How To Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance? Working Methods!

How To Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance Working Methods!

After the one incident where I accidentally jumped into the pool with my phone still in my pocket, I always treated my phone with extra care.

And even though I had signed up for one of Verizon’s phone insurance plans, I gave it some thought and concluded I didn’t need to pay additional money each month in preparation for an extremely rare event because my phone was in good hands.

I also thought my phone was inexpensive and the insurance package was unnecessary.

I, therefore, decided to terminate my Verizon phone insurance, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

That prompted me to explore online, and after some investigation, I learned two ways How to Cancel Verizon phone insurance.

The question here is How to Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance. This guide is exclusively made to tell about Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance.

By logging in to your online Verizon account, selecting Total Mobile Protection, and removing it from your account, you can cancel Verizon Phone Insurance.

What exactly is Verizon Phone Insurance?

You may cover your cell phone’s warranty and equipment protection programs through the Verizon phone insurance options.

In the event that the device is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you will be covered by insurance.

After the manufacturer’s expired warranty, it also covers malfunctions and extensions.

Additionally, some device protection plans offer repair, privacy, and security options.

Your claim for the phone insurance is limited to a maximum of two replacements over the course of around a year.

Once you sign up for this program, you must pay a $5.99 monthly cost.

The subscription you select will include access to 24-hour technical support.

Possible Reasons to Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance

Reasons to Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance

You might want to terminate the Verizon phone insurance coverage for several reasons.

You may have recently purchased a new phone and are attempting to cancel the insurance policies for the previous model to get a new one for a new one.

The insurance offered by the network provider itself may occasionally cost more than insurance plans offered by other companies you may be familiar with.

Even if you have insurance, the replacement model for the one you just lost might not have all the same exterior characteristics, such as your preferred color or build.

Even the accessories can be changed for alternatives made by manufacturers other than the original.

The clearest of all justifications is that you have never desired a claim in your life.

You can choose not to have insurance if you take good care of your phone or if your phone is very affordable. Otherwise, you will end up paying hundreds of dollars for premium plans with no chance of ever making a claim.

What Happens When You Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance

Even if you are certain of your justifications, you should also consider what will happen if you terminate the service.

One thing to keep in mind is that your phone will no longer be protected.

Your device needs insurance to be protected; without it, it would be exposed and susceptible.

Even though you take great caution, accidents can happen anytime, and you will be responsible for paying the repair costs out of pocket.

The second crucial point to remember is that after you’ve chosen to leave the insurance plan, you can no longer access it.

Even though you take great caution, accidents can happen anytime, and you will be responsible for paying the repair costs out of pocket.

The second crucial point to remember is that after you’ve chosen to leave the insurance plan, you can no longer access it.

Verizon users are not allowed to re-enroll in insurance after canceling, even if they later decide they wish to cover their phone.

You can only access the service when you purchase a new device.

You should also be aware that your phone insurance costs are prorated, meaning you must pay it at the beginning of each month.

This suggests that you would not receive a refund even if you decided to cancel in the middle of a month.

Therefore, if you decide to terminate Verizon phone insurance, be sure you won’t regret your decision later.

Canceling Your Verizon Phone Insurance Online

Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance

The online mode is the initial method for canceling your Verizon phone insurance.

For this activity, you must log in to your Verizon account via the Verizon website.

Visit the login page and use your current login information to access your account.

Choose Manage Products & Apps from the options available when you open the My Plan & Services menu.

When you choose to Manage Your Products from the list displayed, all of the Verizon products and services will be listed.

Select Total Mobile Protection from there, and then click “remove from account” on the right.

The instructions will be outlined in a series of pop-up prompts; carefully follow them until you reach Decline Equipment Protection.

You can now successfully complete the cancellation of your insurance by selecting that option.

You may now read your Verizon text messages online thanks to the many capabilities that Verizon has introduced to its website.

Canceling Your Verizon Phone Insurance Over Call

You can always choose to cancel by phone if your WiFi connection drops or if you think that following a long list of instructions online is a burden.

You can call the customer service hotline at 1-800-922-0204 from a Verizon phone.

You can still call help by dialing *611 directly from your phone.

They are typically accessible between the hours of 6 AM and 11 PM, Monday through Sunday, however, current Covid 19 conditions may cause these hours to change.

Check current hours at the Verizon Support website before contacting them.

As you proceed with the processes, you will hear instructions as soon as you are linked.

Say “Cancel mobile protection plan” in response to them.

You will then be prompted to enter the security PIN to continue.

When a Verizon representative answers, you can continue the cancellation process by informing them that you want to discontinue Verizon phone insurance.

They will request your account password as part of the verification process.

The salesperson will eventually cancel your Verizon phone insurance plan when you confirm the cancellation request a second time.

Final Thoughts on Canceling your Verizon Phone Insurance

Cancel Verizon Phone Insurance

The following considerations should be made before terminating your Verizon phone insurance:

Try to find any documentation of your previous transactions, such as bills, before terminating your services so that you have details regarding the insurance.

When canceling services, be careful to save all of your bills, so you have adequate documentation in case something goes wrong.

They will attempt to delay the call by getting you to change your mind to delay it because it is not their goal as customer service representatives to get you to cancel.

Until they finally give up, you must be patient and keep saying that you want to cancel.

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