How Safe Is Wisconsin for Travel?

How Safe Is Wisconsin for Travel?

In this article, you will get to know about How Safe Is Wisconsin for Travel? Warnings & Dangers, Safest tourist Places to visit, Places to avoid, Safety tips for traveling, and many more.

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How Safe Is Wisconsin for Travel?

Wisconsin map
Wisconsin map

The State with beautiful cities, Wisconsin, is located in the United States of America. It’s a very large State And is surrounded by Minnesota to the west, Iowa to the southwest, Illinois to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, Michigan to the northeast, and Lake Superior to the north. It’s among the largest metropolitan states. If you are planning to explore nature and go fishing, then you should definitely come to Wisconsin.

Oconomowoc is a very beautiful city in Wisconsin; you can go to Oconomowoc if you want a luxurious vacation with friends or family. The resorts, food, culture, and lakes are all you need to experience for a luxurious trip. If you want to explore nature more but also want a city life experience on your trip, then you definitely go to Evansville. The major city has the oldest zoo, famous casinos, restaurants, historic landmarks, and clubs are all you need to experience as these places are among the safest.

There are many beautiful beaches that you should definitely visit, like Milwaukee, and Big Bay Beach, with a cold beer and seafood and the breezy air for an exciting vacation. But let’s know, How Safe Is Wisconsin for Travel?

Warnings & Dangers in Wisconsin

There are many places in Wisconsin that are safe for travelers to explore. It’s better to know if the place you are visiting is safe or not. What dangers and risks may you face on your trip? These are the following risks you may face while visiting Wisconsin.

Transport and woman traveler risks:

You are traveling in a can, then there’s a chance of your things getting stolen. Thieves take advantage of people who are traveling to their State as the tourists are not fully aware of the local surroundings. There’s a risk for women travelers in Wisconsin as the big cities aren’t very safe. There is a chase of you getting mugged or harassed. It’s always better to travel in groups.

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Pickpockets and mugging risks:

From airports to large cities, you can get mugged or pickpocketed anywhere. If you are going in groups, there’s a low chance of you getting pickpocketed and mugged. You would not understand when you are getting robbed. It’s better if you do not keep any valuable things in your back pockets and always keep your bag or purse in hand. Do not walk alone at night in big cities, as there’s a chance of you getting mugged.

Natural Disaster risks:

Flood, Tornadoes, and heavy rainfall happen once a year and do bring much damage to the State. It’s better you do not travel in winter. Check the weather reports before and during a traveling to Wisconsin.

Terrorism risks:

There is a high population in Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Madison, and there’s a chance of terrorist attacks in the populated cities of Wisconsin. Green Bay is an easy target as the capital is far away.

Scam risks:

There’s a chance that you will get scammed in the bigger cities of Wisconsin as the bigger cities have a high population, so scammers target travelers who are unknown to their surroundings. Do not blindly trust anybody who comes and talks to you. As you are new to the city, scammers can take advantage of you.

Tap water risks:

The tap water of the State is mostly clean as they consume groundwater. According to recent testing, the water is clean and fresh for consumption. You can still carry mineral bottles if you’d not want to rely on tap water.

Safest tourist Places to visit in Wisconsin

Whitefish bay, Wisconsin
Whitefish bay, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a large state and has many cities, but the rural areas are tourist attractions. The safest places to visit are Whitefish Bay, Oconomowoc, Cedarburg, Grafton, and Port Washington. These five cities have beautiful lakes, forests, and beaches, and as the population is low, the crime rates are also very low in these cities.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Cedarburg, Wisconsin

People all over the world take trips to these cities for fishing, barbeque, small bars, culture, and mostly to explore nature. The historic lands, museums, foods like Bratwurst, Fresh cheese curds, Fish Fry, Frozen Custard, and State Fair Cream Puff are famous in the State.

Places to avoid in Wisconsin

There are many places in Wisconsin that are not safe at all, and you should avoid visiting these places. These places are Milwaukee, West Allis, Madison, Grand Chute, and Beloit. The crime rates are very high mugging, scams, harassment, pickpockets, and car theft are very common.

Travelers are easy targets for crimes as these states are very populated s, so it’s easy to target travelers who are not aware of the surroundings. If you still want to visit these places, make sure you do not travel alone. Maximum crimes occur at night, so, better not to walk alone in the streets of these cities.

Safety tips for traveling in Wisconsin

These are the following safety tips you should know before traveling in Wisconsin: Avoid distractions in big cities: Always avoid people who try to talk to you in the bigger cities of Wisconsin, as they can be scammers. The goal is to distract you so that you can be scammed without even knowing.

Inform that you are traveling: inform your friends and family that you are traveling to Wisconsin. And inform someone where you are staying and where you are planning to go as the larger cities are not very safe if you are traveling alone or in groups.

Check the weather: Make sure you are going in winter, as winter storms are common and they cause severe damage in the State. Flooding and heavy rainfall are also common. Know the weather reports very well before and during traveling.

Notify your bank: Inform your bank that you are traveling, as this can prevent you from getting accounts frozen because of potential fraud. Take out enough cash as you need for your traveling. You can use an atm card while traveling but make sure you aren’t using atm machines in populated places as you can be pickpocketed or mugged.

Avoid overdrinking: You should not overdrink in clubs or bars, as anyone can take advantage of you. The city of Wisconsin is not very safe. It’s better you stick o your group if you don’t feel well or call someone who can help you.

Keep a First aid kit: You can get hurt if you are hiking, traveling, or fishing. It’s better if you carry a First aid kit with you while traveling to a different state.

Is Wisconsin safe to travel alone?

Yes, you can travel alone in some cities of Wisconsin as the State is enriched with nature. Places like Whitefish Bay, Oconomowoc, Cedarburg, and Grafton are the safest in the State. It’s always better to know your surroundings well.

Is Wisconsin safe for solo female travelers?


Yes, female travelers can take a solo trip to Wisconsin, as some places are safe. Avoid walking alone in the cities as the crime rates are very high there. But the rural areas are filled with mountains, lakes, beaches, and forests, and these places are only safe in Wisconsin.

How safe is Wisconsin for Travel?

Wisconsin is a state which is all over-safe for travelers. In recent years, crime rates have been increasing in large cities in Wisconsin. So, it’s better to travel to rural areas of the State as the crime rates are low. It’s better if you know all the safety guidelines and know properly how safe is Wisconsin.

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