How Safe Is Arizona for Travel?

How Safe Is Arizona for Travel

About Arizona

Since we are going to talk about Arizona, let us first know a bit about it and its history. Arizona is one of the constituent states in the United States of America. It is the 6th largest state in the United States of America. Most of its population is urban, and this has been the case since the 20th mid-century when urban and suburban cities started to grow rapidly.

Arizona achieved statehood on February 14, 1912, and it was the last of the 50 conterminous United States to be admitted to the union. The capital city of Arizona is Phoenix, and its population, according to 2019, is around 66 lakhs. The name Arizona is based on the Basque word arts on, meaning good oak,” or the Spanish word Arizona meaning “having a little spring.”


The total area of Arizona is 113,998 square miles (295,000 square kilometers). Arizona’s tourism industry ranks as one of the state’s top export-oriented industries. Other top-performing Arizona industries include microelectronics, mining, aerospace, and agriculture. It is known for its diversity, gorgeous landscapes, and great weather, and because of a few reasons like these, Arizona is a known travel destination the entire year around.

The Arizona summers are the months that see a particularly high percentage of people traveling to different parts of the state in order to enjoy the beautiful weather. There are a number of tips and resources to help and ensure that a person’s trip is safe and memorable. Many road incidents and accidents can be avoided if drivers and travelers take proper precautions and follow the safety tips.

What are the dangers in Arizona?

In this article, you will get to know about what are the dangers in Arizona and what are the safety measures you can take before traveling to this beautiful place named Arizona. Talking about safety these are some basic things you can keep in your mind. Here you go!

  • Inspect the vehicles and tires

A study conducted by the National Traffic Safety Highway Administration estimates that almost 10% of accidents occur because of some damage to the tire. People are not very well aware of this fact, but even the tires have an expiration date. Hence all the people who would want to travel to Arizona via road should get their car tires checked and repaired if any default is noticed.


Now, after the tires, the vehicle should be checked thoroughly as well, and it should be made sure that the vehicle has gone through proper service and that all the parts are working perfectly, especially the gears and the driving handle. Inspect the fluids and equipment: the coolant levels, engine oils, transmission fluids, battery, air conditioner, and all the parts of the vehicle that require maintenance should be properly checked before the trip.

  • Plan properly before travelling

The most important part of traveling is planning. Planning is very vital because it helps one to save time and be aware of what to do and what not. Before traveling, one should check the weather conditions and decide accordingly about which roads would be the best to take and make a route according to that. Even though it is an era of technology, one should still not rely on it solely because sometimes the GPS can take one to places that are deserted or take up routes that are difficult just to reach a destination early.

Arizona safety tipAlong with that, if any moment the GPS stops working, it will be a really bad situation, so, during planning, one should always take out information through road maps or the internet and be aware of the routes to some level. Now after having a brief discussion about road travel, let us discuss some other factors which are related to traveling in Arizona in terms of safety concerns.

  • Fauna

creatureArizona being a state having a wide diversity of animals, is definitely one of the regions where one should research and go because a number of types of reptiles, mammals, etc., can be found during hikes. So, a person should take information from the locals and plan a hike according to the time and weather and, of course, a safer route.

  • Public Transportation

Although public transportation is cheaper and is easily available, because of the same reasons, it can be difficult at times to get on one and reach a destination in time. Hence one needs to be aware of the busy hours and try to avoid heavily crowded routes.

  • Pickpocketers

Even though urban areas are very well developed, the percentage of getting pickpocketed is higher in urban areas than in rural areas. That is why while traveling or roaming around, purses and wallets should be held on tight. Moreover, all the important documents or cards should either be kept back at home or the hotel or, if needed to bring along the travel, be kept in a manner that they do not get lost or stolen. All valuable things like jewelry should be avoided.

  • Natural Disasters

Arizona has varied kinds of climates and regions, and hence this makes it a state of high risk due to natural disaster occurrences. People who want to experience outdoor activities should avoid the months of June to September as the summer is at its highest, which makes the happening of wildfires very common.

natural disasterThe monsoon season should also be avoided as the rains and storms here in Arizona can be deadly and can cause floor flooding. That is why one needs to be aware of the surroundings.

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Which is the best and the worst place to visit in Arizona?

The safest place to visit in Arizona is Prescott Valley. It has a number of activities like boating, hiking, fishing, etc. It also has great museums which will be loved by history lovers. Other than this, it is a beautiful city offering great food as well. The worst place to visit in Arizona is Phoenix. Although it is the capital of the state, it is one of the high crime-rated places and hence best to be avoided by tourists.

Safety tips for travelling to Arizona

  • Plan ahead of time and be aware of all the routes.
  • Choose the best possible weather.
  • Have some spare parts for cars and safety products like pepper spray.
  • Always be hydrated.
  • Choose the places which are rated the best for tourists.
  • Keep some extra clothes with you so if you get wet due to rain or any other reason, you would have an extra one.

Is Arizona really safe to travel ?

best place in arizona

Well, I would say that any place visited with proper planning and knowledge is always safe, so instead of depending upon the place, one should depend upon oneself and plan the best trip possible while keeping all the things in mind. Since Arizona is a travel place, it has a low risk of danger to women and hence is quite a safe place for women to travel alone.

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