How to watch the entire X-Men series in chronological order? Check the timelines here:

X-Men series in chronological order

X-Men is an American superhero series that is based on fictional characters. The movie characters are found from the comic book created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and were published by Marvel Comics. Thirteen films have been released, and the X-Men series is the 8th highest-grossing film series with 6 billion businesses worldwide. Today we will see how to watch these X-Men movies chronologically and know their 2 different timelines.

How to watch the entire X-Men series in chronological order?

20th Century Fox gained the film rights for the characters, and Bryan Singer was the first director of the first film released in 2000. After the release of the first film of X-Men, several sequels were also released. In 2020, the X-Men series’s final movie was released, titled “The New Mutants.” So let us have a look at the chronological order to watch the entire X-Men series. The most logical way to look at these X-Men series is based on the years the fictional stories took place in.

1-X-Men: First class. The story is based in the year 1962, and it was released in 2011.

2-X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was set in 1973, and the film was released in 2014.

3-X-Men: Origin: Wolverine. Set in the year 1981 and made it to the screens in 2009.

4-X-Men: Apocalypse. This film is set in the year 1983 and was released in 2016.

5-X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Set in the year 1992 and released in the year2019.

6-X-Men: Set in the year 2000 and it was released in 2000.

7-X 2-X: Men united: Set in the year 2003 and was released in the same year.

8-X-Men: The Last stand: this film was set in 2006, and it is released in the same year.

9-The Wolverine: Set in the year 2013 and was released in the same year 2013.

10-Deadpool: Set in 2016 and released in 2016.

11-Deadpool 2: the film is set in the year 2018 and released in the same year.

12-Logan: The movie is based in the future that is 2029, and it was released in 2017.

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X-Men series different timelines:

We have curated 2 timelines based on the setting and the story. If you feel like adding the Days of Future past in your binge list, then there are certain movies you should club together. The first timeline will be about how the X-Men discover a scientist Bolivar Trask is experimenting on mutants. Mystique tries to kill the military scientist but fails. And with the following decades, the robots sentinels are risking the existent of the mutants. Hence a few movies from above will not include these plots. So the timeline will consist of a different set of films.
Timeline 1:
-X:Men: First Class.
-X:Men: Days of Future past.
-X: Men Origins: Wolverine.
-X: Men
-X2: X-Men United
-X:Men: The Last Stand

In the second timeline for the X-Men series, Wolverine stops Mystique from killing the scientist and saving the mutant race. On the other hand, Mystique becomes a public hero by saving the president from Magneto. Like in the previous timeline, not all movies will be included but relevant to this plot. And the order for the second timeline is:
– X-Men: Days of Future Past. It includes the future sequences.
-X-Men: Days of Future Past. It consists of the past sequences
-X-Men: Apocalypse.
-X-Men: Dark Phoenix. ​
-Deadpool 2.

X-Men series “The New Mutants” release date and cast:

The 13th and final installation of the X- Men series will conclude with “The New Mutants.” The new mutants are released in the US on the 28th of August, and it is not received well by the audience. The film is heavily criticized by the audiences and the critics for not being horror enough as it is supposed to be. The film’s primary reason for not receiving the expected reviews is the infidelity done with the plot. A lot of things have been changed, including the tone of the movie. Hence the film didn’t leave quite the mark that everyone was expecting it to. Some major characters from the movie are also changes in terms of the behavior and the plot around them. So basically, not everything present is the carbon copy of the initial source. Watch the trailer of the film if you haven’t already below


X-Men series “The New Mutants” cast:

Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair
Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin
Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie
Alice Braga as Cecilia Reyes
Blu Hunt as Danielle “Dani” Moonstar
Henry Zaga as Roberto “Bobby” da Costa
Adam Beach as William Lonestar.


If you’re interested in watching superhero movies and are intrigued by them, then binging on X-Men is perfect. But make sure to watch the series in chronological order so that these many timelines and plots don’t confuse. To ease your binging process, we have also divided the series into 2 timelines based on the plot, which is even better. The last and final installation of the X-Men Series “The New Mutants” cast and a little story are mentioned above if you’re to check that out as well. And this is all that we have on the X-Men series today, but if you’re interested in knowing more, stay tuned to world wire.

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