How to Cancel Asurion Home Plus 2024 – Easy Guide

How to Cancel Asurion Home Plus 2024 - Easy Guide

Do you want to know how to cancel the Asurion Home Plus insurance plan? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

Asurion Home Plus subscription covers home Appliances and Electronics, offering you a stress-free environment for your devices.

However, there might be many reasons for you to cancel Asurion Home Plus such as saving money or you want to explore new options.

No matter what the reason is, you can easily cancel your subscription just by contacting their helpline, but keep in mind that you need to make a claim within 30 days to get a complete refund.

Last month, I found myself needing to cancel my Asurion Home Plus plan. It wasn’t because the service was bad – in fact, it had been quite handy for the occasional tech mishap at home.

However, with recent changes in my budget and lifestyle, I realized it wasn’t something I needed anymore. I learned quite a bit through the process – from understanding my plan details to navigating customer service.

So, with this comprehensive guide, let me share my experience of canceling Asurion Home Plus and other relevant information.

Can I cancel my Asurion Home Plus insurance plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime. If you cancel your membership during the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund, but if you cancel after that time, your refund will be prorated.

How to Cancel Asurion Home Plus – Step-by-step guide

How to Cancel Asurion Home Plus - Step-by-step guide

There are different methods available to cancel your Asurion Home Plus plan. Let’s discuss each of them in separate sections.

Cancel the Asurion Home Plus by contacting their Customer Care.

Here are the steps to do so.

  • To cancel Asurion Home Plus, call this number 844-529-2692. And reach out to Asurion’s customer support team.
  • During the call, the customer support representative will ask you the reason for cancellation.
  • Also, gather all the documents, including proof of purchase, account number, etc.
  • If you are hoping for a refund, review the terms and conditions.
  • While on a call with the customer support team, they will provide you with some instructions to cancel your Asurion Home Plus. Make sure to follow them properly.
  • The instruction may require you to send a cancellation email to the company or fill out a form.
  • Once your plan is successfully canceled, you will receive a confirmation email from the company.

Cancel Asurion Home Plus via DoNotPay

Although DoNotPay is not an official method to cancel your Asurion Home Plus, it’s still considered one of the best options and saves you the hassle of filling out forms and the need to contact customer support.

If you wish to cancel for Asurion Home Plus plan via DoNotPay, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your DoNotPay account and visit the Manage Subscription option.

manage subscription

  • Search for “Asurion Home Plus” or select it from the list of available services.

  • Enter your Asurion account number, username, and registered email ID.

  • Click on the “cancel to confirm and wait for the cancellation process to complete.

Cancel Asurion Home Plus Via the Service Provider

If you got your Asurion plan through a service provider like Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, you might be able to cancel it directly through them.

For example, Asurion Cricket Wireless insurance claims can be filed within 60 days, whereas other providers allow refunds if filed within 30 days.

This can be done by visiting the official website, over the phone, or sometimes in-store. Please note that cancellation policy may vary between different providers.

What’s included in the Asurion Home Plus Plan?

What's included in the Asurion Home Plus Plan?

An Asurion protection plan, even the most basic, can shield your electronics from unforeseen problems. It can help you if you have problems with machinery and electronics or normal breakdowns caused by use and age.

Here are the things that are covered under the Asurion device protection plan.

  • Wide Coverage for Appliances and Electronics: The plan protects many different home Appliances and Electronics, like TVs, computers, gaming consoles, and kitchen appliances.
  • Repair or Replacement: If your device breaks or has accidental damage, Asurion will fix or replace it.
  • No Age Limit for Devices: It doesn’t matter how old your device is or where you bought it; it can still be covered.
  • 24/7 Support: You can get help anytime, day or night if you have a problem with a covered device.
  • Easy Claims Process: Filing a broken device claim is simple.

Reasons for Cancelling Your Asurion Home Plus Plan

Reasons for Cancelling Your Asurion Home Plus Plan

If you’re thinking about canceling your Asurion Home Plus Plan, there could be several reasons. Here are some of them.

