Gretchen Whitmer Net Worth – How Much is She Worth?

Gretchen Whitmer Net Worth - How Much is She Worth

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Gretchen Whitmer Net Worth 2023

According to the 2023 estimates, Gretchen Whitmer’s net worth is $2.97 million.

She earns her maximum income as a politician. However, the figure also includes a few joint assets with her husband, Dr. Marc Mallory, who is now a retired dentist.

Gretchen Whitmer Salary And Earnings

Gretchen Whitmer Salary And Earnings

Gretchen Whitmer earned her maximum net worth from her salary as a governor of Michigan, and according to estimates, she earn an annual salary of $159,300 as the governor.

Besides her salary, Whitmer’s financial disclosure in 2021 also describes around $16k from investment dividends and around $5k from capital gains.

Gretchen Whitmer Biography And Early Life

Gretchen Whitmer Biography And Early Life

Gretchen Whitmer is a famous American politician and prosecutor serving as the 49th governor of Michigan since 2019. She is known for her progressive policies on critical issues like health care and education.

Whitmer was born on August 23, 1971, in Lansing, Michigan. She is 51 years old. Her father, Richard Whitmer, was the CEO and president of Blue Cross Blue Shield in Michigan from 1988 to 2006. He also served as head of the state department of Commerce under Governor William Milliken.

Her mother, Sherry Whitmer, served as an assistant attorney general under Michigan Attorney General Frank J. Kelley. Whitmer was the eldest of her parent’s three children.

Whitmer parents divorced each other when she was only ten. With her mother and siblings, she moved to Grand Rapids. Her father used to visit the family once a week after traveling from his home in Detroit.

After her education, Whitmer worked as an associate attorney for a law firm, Dickinson Wright PLLC. Her first attempt to enter politics in the 1990s failed, but in 2000, Whitmer became the representative of the 70th House district, for which she was reelected twice in 2002 and 2004.

She was elected in the State Senate through a special election to replace Virg Bernero’s vacated seat, who left the seat to become mayor of Lansing in 2006. She occupied the state Senate until 2015, when she became a lecturer at Michigan State University.

Whitmer had been the first female Democrat leader to serve in the Michigan Senate from 2011 to 2015. She announced her run for the governor of Michigan in 2018. Whitmer won and took the oath of office on January 1, 2019.

She also served as one of the vice chairs of the Democratic National Committee since January 2021. Whitmer was reelected governor in 2022 against Republican candidate Tudor Dixon with 55% of the vote. Whitmer’s current term ends in 2027.

Throughout her career as a politician, Gretchen Whitmer earned a net worth of $2.97 million and an annual salary of $159,300 as a governor of Michigan.

Whitmer first married Gary Shrewsbury, and they have two daughters, Sherry, and Sydney Shrewsbury. After her divorce, she tied the knot for the second time with dentist Marc P. Mallory in 2011. Mallory has three children from his first marriage. Whitmer and her husband Mallory live in the Michigan Governor’s Mansion in Lansing with their children, two daughters, and three sons.

Gretchen Whitmer Investments And Liabilities

Gretchen Whitmer possesses taxable and IRA assets worth approximately $2.46 million at capital market firm Cerity Partners LLC, which comprise the biggest part of her net worth. Whitmer and her husband also own a family vacation house valued at $394,800 in Antrim County.

However, her financial disclosures do not provide details about her investments or the companies she has invested in. Likewise, there are few details about Whitmer’s liabilities.

What Are Whitmer’s Core Policies?

What Are Whitmer's Core Policies

Whitmer is a leader recognized for her core principles and her dedication to glorifying them. She focuses primarily on healthcare, education, and jobs.

One of the most important healthcare policies is the endorsement of public health insurance and the legalization of abortion in Michigan.

She also supports the importance of quality education and has launched the ‘Michigan Reconnect program’ to provide free college education to adults aged 25 and above at any community college in the state.

She has made significant investments to promote teaching in Michigan. Her policies encompass no-cost childcare and affordable, high-quality preschooling.

Moreover, Michigan’s government website also states that Whitmer has taken several initiatives to create job opportunities in the state to help people achieve their living.

In addition, Whitmer’s policy subjects also include the environment, better infrastructure for the state, LGBT rights, Tax, and fiscal policy, immigration, workers’ rights, and voting rights.

Gretchen Whitmer Education

Whitmer attended forest hills central high school near Grand Rapids, Michigan. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication in 1993 and a Juris Doctor in 1998 from Michigan State University.


What is Gretchen Whitmer net worth in 2023?

As per recent calculations, Whitmer’s net worth is around $2.97 million.

How tall is Gretchen Whitmer?

Whitmer is 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) tall.

How old is Gretchen Whitmer?

She is 51 years old.

What is the weight of Gretchen Whitmer?

Whitmer weighs around 64 Kg.

When was Gretchen Whitmer born?

She was born on August 23, 1971.

What nationality is Gretchen Whitmer?

She holds American nationality.

What is the zodiac sign of Gretchen Whitmer?

She has Virgo as a zodiac sign.

What religion is Gretchen Whitmer?

Whitmer follows Christianity

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