How safe is Hawaii to travel? – Hawaii Tourist Safety Guide

Hawaii Tourist Safety Guide

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? This Hawaii safety guide will help you understand how safe is Hawaii to travel, the safest places to visit in Hawaii, and the places that you should avoid as a tourist.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How safe is Hawaii to Travel? – Hawaii Tourist Safety Guide

How safe is hawaii for travel
How safe is hawaii for travel

Hawaii is a land with beautiful beaches with different sand colors, a vast coastline, art of feather work, carving on woods and stones, volcanoes, pearl harbors, decadent cuisine, blessed rich marine life, and wild forest.

Hawaii is one of the top-rated places for tourists, and even in 2011, it was rated as one of the safest places to visit. People from Hawaii rely a lot on tourism for their income.

However, safety is still a concern, especially for people who are planning a trip from abroad. But don’t worry – by the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether Hawaii will be a good place for your upcoming trip.

Warnings and dangers in Hawaii


The overall risk for tourists in Hawaii is low. As violence, crime, murder, robbery, etc., occurs very rarely, you still need to be aware of things happening around you.


During peak seasons, Hawaii tends to get overcrowded, increasing the risk of pickpocketing. However, it often happens in busy areas of the city. Therefore, we recommend not to carry your valuables and wallets in the back pocket. In addition to that, try to rely on digital transactions.


Transport risk is medium as of now. It has declined due to government rules and regulations. Taxi drivers here are excellent and helpful, but sometimes you may find them charging more fares than usual.


Hawaii is surrounded by lots of volcanoes, and therefore, it often faces earthquakes. Besides that, Hawaii experiences tsunamis throughout the year. So, overall, if we talk about natural disaster risk, it is quite high in Hawaii. We recommend reading the safety guidelines before planning a trip to Hawaii.


Hawaii has not seen any international terrorism attacks yet, but there have been some domestic violence cases. Therefore, just be careful about what is happening around you, and you will be safe.


While scams in Hawaii are not that common, it occurs very often. The best way to protect yourself against spam is by keeping a distance from shady websites.

Safest places to visit in Hawaii

So far, we have talked about the warning and dangers in Hawaii, and it definitely looks a bit risky to visit Hawaii. However, there are some places in Hawaii that are quite safe and are far away from the reach of crime, mugging risks, natural disasters, and more.

Safest tourist places to visit in Hawaii
Safest tourist places to visit in Hawaii

Those places include –

  • Makaweli in Kauai is safe as it has a very low crime rate compared to other cities of corruption and scams, making it a great choice to visit. It is also known for hiking, sightseeing, landscape views, etc.
  • Kalaupapa in Molokai, known for its beaches, has a normal wave current compared to other beaches, so it’s much safer even if you visit with your family. You can also do parasailing, kayaking, surfing, and riding on the water.
  • Schofield Barracks in Oahu is surrounded by military camps, making it one of the safest places in Hawaii. The place has plenty of beaches, golf courses, and other stuff to enjoy.
  • Hanalei in Kauai is an island ranked number one in the preceding years. You can go on a safari and watch various animals in the forest.
  • Laupaehoe in Big Island is totally out of reach of crime, scams, and violence so you can visit with your family. It’s quite safe, especially for solo female travelers and families.
  • Rainbow falls is another good tourist destination that you can visit. It is quite a safe place for tourists. However, swimming in Rainbow falls would be a terrible idea, so keep that in mind.

So these were some of the safest places in Hawaii. However, there are some places that you should avoid in Hawaii due to higher crime rates, natural disasters, and other reasons. Below, we have covered such places.

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Places to avoid in Hawaii

Places to avoid in Hawaii

While planning a trip to Hawaii, we recommend avoiding these places to ensure a safe journey –

  • Makaha, be aware of the crime happening around you. Try not to get out alone at night.
  • Wahiawa is a base for drug dealers, so keep your steps out of here. While traveling by public transport, keep your things hidden so no one can get to them. There have been instances when they put something illegal in your bag, which may put you in the worst situation.
  • Pahoa has a high rate of volcanic eruption, which causes a risk of earthquakes, so it’s better not to risk your life here. We would say always stay updated with news and warning and try to reach out to the safest shelter.
  • Waipahu should be avoided because a lot of wastewater is discharged on beaches, making it dirty and harmful to your body. Also, tap water can be contaminated here, so you should carry your water on your own.
  • Hilo is not a risky place but has recorded the most number of tsunamis. Therefore, we don’t recommend visiting Hilo during the rainy season.

Safety tips for traveling in Hawaii

Below, we have shared some safety tips that can make your journey safe and risk-free –

  • If you hear any tsunami warnings about natural disasters or something similar, don’t panic. Just ensure you are out of reach of water and take shelter at a higher place. In case of an earthquake, get out of the top on open ground.
  • Be aware of thieves, have an eye on your belongings, carry your bags, and leave your belongings at the hotel.
  • Don’t touch any wild animals or feed them anything. Most zoos and parks have very strict rules about these.
  • While swimming on beaches, be extra careful of high tides or riptides, as high tides and riptides are quite common in Hawaii.
  • Before visiting any place, make sure it is safe. You can ask about the place from locals or your hotel staff. 
  • Avoid going out alone at night time, and if you want, you can ask your partner to come with you. However, since most drug-related dealings and distribution occur at night, we suggest you avoid going out at night. 
  • Know where your food comes from, what ingredients are used, and is it safe to try? We recommend either relying on the food prepared by your hotel staff or food from the main market. Food coming from shady places has a high chance of having harmful substances.
  • Rules and regulations are strict in many parts of Hawaii. Do read it before you visit.
  • Carry First aid kits on hiking and other adventure things. 

Other Useful Information

  1. Visa-You need a visa to travel to the US if you are a nonresident. You will also need it while entering from state to state. The length of your ticket depends on which country you belong to and how long you want to stay in the US.
  2. Weather – The climate and temperature in Hawaii are overall good. On rainy, it rains heavily but only for a limited period. Also, it has a risk of hurricanes and tornadoes, so we suggest you not visit during rainy days. In winter, it is usually cold but not that much. If you are coming during winter, you can carry a light jacket, which would be sufficient.
  3. Travelling Insurance – You should take travel insurance before visiting any country or state. Because you never know what will happen next, we suggest you take one. It would help if you also had liability insurance in case your things, valuables, or wallet gets stolen. 

Is Hawaii safe to travel alone?

Yes, Hawaii is a great place for solo travelers. You have to be alert and careful about your surrounding and yourself. Also, following the rules and regulations makes the trip easier for one.

Hawaii’s crime rate is low, but anything can happen at any time it can put you in trouble, so we suggest just being careful.

Is Hawaii safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, Hawaii is safe. As the number of female travelers is increasing daily, the government is also making safety rules for women. Females can stay at hotels or guest houses in this way.

They can also get to know people and other travelers. If you go out drinking at bars and pubs, please ensure you safely reach your hotel rooms. We would suggest you don’t get too much drunk if you are out alone. However, the crime rate in Hawaii is much lesser than in Florida. You can also read our Florida tourist safety guide.

How safe is Hawaii for travel?

Hawaii is safe and risk-free whenever you visit. Hawaii has some good areas along with that some shady and risky regions too. However, if you are aware of the places you are planning to visit and be cautious, you will not have to worry about anything.  Even according to the government rankings, Hawaii is one of the safest places to visit. Also, the crime rate has decreased by large numbers.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed Hawaii safety guide covering all your questions, including how safe Hawaii is, safe places, and places to avoid. However, if you think we missed talking about something or want us to answer anything, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Our team will respond to your comments ASAP.

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