i3 Mobile APN Settings 2024 – Android & iPhone

i3 Mobile APN Settings 2024 - Android & iPhone

Are you looking for i3 Mobile APN Settings? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

When I switched to i3, a smaller phone service, I hoped for a smooth experience. But my phone wouldn’t go online or send picture messages.

This was frustrating. I found out the issue was with APN settings. APN is like a key for your phone to access the internet and MMS services.

At first, I felt lost. I wasn’t sure how to change these settings. So, I started looking for answers online. There were a lot of tech forums and guides, but it was a lot to take in. I also reached out to i3’s customer support.

They were really helpful and gave me step-by-step instructions.

Following their guide, I carefully entered the new APN settings into my phone. It was a bit tricky because I had to make sure each detail was perfect, like the APN name, MMSC, MMS proxy, and more.

After I updated the settings, I was nervous to test it out. But to my relief, everything worked! My phone could finally connect to the internet, and I was able to send and receive picture messages without any issues.

In this article, I have shared the i3 Mobile APN setting that worked for me on my Android Device. I have also shared the APN settings for other devices, including iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is i3 Mobile?

What is i3 Mobile

i3 Mobile is a leading provider of wireless media solutions and an MNVO service provider using AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

They enable mobile operators, websites, and enterprises to deliver their customers personalized location-based information, commerce, and wireless advertising services.

i3 Mobile has different plans, including Red, Blue, and Pink, and they all come with no contract and no credit check.

The blue smartphone plans provided by i3 mobile services are 4G LTE/5G nationwide networks with unlimited talk, text, and internet data, including hotspot activations and port-i.

These are available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and iPhone XR.

Pink smartphone plans include a 4G LTE/5G network nationwide with unlimited talk and text, internet data, and unlimited 2G with activations and port in.

Red smartphone plans include a nationwide 4G LTE/5G network with unlimited talk and text. This plan does not include data and hotspots but has fast activations and port-in. This plan has e-sim activation for iPhone 14, Galaxy S20, Google Pixel 3, Z-fold, etc., with a full support of internet settings to connect to the 5G mobile network of i3 Mobile.

What are APN settings, and Why are they important?

An access point name (APN), a configuration parameter of your phone, specifies the connection between the carrier’s mobile network or cellular network and Internet services for location-aware services.

The APN provides you with information that links your device with data connectivity, which is needed to access the internet via i3 Mobile SIM.

Upon setting up a new device or inserting a SIM card, your network operator sends APN details through a setup message. It’s important to note that APN details may differ based on the network operator.

Your device should automatically input and update APN settings. If manual configuration is necessary, you’ll need carrier-specific settings.

Best i3 Mobile APN Settings

Best i3 Mobile APN Settings

Configuring the APN settings for i3 Mobile enables Internet access through the i3 Mobile SIM on your device. APN is the name of a gateway between GSM, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G LTE, and other computer networks (mainly the public internet).

Follow the steps below to set up the latest i3 mobile APN settings for your Android, iPhone, and other OS devices.:

i3 Mobile APN Settings Android

i3 Mobile APN Settings Android

For the high-speed internet on all Android devices (Including Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, HTC, Huawei, Google, Realme, Nokia, Sony, Vivo, LG, Tecno, Acer, Asus, OnePlus, etc). Configure i3 Mobile APN settings to use Unlimited data by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Wireless and Network Mobile > Mobile Network> Access Point Name > Add Access Point to configure the access point.
  • Enter the APN and MMS fields according to the following table, leaving the other fields unchanged.
APN internet
Proxy Not set/Blank
Port Not set/Blank
Username Not set/Blank
Passwords Not set/Blank
Server Not set/Blank
MMSC Not set/Blank
MMS Proxy Not set/Blank
MMS Port Not set/Blank
MCC Default (470)
MNC Default (02)
Authentication Type Not set/None
APN Type default, supl
APN Protocol IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol IPv4/IPv6
APN Enable/Disable APN Enabled
Bearer Unspecified
MVNO Type None
MVNO Value Not set/Blank
  • Save and restart your device

Note: This APN configuration will also work as i3 mobile MMS settings for Android as they both are configured simultaneously.

i3 Mobile APN Settings iPhone

i3 Mobile APN Settings iPhone

i3 Mobile APN Settings for iPhone is compatible with all Apple iPhone and iPad models. To configure APN on iOS:

  • Go to Settings > Mobile data > Mobile data options > Mobile data network.
  • General and network options may not be available on some models.  In that case, Go to Cellular>Cellular Data Network> Cellular Data section and write Internet in the APN field or fill it according to the settings below and leave other fields unchanged.

For Cellular Data/ Mobile Data

APN Internet

For LTE Setup (Optional)

APN Internet

Note: If your iPhone APN settings are missing, you need to contact Apple or i3 Mobile to learn how to fix the iPhone APN settings issue.

i3 Mobile MMS Settings iPhone

MMS, which is also known as the Multimedia Messaging Service, allows users to send a variety of media files that include pictures, short videos, or images such as gifs and many others.

