How to roast your own coffee: 5 easy steps

How to roast your own coffee at home

We all know that coffee is one of the most essential parts of day-to-day life for boosting Energy. So in this article, we are going to talk about how to roast your own coffee, When people think about coffee, they usually feel that it can be used or consumed for an energy boost.

Still, according to some research, coffee is not only an energy boost but also plays a vital role in health benefits. The whole world is crazy about Coffee

Consumption of coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer, also lowers the risk for type two diabetes patients, and also reduces the chances of heart failure.

According to a survey, it is estimated that people consume approximately 2.5 billion cups of coffee per day. Think for a while; if you visit coffee shops such as CCD or another cafe the amount they charge for a cup of coffee is way too high. What if I tell you to grind coffee beans in your home and save the amount of money that you usually spent in cafes?

Don’t worry; we will help you out with this grinding and crumbling process of coffee beans. Coffee beans are way much cheaper, and anyone can afford them. There is an enormous number of varieties one can choose from depending on the flavors and your budget.

Arranging coffee beans are not a big deal, but the problem is very few know about the process of roasting beans. We are here to help you out with five basic steps, which will help you to roast your coffee.

How to roast your own coffee: 5 easy steps

It is essential to know about the topic we are talking about,So here I am starting with a very basic question

What are coffee beans?

Coffee beans are the seed of a plant named coffee, which is usually used in the production of coffee. These are pit inside the red and purple fruit, which are often compared with the cherry. Just like cherries, the coffee fruit is like so-called stone fruit.

Why does coffee need to be roasted?

Coffee beans are very bitter to taste, and it is also scaled high in Acidity. Roasting reduces both Acidity and bitterness. The aromas of coffee are also discovered while roasting.

When the raw green bean is roasted, the process leads to Caramelozation. When the beans have roasted the moisture from the bean leaves, and the grain becomes dry and expands. When we start this process, the bean will turn brown at the end and will turn lighter and larger.

States of roasting

The part when the sugar is caramelized is the very first stage of roasting, which is known as the First Crack. (Cinnamon Toast Coffee). This is where the process of roasting begins.

The next phase is the City roast; this phase is preferred more by the people as they believe that it is more caramelized. The dark roast, also known as the French roast, is the ultimate stage. If one goes beyond this, the beans will burn.

I think you have got enough knowledge about the stages of roasting, now let us talk about the process of roasting coffee beans in your home.

The process of roasting coffee beans at home

Using a coffee roaster

Several brands nowadays came up with coffee roasters for the household. These roasters are specially built for roasting your beans and granting you a premium feel about your coffee. These machines are a bit more expensive but they are worth the price.

These machines are usually simple ones. You have to place your raw beans on the Colander, and after that, the hot air will be blown, and the process of roasting will automatically start.

Using a Popcorn Machine

Every household these days have a popcorn machine. One just cannot think that coffee beans can be even roasted in a popcorn machine. You just have to place your beans in the popper and switch it on.

As we know, popcorn machines have agitation arms within them, so you don’t need to stir the beans. It should take approximately 5 to 7 minutes, and after that, you can hear the popping sound and know that it’s done. Please keep checking the color to see whether It is completed or not.

Using a stovetop popcorn popper

I case you don’t have a popcorn machine; you can even use your stovetop. Almost everyone has this in their place, and one must be well known about the temperature.

Using an oven

An oven is a perfect device for roasting coffee beans in your home. This is because there is minimal airflow in the oven. This adds richness to the coffee. It would be best if you also had a pan with holes in it so that you can drill it yourself. The preheating of the oven will be 450°F.

Spread out the beans evenly and then keep them in the middle rack of the oven. Roast it for 10 to 20 minutes, and the moment you hear a popping sound, you will come to know that it’s done after the popping sound stir the beans around every 5 minutes to roast evenly.

Using a cast-iron pan

In my opinion, cast iron is the ideal material for this task. It holds the heat and shares it well. One can use grills or stovetops according to their comfort. Using nonstick pans may not be appropriate because they won’t be able to handle the high heat. Stainless steel pans and ceramic ones are the ones that should be used.

Removing chaff and cooling

As the beans are roasting, they will keep drying and expanding, which means that they will drop their outer skin. It is essential to remove waste before grinding. A metal colander should be used for eliminating chaff and for cooling the beans rapidly.

Throw your beans in a metal colander and shake them around. You can also keep transferring the seeds between two sieves. Try to get as much chaff out as possible, and if a small amount is left behind, it won’t give the appropriate flavor of your coffee.


Collect the coffee in a sealed container. Learn that roasted coffee starts losing its fragrance after about a week. The coffee begins to “degas.” To counter this, use the beans within a week and only roast in a small amount.


If you have any other details or method lets us know in the comment box so we can add your method in this How to roast your own coffee article.

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