Governor Ivey bio, lifestyle, husband, net worth and more

Kay Ellen Ivey, 54th governor of Alabama, took office in 2017. She was the 38th Alabama treasurer from 2003 to 2011 and the 30th elected official of Alabama from 2011 to 2017. Following the resignation of her predecessor, Robert J. Bentley, she became Alabama’s second female governor and the state’s first female Republican governor.

Ivey  Choosing a career

As a member of the state cabinet, she was appointed by then-governor Fob James in 1979. She later served as a reading clerk for the Alabama House of Representatives from 1980 to 1982 and was Assistant Director of the Alabama Development Office from 1982 to 1985. The Democratic candidate for state auditor, Ivey, ran unsuccessfully in 1982. The Alabama Commission on Education employed her as director of state affairs and commission from 1985 to 1998

Kay Ivey Education

Kay Ivey is a graduate of Auburn University. Growing up in college she was the president of her first-year pledge class. Jacksonville State University awarded Ivey an honorary Doctor of Letters in 2021.

Kay Ivey  Early Childhood and Family

Kay was born on October 15 in the year 1944, in Camden, Alabama, because of the only child of Boardman Nettles Ivey (1913—1997)and Barbara Elizabeth (Nettles) Ivey (1915-1998). Her father was a military major in war II, who later worked with the Gees Bend community as a part of a federal program, the Farmer’s Home Administration.
Growing up in Camden, Ivey worked on her father’s farm. She graduated from Auburn University, as a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, becoming president of her first-year pledge class. She served in the Student Government Association all four years.

Kay Ivey Husband

Ivey has been married and divorced twice and has no children. Her first marriage Ben Laravia; they became engaged while studying at Auburn University. Ivey moved to
One thousand nine hundred sixty-seven to following a wedding and have become a high school teacher for several years.

Kay Ivey’s Net worth

Kay is an American politician serving as the 54th and current governor of Alabama. Kay’s estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million in 2021.


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  • Why does Governor Ivey always talk about guns in her election commercials? It’s sad when we have numerous shootings daily!!! Alabama is ranked LAST in education, she is so proud of the 2nd amendment but what about our kids who are shooting each other!!! Why aren’t they top priority when they are our future, it’s disgraceful to all families with children!!! The right to bear arms, no registration needed that’s what her #1 priority I get out of her campaigns.