How Dominion Machines Failed In A Colorado Recount explained by Tina Peters

How Dominion Machines Failed In A Colorado Recount explained by Tina Peters

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder dismissed claims by a group of Republican candidates who lost the Colorado primary but claimed they had been fraudulent and now claim the election recount was flawed.  

The contestants are part of the Colorado Recount alliance, which includes Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, an election denier who lost her candidacy for secretary of state in the June 28 Republican primary. Peters and various other group candidates received recounts of their elections after paying a fee to the electoral office.

Tina Peters
Tina Peters

How Dominion Machines Failed In A Colorado Recount explained by Tina Peters

Peters, who has developed electoral conspiracy theories, faces a felony and misdemeanor indictment from a grand jury over her role in a security breach at his county election office during a routine, secure software upgrade last year. A judge barred her from overseeing the elections despite being a Mesa County Clerk. 

Peters requested the statewide recount of the June secretary of state primary contest.

Colorado officials declared last week that a recount across the state would be held for the June secretary of state primary election at the request of Republican nominee Tina Peters. An election conspiracy theorist, Peters lost her attempt for the top job in the election by more than 85,000 votes.

Tina Peters
Tina Peters

Post of the declaration of the failure of the recount-related accuracy test went viral on social media. 

After the declaration of the failure of the recount-related accuracy test by El Paso County, contest footage posts quickly circulated on social media. 

A tweet went viral and was shared more than 2,800 times claiming that Dominion Voting devices failed the logic and accuracy test in the El Paso County, CO recount and that approximately 60% of the test ballots were sent for decision.

Republican primary for secretary of state was an absolute disaster, according to Tina Peters.

Tina Peters admitted that the Republican primary for secretary of state, which she lost by a broad margin, was an “absolute disaster” in El Paso County. 

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Tina Peters’ explanation of the recount failure

In the Denver lawsuit, Peters and others argued that an election committee failed to meet legal requirements to compare manual ballot counting with machine counting during an accuracy test. Specifically, the plaintiffs said polling officials should “compare the manual count of those ballots with the results of the machine count tabulated by each of the voting machines chosen in the primary.” 

That didn’t happen; they argued and alleged that election officials used “unreliable and poorly tested electronic voting systems,” making counting “unfair, biased, and inconsistent.” 

As evidence, candidates cited the work of a “computer expert” who recognized terrible collapses in Dominion’s electronic voting systems used in 16 states, encompassing Colorado. 

The candidates restated their appeal that the recount is led manually.

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How much did Peters offer for the recount?

According to the declaration by Secretary of State Jena Griswold, Peters had offered $255,912 under state law to acquire a recount of the June election that Peters lost to former Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson. 

Tina Peters had offered $255,912
Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters at the 2022 Colorado Republican State Assembly on April 9, 2022 at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs. She won a spot on the GOP primary ballot for Secretary of State there despite being under grand jury indictment felony indictment for alleged election security breaches, in a case overseen by a Republican prosecutor.

According to official ballot results, Anderson earned 43.06% of the vote versus Peters’ 28.86%, and Mike O’Donnell received 28.08%.

In a press release, Peters declared that recount voting in El Paso County was an “absolute disaster.”

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According to that release, the machine-organized recount ordered by Secretary of State Jena Griswold spectacularly failed the Logic and Accuracy Test in the presence of Dominion staff with an error rate of more than 50% on most of the 4,000 ballots tested,” It also claimed that those voting devices are unacceptable for use in Colorado elections.

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