  • Change in Needs: Maybe you don’t have as many devices as you used to, or you’ve realized that your current gadgets don’t need extra protection. Your lifestyle or devices might have changed, making the plan less relevant for you.
  • Cost Considerations: The plan’s cost might be a bit too much for your budget. Sometimes, after looking at your expenses, you might decide that the monthly or yearly fee isn’t worth it, especially if you haven’t used the plan much.
  • Satisfied with Manufacturer’s Warranty: Many electronics come with a warranty. If you’re happy with these and they cover most of your needs, you might not see the need for an additional protection plan.
  • Limited Use: Perhaps you haven’t needed to use the plan much. If your devices are working fine and you haven’t had to make many claims, you might think the plan isn’t necessary.
  • Found a Better Option: You might have found another insurance or protection plan that fits your needs better, maybe one that’s cheaper, offers more coverage or is more suited to the specific devices you own.
  • Service Issues: If you’ve had a not-so-great experience with the plan, like difficulty in filing claims, unsatisfactory customer service, or issues with the repair or replacement process, you might decide to cancel your subscription.

How to get a refund from Asurion Home Plus

How to get a refund from Asurion Home Plus

You can cancel your Asurion Home Plus and request for a refund. However, it is important to note that you are only eligible for a refund if you cancel within 30 days.

To get a refund from Asurion Home Plus, contact their customer support at 844-529-2692, or you can apply for a refund through the website from where you got your product or service. Make sure to get familiar with their refund policy.

Different plans provided by Asurion

Asurion provides three different plans of protection –

  • Asurion Phone Protection to keep Your mobile devices safe
  • Asurion Home+ protects electronics, including televisions, computers, and more
  • Asurion Appliance Protection covers kitchen and laundry appliances

How to cancel the Asurion Appliance Insurance Plan?

Your Asurion Appliance Protection Plan can be canceled anytime by dialing 855-328-2847. Unlike other insurance companies, Asurion does not limit your claim filing window.

How to cancel the Asurion Phone Plan?

Unfortunately, Asurion does not provide clear instructions on canceling a phone protection plan, and the company cannot terminate an Asurion plan on the user’s behalf.

However, if you need to cancel your Asurion Phone Plan, contact customer support at 866-551-5924 for additional information.

Keep any documentation like a phone bill or a screenshot of your account details showing that your current phone insurance plan still covers you before canceling your Asurion plan, regardless of your network provider.

Potential Problems With Canceling Your Asurion Plan

Potential Problems With Canceling Your Asurion Plan

Canceling your Asurion plan might come with a few potential issues or challenges:

  • Early Termination Fees: Some Asurion plans might have fees if you cancel before the plan ends. It’s important to check if there are any such charges.
  • Refund Policies: Getting a refund can be tricky, depending on when you cancel. Some plans might offer a prorated refund, while others may not offer refunds at all after a certain period.
  • Cancellation Confirmation Delays: Sometimes, there might be a delay in getting confirmation of your cancellation. This can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to avoid additional charges.
  • Difficulty Accessing Account: If you’re trying to cancel online, you might face issues like forgotten login details or trouble navigating the website.
  • Long Wait Times for Customer Service: Calling customer service can sometimes mean long wait times, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to cancel quickly.
  • Complex Cancellation Processes: The process to cancel might be more complicated than expected, with multiple steps or requirements.
  • Automatic Renewals: If you’re not careful, your plan might automatically renew, locking you in for another term.
  • Issues with Service Providers: If you got your Asurion plan through a third-party provider, canceling through them might bring its own set of challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asurion Home Plus

How Much Does Asurion Home Plus Cost?

Asurion Home Plus costs $24.99 per month; apart from that, you will be charged additional taxes.

If I terminate my Asurion membership, would I receive a refund?

Yes. You will receive a refund, but only if you are eligible. Eligibility is based on canceling your services within 30 days.

How To Cancel My Asurion Order?

To cancel your Asurion Amazon order, log into your Amazon account and visit the order section. However, if you cancel within 30 days, you will receive a full refund; otherwise, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

How To Contact Asurion Home Plus Customer Service?

You can contact Asurion Home Plus customer support at 844-529-2692.

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