The New Mutants Review- Why is the Back-story changed in the movie?

The New Mutants is a 2020 American horror film waving in the superhero genre, and it is based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name and distributed by 20th Century Studios. It is the thirteenth and final installment in the X-Men film series. Josh Boone does the direction of the film from a screenplay, which he wrote with Knate Lee. The movie’s star cast includes Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga.

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The New Mutants Review

The New Mutants released in the United States on August 28, 2020, and but it has not received great reviews from critics. The movie is heavily criticized for its plot, infidelity to the source material, the tone in which the film is presented, and the story not being horror enough. Initially, the movie was supposed to release in April 2018, but it didn’t come out as it was supposed to and didn’t release due to some reasons. The movie is intended to be the first in a trilogy of films, although Marvel Studios’ reacquisition of the characters’ rights makes a trilogy a little questionable. Watch the trailer of New Mutants here

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The New Mutants Trailer

The New Mutants Cast

Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair
Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin
Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie
Alice Braga as Cecilia Reyes
Blu Hunt as Danielle “Dani” Moonstar
Henry Zaga as Roberto “Bobby” da Costa
Adam Beach as William Lonestar

The New Mutants back story changed from the comics & why?

Certain characters from the comics that while adapting or giving life in a movie are a little challenging. Similarly, the name Illyana Rasputin a.k.a. Magik is a perfect example of modifications of the character for a film. In the movie, we will be seeing the sword-wielding hero all set to enter with her feature debut and is played by Anya Taylor-Joy in the film The New Mutants, but one thing that the fans should keep in mind that she will not be a carbon copy from the page. The writer and director Josh Boone has confirmed that the movie’s team and production members had to make some changes to her character.

This movie was not received well by the critics and the audiences, the film is supposed to be a trilogy, but after the reviews that the movie has garnered, it will be challenging to say the future of this trilogy series will be and what will it hold. To this change of back story of the characters, the filmmaker explained that his goal was to get the most out of the source material as best as possible, but added that the process required significant changes and omissions.

He also added, “You’re not going to see, like, the demon Belasco. All the mythology from the comic book has been honored, but not the stuff that’s difficult to explain without a lot of crazy X-Men backstory… So I’d say everything about Limbo is the same, except it’s now tied so psychologically into her backstory and has less to do with the demon named Belasco that nobody’s going to connect with or understand, and is going to clash so much with the tone of the movie.” To know more, the story and updates stay tuned to world wire.

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