How To Get Free Laptops For College Students From Government

How To Get Free Laptops For College Students From Government

The following article covers detailed information on free laptops for college students from Government, how to apply, the application process, eligibility criteria, and FAQs.

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Free Laptop For College Students From Government

Laptops are essential for students as everyone can rely on laptops and complete their work whenever they want. Laptops can be easily carried and can be used for multiple purposes, from keeping notes to sending emails.

However, the gadget is not very affordable to everyone as it is expensive to purchase. As of now, the Federal Government of America has made it possible for every college student through many programs, i.e., Lifeline and ACP.

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Free Laptop For College Students From Government- Eligibility Criteria

free laptops for college students from Government

College students can get a free laptop, but you would have to be selected first. You will be required to meet the eligibility criteria, which are as follows:

  • Those who are 18+ are eligible for a free laptop.
  • Your household income should be at or below the federal Government poverty line.
  • You must have enrolled and benefited from other Government provided programs.
  • You should be registered at a university.

How To Apply for Free Laptop For College Students From The Government

Follow the following steps to apply for a free laptop for college-

  • Visit your college’s official website and check if any program for a free laptop is available.
  • Fill out an application form by adding your student details.
  • Now, get your form certified and stamped by your college authors.
  • Attach the required documents with your application form and submit them to the authorities of the organization.
  • You will receive an sms once you are selected.

Alternative Ways To Get A Free Laptop

Alternative ways to get a free laptop

These are the following alternative ways to get a free laptop for college students-

From Your Local Department Of Human Services:

The Federal Government also provides laptops to students through the human services department. Search for the human source department in your locality and request the program. Fill out the application form, and your form will be verified by the department.

From Your Institution Of Study:

Some colleges, particularly public government colleges, give their students free computers through assistance programs from the Government. These laptops are provided by the school for use during class. However, some colleges let the students leave with the laptops after graduation, while others take them back.


A national nonprofit organization provides qualifying college students with free laptops. Their goal is to provide computers to poor kids so they can compete equally with those who can afford them. Their second important goal is to improve these students’ academic performance. Additionally, this company offers inexpensive and practical plans for usage with these laptops. You must fill out an application form and provide justifications for your need for a laptop in order to receive a free laptop from this organization.

From ON IT Foundation:

Another initiative run by its foundation gives qualifying college students free laptops. In addition to training and internet plans to use this laptop, the initiative offers complimentary laptops. Like CYF.ORG, the applicant must complete an application form with their accurate personal information. You must be a resident of the United States and enrolled in a public institution, which is one of their key requirements.

Computers 4 Kids:

A nonprofit group called Computers 4 Kids donates computers to those in need in the United States. The group receives the laptops and PCs that are given to people or businesses who no longer need them.

For the benefit of individuals in need, the charity restores the donated items. Assume you are unable to renovate the provided items. The company then delivers these things to a recycling center. The group wants to create a computer lab so that students can receive a better education.

Get Free Laptop From Amazon

If you are a person who requires a well-functioning laptop, then Amazon can be the best place for you. An ideal laptop for you would have good RAM, long-lasting battery power, a powerful processor, and many more. We have a Detailed Guide for how to get free laptop from amazon.

World Computer Exchange:

In order to give away or renovate computers and laptops to individuals in need, the group collaborates with governments, NGOs, schools, and libraries. You must make contact with World Computer Exchange and submit a request if you want to get a free laptop from them. You will have to describe your situation and the reason you need a laptop when making a request to the organization. A free laptop will be sent to you if the organization decides that you are truly in need.


The Federal Government offers this service in all 50 states. Although it will go by different names, the program being sold is the same. The initiatives seek to provide free laptops to low-income households. The various states have varied eligibility requirements that they ask for. To be eligible for this program in California, you must make less than $45,000 annually.


Here, we have discussed free laptops for students and provided all the possible details on this topic. With that said, I am wrapping up this article; if you have any queries, then you can shoot them in the comment section. Our team will respond ASAP.

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