How Safe Is Indiana for Travel? – Indiana Tourist Safety Guide

How safe is Indiana for Travel

Planning a trip to Indiana? In this Indiana safety guide for tourists, we have covered how safe is Indiana for travel, tourist safety tips, the best places to visit, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How safe is Indiana for Travel – Indiana Tourist Safety Guide

How safe is Indiana for Travel
How safe is Indiana for Travel

The State of Indiana is located in the Midwestern United States. Being the 38th-largest by area and the 17th-most populous of the 50 United States, the state has been a famous tourist spot as it offers hundreds of exciting vacation experiences.

From world-renowned museums to awe-worthy state parks, Indiana boasts cities that appeal to nature enthusiasts, sports fans, food lovers, and history buffs.

If you wish to visit this state and are confused about visiting Indiana in terms of safety, this detailed guide on how safe Indiana is to travel will be a lifesaver for you.

So, here we go –

Warnings & Dangers in Indiana

Warnings & Dangers in Indiana

Overall Risk – Medium

The overall risk involved is medium, as the capital city of Indianapolis has experienced severe protests in recent times. With extra precautions, you would be safe there, but some areas are hazardous.

Along with that, snow in winter can also cause some issues. Therefore, having a plan and taking safety measures can help you a lot while traveling to Indiana.

Transport and Taxi Risk – Low

The transport is risk low as some cities like Chicago and Indianapolis have excellent public transportation. Also, there are good options for buses and trains throughout the state, which are primarily regulated and safe. You can feel highly safe taking public transport.

Pickpockets Risk – Low

Indiana has low pickpocket risk and is hardly present in any other part of the state. Small thieves sometimes attempt to attack unprotected items. However, there is a negligible risk of grabbing something from someone’s pocket or bag. So, you better avoid leaving your things behind and keeping expensive items close to you.

Natural Disaster Risk – Low

The state has a low natural disasters risk. However, the state can experience big snowstorms and ice storms, which do not fall into the disaster category. The public services conveniently handle this situation. Apart from this, the state has flat land, so no earthquakes or volcanic risks are involved. Although there are occasional tornadoes, these are not even considered as they are scarce. So, you should not scratch your head thinking of the danger of natural disasters in the state.

Mugging Risk – Medium 

The capital city of Indianapolis has certain towns with a high risk of being robbed. Robbery chances are also high in other big cities of the state. However, some areas are entirely safe from mugging risk. Hence, we suggest you know the place by little searching to avoid awful regions with a chance of being mugged.

Terrorism Risk – Medium

The state does have a medium terrorism risk. Some areas often have threats regarding domestic terrorism. Therefore, try to look for safe places to avoid being a part of such attacks.

Scams Risk – Low 

Indiana has a low risk of scams. However, we recommend you rely mostly on online booking from reputed brands or negotiate and discuss pricing upfront to avoid paying higher bills.

Women Travellers Risk – Medium

The state is moderately risky for women travelers. As the crime rate is higher in some cities, women are at increased risk in such places.

Some people target women in bars, so women should be extra careful about accepting drinks from unknown people. Also, it would be best if they avoid roaming alone at night in secluded regions.

Tap water Risk – Low

Indiana provides well-treated water throughout the state. Indiana is prosperous in natural resources, and water is plentiful. As there are no known issues with tap water in Indiana, you don’t need to bother taking your water with you.

Following these warnings and dangers in the state, you can better decide your visit to the state.

But where to visit? You can go through our list of safest places in the State of Indiana to be safe on your trip.

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Safest Tourist Places to Visit in Indiana


City of Lowell

This town, with a population of merely 10004, is located northwest of the state. Lowell’s rural appeal and local gatherings make this place desirable for visitors, apart from being the safest town in the state.

Lowell is known for its tourist attractions like Buckley Homestead County Park, Harvest Tyme Family Farm, Gabis Arboretum, Lake Prairie Cemetery, Fair Oaks Farms, etc. 


Indiana Dunes State Park

The next safest place in Indiana is the city of Dyer. This is another small city with a low crime rate and offers a peaceful atmosphere to its visitors.

The famous places to visit in this city are Dyer Dog Park, Indiana Dunes State Park, Community Veterans Memorial, Doc’s Smokehouse Dyer, Dunkins, etc.


