gibiate Episode 3 Preview

As of now, there is no preview or trailer for the third episode but we will update you as soon as we get some new information. To be honest, there is nothing to predict in this anime, The anime is kind of simple in terms of plot and storyline and everything is given in front of you. And since it is an original we really don’t know what will happen next. Guess we will have to wait for the next episode to find that out.

Gibiate Episode 3 Where To Watch

The third episode will stream live on Tokyo MX, AT- X, and BS Fuji. And it will also be premiered on Gibiate’s official website also. We request you to use only the legal sources to watch the episode as it will help the creators.

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