Gina Carano Age – How Old is She?

Gina Carano Age - How Old is She

You are in the right place if you also have the same question. Former mixed martial fighter Gina Joy Carano is also an actor and a fitness model. She was the first American woman to win a Muay Thai title in Thailand. In addition to excelling at basketball, volleyball, and softball in school, she studied gymnastics, jazz, tap, ballet, and horseback riding.

She rose to prominence in MMA because of a combination of strength, finesse, and technique in the ring, as well as her easygoing demeanor and stunning appearance. She has acted in Hollywood blockbusters, including “Haywire” and “Fast & Furious 6” as an actor.

Gina Carano recently appeared in Breitbart’s contentious Biden family biography “My Son Hunter.” She previously acted in The Mandalorian before being sacked from the series for her “abhorrent and unacceptable” social media statements.

The facts concerning Gina and her illustrious career are the main topic of this article. Please keep reading to know more:

Gina Carano Age – How Old is She?

Gina Carano Age - How Old is She?
Gina Carano Age – How Old is She?

The actress was born On April 16, 1982, and as of 2022, Gina Carano Age is 40. Gina is of Caucasian descent and is an Aries by horoscope.

Gina Carano Birth Place

Gina was born in the United States in Dallas County, Texas, as Gina Joy Carano, to Glenn Thomas Carano, a professional football player, and Dana. Gina Carano has practiced Christianity all her life. she has Scottish, English, Italian, and English ancestry. she has two siblings, Joy Casey and Christie.

Gina Carano Height

Gina Carano
Gina Carano

Gina has always been a very healthy, vibrant woman. Gina Carano stands at 5 feet 8 inches, 173 cm, or 1.73 m tall. Similarly, and weighs 143 lbs., or 65 kg. Gina Carano typically wears size 6 shoes (US). The American actress also has long, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a fair complexion.

Gina Carano Career

Gina Carano starred in the 2006 cult classic “Ring Girls,” which featured five female Muay Thai fighters competing against the best fighters in the world. Her real-life sporting success, attractiveness, and engaging personality attracted a sizable following. She also served as a conversation starter for Thai female boxers.

Gina Carano
Gina Carano

Jamie Levine recruited her to compete against Leticia Pestova in Nevada’s first official women’s mixed martial arts match in June 2006. In the first round, Carano won impressively in just 38 seconds. 

She disrobed at the weigh-in in October 2008 and made it to 141 pounds in time to face Kelly Kobold. She defeated Kobold with solid kicks and strikes, leaving him with a massive gash above his right eye. Carano received unanimous support for her victory and dedicated it to her grandfather.

Carano’s MMA career ended on August 15, 2009, when the biggest fight in Women’s MMA history took place in San Jose, California, in front of about 14,000 spectators. Brazilian fighter Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos defeated Carano in the first round of the inaugural Strikeforce Women’s Championship. Carano earned $100,000 for this match, making her the first female fighter to do so.

Gina Carano Career

In April 2012, she won the inaugural “Chuck Norris Award” from ActionFest for being the finest female action star of the year. The same year, she was also given the “Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award.”She received a “Critics Choice Awards” nomination for “Haywire” under the best actress category in 2013. In the same year, she was also among the top 10 athletes on Yahoo.

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Gina Carano Some Unknown Facts

Here is Some Unknown Facts about Gina Carano related to her life and career. Read the Below 10 Facts about Gina:


  1. Her mother primarily raised Gina following her parent’s divorce, but her father has also greatly aided her in developing her into the woman she is today.
  2. Gina originally attended Trinity Christian High School for her schooling, where she participated in basketball and helped the team win the state championship.
  3. . After spending a year at the University of Nevada, Reno, Gina enrolled in a university for three years to study psychology. Gina, however, left school during her last year to help her older sister during a difficult period.
  4. Actor Henry Cavill of “Man of Steel” was Gina Carano’s partner for two years, beginning in September 2012. According to reports, she has reportedly been dating Kevin Ross since June 2015.
  5. When a trainer at the Muay Thai gym told her she was big and needed to lose weight, she immediately began working out hard. Master Toddy, a four-time kickboxing world champion, was astonished by her tenacity.
  6. Her deadly elbows, forceful kicks, natural strength, and agility caught the master’s attention. With his support, she progressed in the sport and eventually appeared in “Fight-Club” situations in San Francisco, where she defeated female competitors.
  7. She endured a lot of public humiliation and ridicule for her attractiveness throughout her fighting career. Critics questioned her abilities and asserted that she took advantage of her attractive appearance to advance in her career while also receiving special treatment. She never wavered in her poise and allowed her work to respond to the jeers.
  8. Her winning attitude was unaffected by harsh words, and her admirers continued to show her their affection. Due to her remarkable talent, steadfast spirit, and tenacity, she inspires many people.
  9. For her movie stunts, Gina Carano works alone.
  10. She played the role of a battle robot named “Danica” in the “Almost Human” episode “Unbound” on the Fox television series from 2013 to 2014.

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