Here are i3 Mobile MMS settings for iPhone

APN Internet
Username Blank
Password Blank
MMSC Unchanged
MMS Proxy Unchanged
MMS Message Size Unchanged
MMS UA Prof URL Unchanged

 i3 Mobile APN Settings Windows

i3 Mobile APN Settings Windows

Here are the steps to configure i3 APN settings on your Windows phone.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select “Network & Internet.”
  • Click on “Cellular” in the left sidebar.
  • Under “Mobile Data,” click on “Advanced options.”
  • In the “APN” section, enter the following information:
Leave blank
Leave blank
  • Click the “Save” button to save the APN settings.

i3 Mobile APN Settings BlackBerry

i3 Mobile APN Settings BlackBerry

Here are the steps to configure i3 APN settings on your BlackBerry.

  • Go to “Settings” or “Options.
  • Select “Network and Connections” or “Network Connections.”
  • In the “APN” section, enter the following information:
APN Internet
Username Blank
Password Blank
  • Save or confirm the settings.

i3 Mobile Personal Hotspot Settings for iPhone

Here are the i3 Mobile personal hotspot settings for iPhone.

Name Hotspot
APN Internet
Username Blank
Password Blank

i3 Mobile Network Coverage

i3 Mobile’s 4G and 5G network coverage is extensive in U.S. cities as it uses the network infrastructure of AT&T and T-Mobile. Signing up for i3 Mobile doesn’t require a credit check, and it guarantees speeds ranging from 8Mbps to 80Mbps.

  • If you are an i3 Mobile Pink Plan customer, you can check the coverage map by visiting “https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/coverage-map?icid=MGPO_TVW_P_SWITCH2TMO_OLHQBI7L3DRWRS7OD35275”
  • If you are on the i3 Blue plan, you can check the coverage map by visiting “https://www.att.com/maps/wireless-coverage.html”

i3 Mobile Customer Care Details

Customer Service is a dedicated help desk for questions or assistance regarding i3 Mobile services. Support is available 24/7 via toll-free phone, live chat, and email.

Toll-free number (855) 546-0081
Email address
Fatalistik, Inc., P.O.BOX 3780, Salisbury, MD 21802

Benefits of i3 Mobile

Here are the benefits of i3 Mobile:

  • i3 Mobile ensures that your ISP provides up-to-date, scalable connections that are updated regularly.
  • The internet speed ranges from 8 Mbps to 100+ Mbps.
  • i3 Mobile offers three types of mobile plans: Blue, Pink, and Red. You can learn more about the different offers in particular plans by visiting the website.
  • It offers Hotspot unlimited data plans and the best Hotspot devices.
  • They guarantee a reliable and secure integrated network for voice, video, and data connections, preventing disruptions.
  • i3 Mobile provides fast and reliable internet connectivity in urban and rural areas, available 24/7.

Troubleshoot i3 Mobile APN settings


Below are some steps you need to follow to troublеshoot the i3 mobile APN settings.

Check APN Settings

Verify that you have entered the correct i3 Mobile APN Settings. Ensure that the APN, Username, and Password fields are correctly entered. The correct APN for i3 Mobile is typically “internet.i3mobile.net.”

Restart Your Device

Sometimes, simply restarting your device can resolve APN-related issues.

Check Data Connection

Ensure that your mobile data or cellular data is turned on. You won’t be able to access the internet or use data-related services without an active data connection.

Network Coverage

Check if you have network coverage in your current location. Poor or no network coverage can result in data connectivity issues.

Data Plan

To access the internet via i3, ensure that you have an active data plan with i3 Mobile. Sometimes, issues can arise if your plan has expired or if you’ve reached your data limit.

Reset APN Settings

If you suspect that your APN settings are incorrect or have become corrupted, you can reset them and get back to the default settings

Contact Customer Support

it’s best to contact i3 Mobile’s customer support for assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting steps or verify your account’s status.

Device Compatibility

Ensure that your device is compatible with i3 Mobile’s network and frequencies. Some older devices may not fully support all features or frequencies.

Update Software

Ensure that your iPhone and iPad’s operating system and software are up to date, as it is crucial for maintaining internet settings. Outdated software can sometimes cause connectivity issues.

SIM Card

Ensure that the point name on your Android device is correctly set, and your i3 Mobile SIM card is properly inserted and functional. A damaged or improperly inserted SIM card can lead to network problems.


What nеtwork Doеs i3 Mobilе Usе?

Being a GSM carrier, i3 Mobile operates on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks for its provider services.

What are I3 mobile reviews?

i3 Mobile reviews are as follows:

  • “Excellent experience with this seller. Product was expedited and worked great.” – Ellen S.
  • “Product works! Excellent communication and problem-solving.” – Martin S.
  • “Thanks so much!! This is the fastest service I could ever ask for. All hooked up.” – David B.

Do I need to manually set the APN for i3 Mobile?

i3 Mobile automatically sets up the APN settings for your device. But if you happen to have problems with connectivity, one of the things to check is whether or not you can manually enter the correct AP number.

You can normally find it under “Settings” or in something like “Wireless networks” or “Network and Internet,” and after that, your mobile network, followed by the name of the access point.

 How do I contact i3 Mobilе Customеr carе?

You can contact i3 Mobile customer service by calling (855) 546-0081 or by emailing [email protected].

Final Words

In conclusion, i3 Mobile APN settings are crucial in maintaining uninterrupted mobile data and internet connectivity.

By inputting the correct Access Point Name (APN), users can ensure effective communication between their device and the mobile network, enabling various functions.

With that said, I’m wrapping up this article about i3 APN configurations. I have tried to cover every aspect; if you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment sections.

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