This is a developing town on the northwest boundary of Indianapolis. Zionsville has the third-best crime rate in the state. 

The famous tourist spots in the city are Starkey Park, AFCA Antique Fan Museum, Lincoln Park, Zionsville Park & Recreation, Mulberry Fields, Heritage Trail Park, Zionsville Lions Club Park, Zionsville Nature Center, etc.

St. John

The fourth safest city in Indiana is located southwest of Dyer. The town’s rural community provides visitors easy access to Indiana Dunes National Park and many activities like biking, hiking, and watersports.

St.John is known for its famous tourist spot like The Shrine of Christ’s Passion, Michael Jackson’s childhood home, City Methodist Church, Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site, The Rooms, Cabot Tower, The Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, etc.


This is a small town located 30 minutes north of Fort Wayne. Auburn is known as the “Home of the Classics” and one of the safest places in Indiana.

Auburn has lovely places like the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum, National Auto & Truck Museum, Byler Lane Winery, Auburn Bowl Inc, Eckhart Park, etc.


This is the largest city on the safest place list. Carmel is known as The Roundabout Capital of the US. ranked Carmel as the seventh-best place to visit in the country, and Money magazine placed it at number two.

The best places to visit this city include the Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections, Coxhall Gardens, The Waterpark, Peace Water Winery, Meadowlark Park, River Road Park, Midtown Plaza Carmel, Flowing Well Park, etc.


This city is located 7 miles east of Carmel in Hamilton County. Fishers provides a small-town vibe despite its size, with top attractions including various farmers’ markets, arts districts, and nature excursions. 

The most remarkable places to visit in this city are Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, Cheeney Creek Natural Area, Conner Prairie, The Escape Room Fishers, Roy. G. Holland Memorial Park, etc.


This city is located north of Carmel and is Indiana’s one of the safest city. The city is significant for its 400-acre Grand Park, the country’s largest youth sports campus.

The popular tourist places in this city include Macgregor Park, Asa Bales Park, Freedom Trail Park, Urban Vines Winery & Brewery, The Escape Room USA Westfield, Simon Moon Park, etc.

Crown Point 

Crown Point has made it in the Lake Country list of the safest cities in Indiana for 2022. Violent offenses are consistently low in the city. There were only seven reported cases of violent crime last year.

This city is famous for its Deep River Waterpark, Lemon Lake county park, Access to West Beach-Indiana Dunes National Park, City Methodist Church, Turkey Run State Park, etc.

Knowing where to visit is great, but it is more important to know what places you should avoid to ensure your safety on your trip to Indiana. Check our list of the most dangerous places in Indiana you should avoid while planning your trip there.

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Places to Avoid in Indiana

Dangerous Places to avoid in Indiana

South Bend 

The first on the list is South Bend. It is the fourth largest city in Indiana but is considered the most dangerous. This city has the highest rate of robberies, contributing to a high violent crime rate of 1,331 crimes per 100,000, nearly twice the state average.


The second on the list is Shelbyville which has a population of almost 20,000 people and has a violent crime rate of 754 incidents per 100,000 people. This high violent crime rate makes it the 2nd most dangerous city in the State of Indiana. 94% of the violent crimes are aggravated assaults, robberies, and rapes, and the population experienced 146 violent crimes during the reported period.

East Chicago 

East Chicago is the 39th largest city in Indiana by population and has 27,717 people. It is the third most dangerous city with a very high violent crime rate of 725 per 100,000 people. Almost 40% of violent crimes are robberies committed in the town. As per data East Chicago has a higher crime rate than the city of Chicago itself.


The state’s 14th largest city, Kokomo, is the fourth most dangerous. The town had a violent crime rate of 678 crimes per 100,000 population last year.


With a population of 117,700, Evansville is the third-largest city in the state. It is the first city on the list to cross the 600 mark for violent crimes per 100,000.


Gary is a large city with a population of 75,000 and a violent crime rate of 554 per 100,000, making it the 6th most dangerous city in the state. The city saw 57 murders last year, which is the largest in Indiana, and the town has Indiana’s highest homicide rate. Further, the city has a very high robbery rate, with 43% of the city’s violent crimes being robberies.


