How Safe Is Georgia for Travel?

Georgia is a state in the Southeastern terrain of the United States, surrounded at the north by Tennessee at North Carolina; to the northeast by South Carolina, and the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean also, to the south by Florida; and on the west by Alabama. Georgia is the 24th-huge state in the area and the 8th most populous of the 50 United States.

The Atlanta aquarium is the biggest one in the world. Atlanta was a huge part of the civil war and the secular rights movements of the 60s. There are several other medium-sized cities and a lot of farmland, mainly in the southern part of Georgia. Augusta, in the west, is quarters to the favored Master’s golf tournament. There is unique for everyone in the state.

So far, you must have understood that this article is for Georgia state and not for Georgia country. However,

we have also covered how safe is Georgia country for travel.


How Safe Is Georgia for Travel?


Georgia is safe but has its vicious areas. Georgia has the 22nd excessive crime rate in the United States, with 400 crimes per 100,000, slightly above the national median of 380. Georgia is a bit above the national median in many statistical crime classifications. Theft and housebreaking are by far the most ordinary crimes. Georgia has a lot to explore, and most tourist areas are safe and peaceful.


There is a train assistance and bus service in the Atlanta area. They are safe but are not suitable. Atlanta is not to do up down Curious for its rushy highways and traffic crowding. There is not a lot of local transport in the backcountry or the middle of the cities, so if you want to explore a lot of the empire, you would be better off hiring a car. Medium-sized cities have safe taxis from the airport to hotels.


Pickpockets look for people who are either inattentive or can be easily diverted. People on phones, with children, in groups, or others who aren’t paying enough attention to the people around them often become victims. Tourists are prime targets of street thieves. If you don’t want to be one of the victims, you should leave precious items in your hotel room. Lock your bag, gadgets, and other costly articles when you’re out and about. Stay observant in crowds and steer clear of commotions. 



Other less common natural disasters include winter storms in the Northern part of the state and droughts. Between 1953 and 2019, Georgia declared 68 major disasters, in which severe storms and hurricanes happened the most, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


There are certain areas, especially in Atlanta, where the risk is high. It is not a considerable risk in other areas of the state. It is not likely you will get mugged or kidnapped in Georgia. Crime rates are meager, and violent crime against tourists is highly unlikely.



Is Georgia safe from terrorism?

2019 Terrorist Event: There were no terrorist incidents in Georgia in 2019. Legislation, Law Enforcement, and Border Security: Georgia is generally capable of detecting, deterring, and responding to terrorism incidents. Cities are frequently a target, so there is a small risk, but there has not been much terrorism in Georgia.



Since it is a state with many tourists, there are a decent number of scams. Taxi drivers may hold their meter fragmented and charge you more. Some hotels are using reservation of rooms scams to get you to pay a high price for a low-standard place. Summer vacation hire in coastal areas can also be a scam.


Given Georgia’s safety in general, it’s probably no surprise to hear that Georgia is safe for solo female travelers. The usual rules apply, though:

  • Don’t walk alone at night.
  • Beware of strangers offering your drinks or food (especially in bars in Tbilisi).
  • Never leave your drink unattended.


Georgia is graded low in the nation for safe drinking water. A 2017 study set that Georgia is one of the lowest in the state for safe drinking water. State professionals say most of the problems have been addressed.

Safest Places to Visit in Georgia

Here are a few safest and most peaceful places to visit in Georgia.

Jekyll island

  • Savannah.
  • Golden Isles.
  • Athens, GA.
  • Atlanta.
  • Cumberland Island.
  • Callaway Gardens.
  • Dahlonega.
  • Jekyll Island.

Places to Avoid in Georgia

This list will show you a few areas you should try to avoid :

East Point. 

College Park. 


Union City. 





Safety Tips for Traveling in Georgia

1. Park carefully. Car theft is a significant problem in some areas. It’s relatively easy to identify a rental car, and those are targeted, so make sure to park it in a safe location that is well-lit.

2. Lock your car. Property stealing from a vehicle is also an issue. Make sure you secure your car. Most robbers are looking for easy prey and will look for a vehicle that is not locked.

3. Keep property hidden. Some people will break into a vehicle even if you lock your car. Try to avoid leaving pricey assets in your vehicle. If you should, make sure they are not viewable from the outside.

4. Stay on the path. Tourist areas are shielded in big cities like Atlanta, but the wrong region may be a short distance far. Avoid going far off the abused path at night or alone at any time. Stay in suitable areas.

Travelling in Georgia

5. Stay moist. Georgia can get very summery, as well as sticky. Drink a lot of liquid, and keep away from alcohol and caffeine as much as possible. Use sunscreen. In inclusion to the heat, the summer sun is intense in Georgia. You can get sunburn quickly in any area of the state. 

6. Check your car. Make sure your vehicle is driveable before heading out to discover Georgia. Check fluid levels, belts, hoses, mops, lights, and anything else.

7. Keep away from the dark. Most of Georgia is secure during the day, but the criminal element hits the streets at night. Keep away from going out alone in an area you are not familiar with.

8. Watch for alligators. In the seaside areas and the south of Georgia, there are crocs in some areas. These are menacing creatures that can run faster than you.

9. Trust your aptitude. If a situation feels wrong or intolerable, get away from it as fast as possible. 

How Safe Is Georgia?

For most regions, Georgia is a very secure state. ATLANTA — A recent observation named Georgia State the 39th safest school in the country. Despite many incidents near the GSU campus – which sits in the heart of core city Atlanta over the years – the organization is one of three in the state being recognized by “A Secure Life.” Tourist areas are defended, and most of the region is during the day. At midnight is when it gets a bit threatening. There are areas of Atlanta that are threatening, and you should not go there at any time of the day, 

 Useful Information

Other useful information

Visas: A visa is needed to enter the United States, but once you are in the state, you will not need it again in most cases. 

Currency – U.S. Dollar is the acceptable currency in Georgia. Other currencies are not takas payments in businesses around the state. It is humid in Georgia and does not cool down at night. Wear very light clothing.

Airports: The Atlanta airport is one of the world’s largest. It is a central hub for many airlines and has flights worldwide.

Travel Insurance: Georgia is safe for the most part, but anything can happen. It is a good idea to have travel insurance to protect you in case things go wrong.

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How Does Georgia Compare?


us state safety index

 Georgia 65

  Kansa 81

  Iowa 82

  Idaho 85

  Illinois 77

  Indiana 61

  Alaska 65

 Georgia Weather Averages (Temperatures)


  January 6°C

  February 8°C

  March 13°C

  April 16°C

  May 21°C

  June 24°C

  July 27°C

  August 26°C

September 23°C

 October 17°C

November 12°C

December 8°C

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