How Safe Is Alaska for Travel?

Tourism in Alaska is one of the most dominant globetrotting areas that expects a minimum average of 2.26 travelers every summer. Alaska vacation lets you explore the connection with the most untouched and unscathed areas of Mother Earth in its most natural form. While most tourists map out their journey through cruise ships or airways, flying to Anchorage and then to Alaska. They range from the rainforest sanctuary, totem parks, wildlife exploration and black bears, rainforest zip, and sky bridge to the most awaited among all the adventures; The Northern Lights.

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Alaska has the largest land area in the United States, followed by Texas and California. And with such large areas to cover, it is also the least populated, accounting for only 800 to 1200 people in the entire region. These people are the native residents living there, and the remaining count as the facilitators of tourism and other business suits. If you plan to visit the picturesque landscape, it is also crucial that you consider affording safety and security from the dangers, risks, or difficulties.

How Safe Is Alaska for Travel?- The significant hazards in Alaska

With the good lands of adventures also comes the space of potential mishaps that may happen if left unnoticed. Alaska is an area in the Western hemisphere that is ideal for local adventures and also a site that is far from the central inhabitant lands. This detail often tends to make people rely on the state troopers for law enforcement, as official assistance may take days to reach Alaska. This may also invoke the idea for the criminals to feel less and less threatened, thus putting the victims at more significant risks. The expansive and rugged terrain in Alaska is a massive challenge for Law enforcement. The violent crime rate is 8.4 per 1000 people., more than double the national average (the US- 4.0)Glacier Bay National Park, AlaskaAs stated by the foul play of the dominant party, the other danger that comes into play is Nature. From tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, submarine landslides, and earthquakes to bear attacks, all the adversities must be noticed. More than $126 million in state revenues and $88 million in revenues are generated primarily by Alaska’s visitors only. This, in turn, helps to benefit the fund services, which benefit the residents and the communities. Like any other area, you should never leave yourself unnoticed by any possibilities of wildlife approach. For example, while planning for an outdoor tent accommodation for the night stay, you must choose your location as per least invasion of any wildlife and make necessary arrangements to help you with the same.

Alaska tourStating the solitude that this beautiful land has to offer, it also comes with a setback of the least availability of urgent emergency care. Thus, putting you at more significant risk of tragedies, both human and by Nature. In conclusion, it is first and foremost your liability to take care of yourself and not to take for granted the safety responsibility of loved ones. While Alaska is a safe place to plan out your tourism, only 34% of the residents are concerned that crime could occur daily, with most Alaskans worried about package theft. Moreover, such penny issues are prevalent in most tourist places around the globe.

Some safety measures to keep in mind

  • Try to avoid deserted places alone.

Alaska safety measuresUnsafe areas are bound to result in risky regions if you are traveling, meaning you won’t be getting any aid and attention soon if there is no one to watch for you. First and foremost, you need to watch out before exploring new places and make sure you let the nearby rangers know so that they can help you track during emergency situations.

  • Checking the weather is a must

Certainty, it is very uncertain if the weather prediction may go wrong in time. The weather in Alaska tends to change every now and then. That means you need to keep yourself very well equipped for different weather conditions. More attention should be given when you are choosing to go hiking. There are many reported cases of missing people who are yet to be found in the wild. If the hurricane hits during the winter, you could be snowed into the area or be subjected to an avalanche for many weeks.

  • Maintain distance from the wild animals

wolves-in-wildlifeThere is, of course, a reason why we categorize certain things as wild. Approaching the wilderness without a proper guide or just for some photos may turn out to be the worst nightmare you could possibly have. Be very careful when approaching wild animals, at least going directly to them for feeding purposes.

  • Choose accommodation close to the campsites.

campsiteNever plan to camp in areas that are unknown to you. You can easily find out the best places to go camping which suit your type. Be careful while opting for your accommodation. Try to be with other people.

  • Talking about the crime

crimeWith the most beautiful and picturesque view the place offers, it is also very much filled with drug networks thoroughly spread up in the areas of Anchorage. If you aim to follow the general measures that the government of the state tells you, you will tend not to encounter any problems with the potential dealer groups. Moreover, the overall risk of visiting the state is negligible so far. You can, with ease, plan your tours by keeping in mind the measures and thus helping yourself out to get the best Alaska has to offer.

  • Other useful information

For planning out the tours, you will want to side with a sensible judgment. Tours at such places tend to have limited spaces and are thus booked ahead of time. You should get in contact with a travel company to help you get detailed information about all the things that you wish to enjoy and the related reservation policies. Alaska has two time zones. Alaska time and Hawaii Aleutian time. No matter how to plan it and what you attend, and what you miss in the run, you are surely going to have an experience of a lifetime.

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