This city is a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, but it falls within the borders of Indiana. With a population of 21,630, Clarkville has a violent crime rate of 546 per 100,000. 89% of these crimes were aggravated assaults.

La Porte 

La Porte is a small city with 21,557 residents and experienced a violent crime rate of 538 per 100,000, making it the 8th most dangerous city.


This city has a population of 72,585 and is the ninth-largest city in the state. Its violent crime rate of 485 per 100,000 is also the ninth most unsafe city. 72% of violent crimes are aggravated assaults.


This city has a population of 54,899 and a violent crime rate of 441 incidents per 100,000 population. Aggravated assaults recorded less than 50% of this figure, and the town has the highest rape rate per capita in the state, with 62 incidents recorded last year.

As you are now aware of the safe and dangerous places in the state, look for the few safety tips below which would help you while traveling to Indiana.

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Safety Tips for Traveling in Indiana

Lock your car 

It is always recommended to lock your car before moving out of it. You can keep your vehicle closed even while driving. Further, avoid driving at night, and stay out of dangerous areas to be safer.

Check Weather Updates

You must especially do this in winter. Just check the weather updates and obey any warnings given. The other important safety measure is that you should not drive on snow and ice if you are unaware of this driving. Snowfall can be dangerous.

Keep Your Documents Safe

This is important if you are an international traveler. Please don’t carry your passport around. You can have it separately and secretly from other items if needed. Otherwise, keep them locked in your hotel safe.

Don’t Act Like a Traveler 

It is always best to act like an informed person. You can become easily targeted by greedy thieves and criminals if you behave like you are new in the state. So, always move like an aware tourist. Don’t flash valuables or cash around. Always act like you know where you are and where you are moving, whether you do or not.

Avoid Wandering Alone 

You must avoid wandering alone, especially at night. Criminals and thieves search the streets while looking for a victim. A person alone is the best opportunity they get to attack.

Drive attentively

Pay attention to your surroundings when driving. GPS devices can lead you to unsavory areas, so be aware and don’t always follow its advice.

Keep Extra supplies

It is favorable to keep extra food and water, especially if you are on the road. Also, carry extra blankets in winter, additional batteries, or anything you think you would need while being there in winter. We will never know when something will happen, so it is good to be prepared.

Follow Your Intuitions

You must follow your intuition if you feel uncomfortable in any situation. It would be best to get out of that situation as soon as possible since it is better to be wrong and safe than right and sorry.

Have a plan

You should always inform at least one family member or friend about your plans. It will help you in an emergency if your family or friends know your whereabouts. You don’t always need to follow your plan later, but if an individual knows where you are, they have a better chance of finding you if things go wrong.

Is Indiana safe to travel alone? 

The answer is yes. Indiana is a safe place to travel alone. Provided you know safe and unsafe areas, you are good to go and travel the state. Please note that you are more likely to become a victim of crime when you are alone than in a group. Therefore, it is advisable to take proper precautions and be alert.

Is Indiana safe for solo female travelers?

How safe Indiana is for female travelers

The answer is yes. Female travelers can visit the state alone. It is important to remember that crime can take place anytime. Although it is safe to travel solo as a woman in Indiana, women are always advised to carry themselves confidently, use common sense, and be aware of their surroundings when traveling to ensure their safety.

How Safe is Indiana for Travel

Regarding overall safety, the State of Indiana is safe to travel to, but one needs to be alert while traveling to this state. Like most other states, Indiana has some safest and most dangerous places. It will be of great help if you research before traveling to know the city’s current situation and how safe the area you are visiting is. Although it is a great State where the community lives as one, the crime rate may be slightly higher than in most States in America.

However, this has not affected the high number of people interested in visiting this state. Avoiding dangerous places and visiting the safest sites can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crimes in the state. If you stay in tourist-friendly secure areas, you should not have any issues.

So, research before you go and plan accordingly. Even after doing your research, you can get help from locals about bad areas once you get there. By following safety tips, taking standard precautions, and using common sense, it is possible to stay out of danger for the most part.

Finally, you can prefer staying in urban settings around local stores, markets, and eateries instead of isolated areas. With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions regarding tourist safety in Indiana, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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