Hallie Biden Net Worth Bio, Relationship History, Career

Hallie Biden -Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Pictures, Relationship History, Career and Net Worth

Hallie Biden, 47, is well known for a number of things, and being a former counselor is not one of them. Hallie is famously infamous for dating her brother-in-law Hunter Biden, 2 years after the Biden family lost Beau Biden to cancer. Here, we present Hallie Biden -Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Pictures, Relationship History, Career, and Net Worth for your convenient perusal.

Hallie and Beau Biden: A tragic fairytale

Beau Biden was current President Joe Biden’s firstborn son, an attorney, and a politician. He lost a long-fought battle with cancer on 30th May 2015, at the age of 46. 

Hallie and Beau tied the knot in a private yet extremely lavish ceremony a year after Beau proposed to her amidst Thanksgiving Day day celebrations with the Biden family in 2001. The couple chose Nantucket, MA as the venue for the wedding as the island holds a special place in the Biden family’s hearts, having spent Thanksgiving there together for over three decades.

Hallie Biden with Beau Biden and their children, during better days
Hallie Biden with Beau Biden and their children, during better days

When Beau successfully ran for Delaware Attorney General in 2006 and 2010, Hallie was by his side throughout. “It was startling how personable he was,” Hallie said. “The real him came across. As a girlfriend, I was so proud and impressed.”

When she first saw him speak in front of an audience, she was so impressed, that she remarked to Delaware Today in 2003 about how he stood in for his father at a dinner he was unable to attend.

The couple was rumored to be intimately married and very much in love until Beau’s tragic death.

‘It Came Out of a Real Overwhelming Grief’ -Hunter Biden on his relationship with Hallie 

It is said that there is no better unifier than loss and grief. Hallie and Hunter, who had both lost a dearly beloved, found solace in each other’s companionship. This camaraderie later grew into a relationship come 2017, two years after Beau Biden’s death. 

“I think people were confused by it,” said Hunter. “And I understand that. I mean, I really do. To me, it’s not something that is difficult to explain. Because it came out of real overwhelming grief that we both shared. And we were together and trying to do the right thing. And that grief turned into a hope for a love that maybe could replace what we lost.”

Back in 2017, polarizing opinions on Hunter and Hallie Biden’s relationship prevailed. Many of Hunter’s clients severed relations with him as a result of the romance, even though the president, 78, and First Lady Jill Biden apparently approved of it. Additionally, he was forced to resign from the World Food Program US board of directors.

Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden started dating two years after Beau Biden's death
Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden started dating two years after Beau Biden’s death

“Well, I made a lot of decisions that I probably shouldn’t have made,” Hunter explained. “There was a lot more compassion and understanding from the people that knew me. But it was a horrible time, too.”

Rumors regarding trouble in this post-tragedy paradise started doing the rounds when The NY Post reported friction between Hunter and Hallie regarding a gun that she disposed of, which belonged to Hunter. Hunter Biden had also allegedly pressurized Hallie Biden to get an HIV test, The NY Post reported, citing coercive emails as evidence. 

The star-crossed relationship lasted two years, post which Hunter Biden married South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen.

Hallie Biden Bio Family and children

In 2004, Beau and Hallie Biden welcomed their first child, Natalie Biden, together. The couple was blessed with their second child, Robert Hunter Biden, in 2006. 

Hallie with Beau and their kids
Hallie Biden with Beau Biden and their kids

Hallie Biden was born to a businessman-homemaker pair of Ron and Joan Olliver. Hallie hails from Greenville, Delaware where she was born and raised. 

Hallie Biden bio & wiki Career and net worth

Hallie Biden is an admissions counselor at The Tatnall School in Wilmington, Delaware. She had previously worked as a guidance counselor at Archmere Academy, another of Delaware’s premier prep schools. She also has a brief history of Army service. 

Hallie Biden

There is no reliable chronicle of Hallie Biden’s present net worth, which was cited to be between $500K to $900K by multiple sources. 

Hallie’s Age & Height 

Hallie Biden is currently 47 years old and stands at the rumored height of 5’8”. 

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